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Tuft Needle Mattress: Best Rated Mattress + 100 Nights Risk-Free Trial

tuft needle mattress for back painWhen you’re looking to buy a mattress, there are over a hundred different things you can choose between. Memory foam, spring coils, double layers, latex and a whole lot more. But do you really need all these fancy ingredients to sleep well?  Or is it just fancy marketing to get you to pay a higher price? Today we’re going to find out exactly that by reviewing the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain.

It’s a mattress that’s exclusively available online, and it’s one of the top rated mattress on Amazon. The reason for that is that they focus on creating simple but very high-quality mattresses! I

And you can see exactly how that will benefit you, as a customer looking for a premium mattress for a good price!

“Tuft & Needle offers you a full 100 night risk-free sleep trial. This means that you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home!

About Tuft & Needle

Before we dive into the mattress, let’s quickly discuss the Tuft & Needle company. You see, their goal is to provide you with great sleep quality – for a low price.

The Tuft & Needle story started when one of the founder, J. Marino just got married. He was looking for a great mattress for him and his spouse.

But, when they were looking fo a good one, they were blown away (in a bad way) by all the differences between mattresses. Why was picking the right mattress so difficult?  Thousands of choices, fancy techniques and over-hyped names…. but was it all necessary?

Or are these all just a modern way to get you to pay more money for a mattress?

That’s when he, together with a friend decided to start Tuft & Needle. With a focus on simplicity, high sleep quality and customer experience,  Tuft & Needle started producing their mattresses.

Tuft & Needle believes in:

  • Truth and transparency in product & pricing
  • No Middleman Markups or unnecessary complexity
  • One mattress model perfected from customer feedback

If you’re curious about the mattress itself, please continue reading! But first a small teaser of what you can expect when you buy a Tuft Needle mattress for back pain

Tuft Needle mattress specifications

if you like to know what exactly is in the mattress, here’s a concise list of specifications of the Tuft Needle mattress:

  • It’s 10 inches thick.
  • You can buy the mattress in each size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King & California king (find out more).
  • Each mattress is made in the U.S.A.
  • For your purchase, you get a 100 nights risk-free sleeping trial – so you can find out exactly if the mattress is right for you!
  • It’s a simple mattress: it only consists of 4 distinct ingredients with each its own purpose.


tuft needle mattress
Simplicity is key – that’s why you’ll only find 4 parts in each Tuft Needle mattress!

Two types of people who’ll love to sleep on a Tuft Needle mattress for back pain:

Chances are, that you’ll resonate with one of the 2 types of people who really enjoy Tuft & Needles mattresses. Take a look and see if you can identify:

  • You prefer simple mattresses over too complicated mattresses with unnecessary options.
  • You like to try out a mattress for some time to see if it really suits your body.

If you’re anything like most people looking for a good mattress, you prefer a good all-inclusive mattress over an expensive one with unnecessary layers and options. And that is exactly what you’ll get when you buy a Tuft Needle mattress!

tuft needle mattresses reviews
Deceivingly simple, the Tuft & Needle will give you great nights sleep!

5 Tuft & Needle benefits

#1 Top rated mattress by more than 10,000 people

Because Tuft & Needle doesn’t have their own stores and only sells on the internet (this saves a ton of costs – that are all passed on to you!), you can find them on Amazon.

Amazon is famous for their reviews. And if you check the Tuft & Needle page there, you’ll quickly be amazed by the amount of 5 star reviews that honest customers have given them!

Thousands of  people are very satisfied with the Tuft Needle mattress – and you can be one of them!

On top of that, the company won an award for their amazing customer service in 2015! So, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands when you buy one of their mattresses.

#2 High quality mattress that make you sleep better

Simplicity is key. With only 4 ingredients, the Tuft & Needle mattresses are very comfortable. Not only do they offer amazing sleep comfort, but they are also designed in a way that gives you optimal back support.

Too many mattress are either very comfortable, but offer few to no back support.

Or they’re great for your back – but it’s hell sleeping on them.

Tuft & Needle has found the golden means. The Tuft needle mattress for back pain is both very comfortable and gives you great back support!

How did they dot that? The answer is simple. They achieved this by using…

#3 Adaptive foam (better than memory foam)

They use a new type of foam called adaptive foam in the mattress. This foam is more advanced than other outdated technologies such as latex or memory foam.

Memory foam often causes you to sink in the mattress. And this makes it too hot and uncomfortable to sleep in.

However, by using adaptive foam, the mattress is perfectly in between *not too soft, but also not too firm*. On top of that, it keeps the temperature at an optimal level, so you won’t feel too warm or too cold.

You’ll sleep like never before on a Tuft Needle mattress!

tuft & needle company
The mattress is not too soft and not too firm – it’s exactly the way you need it.

#4 Made in the U.S.A with a 10 year warranty

Many other mattress companies outsource the production to some overseas factory. This can decrease the quality of the mattress. Sometimes they even use inferior products than they would in the U.S.

That’s why all Tuft & Needle mattresses are made in the U.S.A – to give you the highest possible sleep experience possible!

On top of that, the mattress also comes with an iron-clad 10 year warranty. What this means is that if anything is wrong with it, you can actually use this warranty to return the mattress.

But you probably won´t have to. More than 95% of customers keep their Tuft Needle mattress. (and that is including the 100 nights that you can try out the mattress to see if it suits you!)

Speaking about that testing period…

#5 Try it out risk-free with the 100 night sleep trial!

I’ve said it before already a couple of times – but it’s worth repeating:

The Tuft Needle mattress comes with a 100 nights risk-free sleeping trial. So you can test the mattress in the comfort of your own home to see whether you like the mattress or not!

If you’ve ever gone mattress shopping in a retail store, then you’re familiar with the awkward ‘5 minutes test runs’. Not only is it very difficult to get a good feeling for how you’d sleep on it – but it’s also a waste of time.

In order to find out if a mattress is right for you, you need to try it out in your natural sleeping environment. Not in a mattress store.

tuft needle trial
Order the Tuft & Needle mattress now & experience amazing comfort without any risk whatsoever!

So here’s how it goes.

  1. You order the Tuft Needle mattress
  2. After you receive it, the mattress needs around 24 hours to expand to its full size.
  3. You try out the mattress for 100 nights.
  4. If you sleep well – great, you can keep the mattress!
  5. If you’re not satisfied – no problem, you can simply return it and Tuft & Needle will refund you every penny you’ve paid for it!

There literally is no excuse not to try out the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain! 

How others sleep on the mattress

If you’re curious how others sleep on the mattress, you can read what countless other happy sleepers say about the mattress here!

“My doctor recommended me to check out Tuft & Needle mattress for back pain after I complained to him about spine issues that were getting worse and worse. I figured I had nothing to lose with their free sleep trial, so I decided to give it a go. And already after 23 nights I knew I made the right decision! My back pain is gone and I wake up with more energy than ever before. Thank you Tuft & Needle!”

– S. Jefferson


“With some many different mattresses available I was getting very confused. They all kind of seemed the same to me. Then I heard about the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain through a friend. She said it was one of the best mattresses she ever slept on – for a regular price. I decided to order one and I have not regretted it all!”

– Sarah


Best place to buy a Tuft Needle mattress for back pain

As we’ve discussed before. Tuft & Needle only sells their mattresses online, so it can give you a better price.

Additionally, they’ve made an arrangement with Amazon. What this means is that:

  • The 100 night risk-free trial only applies if you buy it from Amazon.

So, if you too want to try out what it feels to experience amazing sleep quality…

… then click here to get the Tuft Needle mattress & try it out RISK-FREE for 100 nights!

tuft needle mattress reviews



P.S. As I said before: the 100 nights sleeping trial only applies on Amazon! So don’t wait any longer and get the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain now!

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