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Emma vs Eve Mattress: Which UK Mattress Is Better For You?

Emma vs Eve Mattress: Which UK Mattress Is Better For You?2 new foam mattresses from the U.K. are taking the country with rapid speed. The Emma and the Eve mattress are great options if you are looking for a mattress in a box from the U.K. But which one is better for which type of people? In this detailed Emma vs Eve comparison we put together all the information – so you can make a well-guided decision.

Emma vs Eve mattress

Now, before we get started checking all the differences between the 2 mattresses, let’s first put together a list of all the similarities they have in common. That will help you see if you should continue reading – or maybe go check out different mattresses.

The Emma and Eve mattress:

  • are both medium firm mattresses (rated a 6 on a scale of 1-10)
  • 10 inches thick (25 centimeters)
  • use memory foam for optimal comfort
  • are delivered in a box to your home (as a consequence have 1-3 days off gassing)
  • have a 100 day sleeping trial so you can try them out in the comfort of your own home

So with these specifications, it’s difficult to go wrong with either mattress. And even in the unlikely event that you make the wrong decision – you can simply return the mattress because of the 100 day trial that you have.

But let’s dive a little deeper into the differences between the Emma vs Eve mattress:

Why you’d pick the Emma mattress: good for side and back sleepers

The Emma mattress is made with 4 layers. The cover on top is 100% polyester and very thin. This is good so that it won’t soak up too much heat. Here’s an overview of the other 4 layers:

  • Bottom layer – a 6 inches (16 cm) layer that is made from high density foam. It is responsible for the general support and shape of the mattress.
  • Second layera 1.5 (3 cm) memory foam layer that ensures that your body will et all the support it needs.
  • Third layer this 1 inch (2 cm) layer is made from microcoils. These ensure better airflow to keep the mattress cool. Also, they improve the stability of the Emma mattress.
  • Upper layera 2 inch (4 cm) poly foam layer that relieves pressure points in your body and add to the soft comfortable feeling you want while sleeping.

What are the results of this construction? Simple. The layer of microcoils add a lot of support and breathability. So if you experience a lot of problems sleeping during summer nights – the Emma mattress will ensure that all the excess heat will flown out of the mattress.

Also, the hybrid combination of foam on top and coils in the third layer make it a good mattress for back and side sleepers. It will relieve pressure – while maintaining the right comfort.

Another thing the Emma mattress scores better on than the Eve mattress is that it has better edge support. This is because the microcoils are also in the side and offer support there.

Why you’d pick Eve mattress: good motion isolation and extra bounce

The Eve mattress is made from all foam. It has 3 layers, excluding the cover. The cover, by the way can be removed with a zipper for easy cleaning. Here’s an overview of the 3 layers that make up the Eve mattress:

  • Bottom layer –  this is a high density support foam layer. It’s 5 inches (13 cm)thick and the high density gives the mattress its resilience and stability.
  • Middle layerthis 1 inch (2 cm) memory foam layer offers extra support. It’s responsive and has good breathability for cooler sleep.
  • Top layer the top 4 inch (10 cm) layer is also made from memory foam and offers a soft feel for the body. As if it hugs your body. It’s the layer that offers good motion isolation.

As a result of this construction, the Eve mattress is a very comfortable mattress. It also sleeps cool, albeit, not as cool as the Emma mattress. But the differences here are minor.

Where the Eve mattress is better, is in its motion isolation. So if you often wake up from your partner tossing and turning, the Eve mattress is a solid option for you.

Also, it has a more gradual sinking in. Whereas with most foam beds you sink in quickly. So this is a good choice if you’re not that used to memory foam beds.

Emma vs Eve mattress guidelines

Maybe you’ve already made your decision after reading the previous sections about each mattress. If not, then the following questions will help you:

  • Do you want a traditional memory foam mattress that sinks a little more slowly? Go with the Eve mattress.
  • Or do you want a mattress that responds more quickly to pressure points? Emma mattress for you.
  • Do you sleep on your back or side? Go with Emma
  • Or are you a stomach sleeper? Choose the Eve mattress.
  • Do you often wake up from your partner’s movements? Pick the Eve mattress.

As far as price is concerned, both mattresses are in the same class. So that also won’t make a difference for you. The Emma king size can be had for 699 pounds. Which includes free delivery (and returns if it might be necessary). The Eve King is around the same price category. Click here to check out the Eve mattress price!

Conclusion Emma vs Eve mattress

That sums it up for this Emma vs Eve mattress review. If you have any questions about each of the mattresses, feel free to leave a comment.

This is one of the rare cases where it’s difficult to give you a final verdict. So you’ll have to ask yourself what you find most important for your mattress. Check the questions in the paragraphs up and you will naturally come to a conclusion.

Although, if you’re hard pressed for a choice: we recommend you get the Eve mattress.


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