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Foam Sweet Foam Review: Can You *Make* Your Own Perfect Mattress?

foam sweet foam reviewMattresses are built – layer for layer – so wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply pick each layer for yourself and construct your own mattress? With Foam Sweet Foam mattresses, you can do that exactly! In today’s article we’re going to discuss how it works. Continue reading this Foam Sweet Foam review to learn more how to create *your own* mattress!

Foam Sweet Foam review

The company has been around since 1982. At first they were selling to regular retailers and manufacturers. In 1996 they created their first website and began selling mattresses online. And they’ve been doing that for the last 20+ years. Because of their extensive experience with online sales, they’re able to ship most mattresses within 24 hours.

As you’ve read in the introduction, the thing that makes Foam Sweet Foam mattresses unique, is that you can *create* your own mattress.

It works like this:

foam sweet foam mattress

This is for their 10 inch mattress. You can also get their 13 or 16 inch mattress – in those cases you’ll have extra layer(s) to add.

For each layer, you can choose the type of foam (dunlop or talalay foam). Dunlop is the regular choice – and every talalay layer is $75 extra.

Talalay is generally more soft and ‘pillow-like’. So we’d recommend you add that to the top layer if you want extra comfort. As far as I know –  unless money isn’t an issue for you – you can skip it on the bottom support layers. You want those be more firm anyway.


2 Types of people who’ll get the most out of a Foam Sweet Foam mattress

There are 2 types of people who will enjoy Foam Sweet Foam mattresses the most. Here they are. See if you identify:

  • People who know *exactly* how they want their mattress to be constructed – if you’re a mattress expert who has thought of setting up his own mattress company, just because you cannot find a good mattress with the right firmness and feel to it, then the Foam Sweet Foam allows you to create your own perfect mattress.
  • People who’ve tried several regular mattresses, and need something completely different most other mattresses rae built for the majority of people. If you’re heavily over/underweight, a sensitive sleeper or have other special needs, it might be worth checking out FSF mattresses.


5 Benefits of the Foam Sweet Foam mattress

#1 Completely customizable

Obvious, but has to be named. The mattress (and especially its firmness) is completely customizable. If you get a 16 inch mattress adn set all the options to soft talalay – you’ll be sleeping on a giant fluffy pillow. On the other hand, pick a 10 inch mattress and set everything to dunlop Xfirm – and you might as well be sleeping on the floor.

Now, obviously, you don’t want these xtremes. But it goes to show that you can really create the mattress that suits your type of sleep exactly.

#2 You can rearrange layers

If the thought of constructing your own perfect mattress seems like a good idea to you, then I bet you’re more of an experimenter. And you’d also love to switch around layers – if that would be possible – right?

Since the layers aren’t glued together, you can rearrange them as you see fit. The zippered mattress cover keeps them all together. Now, for the 10 inch this might not be too effective, but if you’ve got 5 layers in the 16 inch mattress, you can create small changes by switching the bottom 2 layers – or large changes by switching the 2nd and 4th layer for example.

That way, you can do your own experiment and find what works best for you. You can try different firmnesses, without leaving the house – and only having one mattress at home.

#3 Fast and free shipping

If you’re in the U.S., the mattress will be shipped to you within 24 hours. And it will be free of charge. What’s more to say?

#4 Warranty 30 years

The warranty on the mattress is 30 years. So in case there might be a defect or other problem, you can simply call the company and they’ll take care of it.

#5 Sleeping trial 90 nights

If for some reason you don’t like sleeping on the mattress, there are 2 options:

  • You can request to change a layer. This is free.
  • You can send the mattress back. You’ll get your money back – minus $79 refund fee.

Important to note is that the first option can only be done after sleeping on the mattress for 10 days. A refund can only be applied for after 30 days.

This is because it’s difficult to get a complete feel for a mattress after only a couple of nights. And especially with latex foam mattresses, the foam needs a while to adapt to your body. So the feel and firmness the first day might be completely different than the 15th night.


Who shouldn’t get a Foam Sweet Foam mattress?

This Foam Sweet Foam review wouldn’t be complete without regarding the negatives. See, the mattress isn’t for everyone. Because it’s so customizable, it’s can be easy to go wrong with it for some people.

If you don’t have too much knowledge of mattress materials, firmness and how it relates to body weight or sleeping positions – then it might not be the smartest idea to start experimenting with the Foam Sweet Foam. In That case it’s probably better to stick to a regular mattress-in-a-box, such as the Nectar mattress.


Foam Sweet Foam review conclusion

Here’s a quick summary of the Foam Sweet Foam review:

  • The Foam Sweet Foam mattress can be completely customized – by you.
  • You can choose between 10 (3 layers),13 (4 layers) and 16 inches (5 layers).
  • Every layer you can pick the firmness (soft to Xfirm), and between 2 latex foam types
    • Dunlop – regular latex foam that is more firm and better suited for lower support layers.
    • Talalay – softer, more pillow-like and better suited for the top layer (costs $75 extra per layer)
  • We recommend you get the Foam Sweet Foam mattress if you already have some knowledge about how mattresses are made, how bodyweight and sleeping position affect optimal firmness, and mattress materials.
  • You can always switch layers in the mattress itself (the zippable mattress cover holds everything together).
  • You can request to change a layer (free) or refund the mattress ($79), if you’re not satisfied with the mattress.


Get the Foam Sweet Foam mattress here!


P.S. enjoyed reading this Foam Sweet Foam review? But does it sound like to much of a risk for you? Then I’d recommend you get the Nectar mattress. It’s a one-size-fits-all, and they offer 365 nights risk-free return.

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