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Ikea Husvika Mattress Review: How Good Is This $120 Mattress?

We have previously discussed  IKEA mattresses. Today we’re going to see how the Husvika mattress adds up to other mattresses. So if you’re curious for buying this mattress from IKEA, then you’ll find a lot of value of information in this IKEA Husvika mattress review.

We’ve previously covered the Hovag mattress and the Hyllestad mattress from Ikea. The Husvika mattress is different though. It’s not a large mattress for a couple to sleep on – rather it’s a twin bed that’s perfect for a daybed or for a child.

Ikea Husvika mattress review

Here are the specifications and materials that the mattress was made from:

  • Size twin
  • Length: 74 3/8 ” -189 cm
  • Width: 38 1/4 ” – 97 cm
  • Thickness: 5 1/8 ” – 13 cm
  • Ticking: 64 % cotton, 36 % polyester
  • Wadding: 65% viscose/rayon, 30% polyester, 5% modacrylic fiber wadding
  • Lining: Non-woven polypropylene
  • Zipper: 100 % polyester
  • Comfort material: Polyurethane foam 1.7 lb/cu.ft.
  • Bonell spring coil: Steel, 100 % polyester, Felt liner, 100 % polyester, Felt liner

You can find more information on the Husvika product page on Ikea.

Two types of people who’ll sleep well on the Husvika mattress

As you might’ve guessed from the introduction, there are 2 types of people who’ll get the most out of the Ikea Husvika mattress. See if this sounds like you:

  • People who want a twin spring mattress for their child –  the Husvika is a good example of a good mattress for a child. It’s also not expensive.
  • People who want a mattress on their day bed –  if you want an affordable mattress to put on your day bed for a nap, then the Husvika mattress is suitable for that.

Five benefits of the Husvika mattress

Small for a good price

With small mattresses, it’s tough to find something in the middle price class. Either the twin mattresses are a downsized mattress from a more expensive one (such as Lull or Nectar). And you pay several hundred dollars for that.

Or you find some cheap mattresses for less than $100. Only they sleep horrible, and you dread laying down on it.

The Husvika mattress is in between. It’s still cheap enough to order and not worry about the price (or if anything might happen to it). but it’s also comfortable enough to sleep on.

Bonnell springs for support

The reason why the mattress is comfortable enough to offer good support for your body is because it’s made with Bonnell springs. For those who don’t know what Bonnell springs are:

It’s an older spring type technology, which is currently used in virtually all entry-level spring type mattresses. The springs themselves are hourglass shaped – and the ends of the wire are knotted or wrapped around the top/bottom circular portion.

Child safe zipper

Another thing how you can see that the mattress is a good idea for your child, is that the zipper on the mattress is child-safe. The tab to pull has been taken away, so that your kid cannot open the mattress.

In order to use the zapper, you just have to take a small paperclip (or anything else that you can put through, basically), and use that to pull. It’s a small thing, but can save you quite some trouble.

Warranty 25 years

Just like other Ikea mattresses, the Husvika Mattress comes with a 25 year warranty. While you most likely won’t need it, it’s always nice to know that in case something’s wrong with the mattress, Ikea will take care of it. Here are instructions to keep the mattress in good shape:

  • Do not wash.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Vacuum clean.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Also, if for some reason you’re not satisfied with the mattress, Ikea has a “Love it or Exchange it” policy. This means that if you want to exchange the mattress, you can do so. The good thing is that you can do this for 365 days after purchase. And I’m sure by that time you’ll know if it was the right choice or not.

Fine as a temporary mattress

Since the mattress isn’t expensive, you can also easily use it as a temporary mattress. So if you’re moving, or not sure yet which (more expensive) mattress for the long-term you want to buy, you can sleep for a while on this mattress. Don’t expect it to sleep as well as a mattress from several hundreds of dollars, but the quality is good for the price you pay.

Husvika mattress complaints

There are some complaints about the mattress. Most of them are around the fact that people expect it to measure up to a $500 twin mattress. Now, the world doesn’t work like that. And even though Ikea is a great manufacturer who produces many great value-for-money products, you cannot expect them to make an awesome mattress for a bit over 100.

Another recommendation is to get a mattress topper if you plan on sleeping on the mattress for a longer period of time. Here’s a good example of a mattress topper that would work with the Husvika mattress – for a good price.

One complaint is also that it smells a bit chemical after receiving the mattress. Don’t worry about this. It will go away on it’s own (you can make this go faster by airing well). It’s also not harmful or toxic. Pro tip is to vacuum the mattress, that will make the smell go away much faster.

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So how about alternatives?

“Here are the top 3 mattresses I recommend.”


Nectar memory foam 

Mattress offers great support for your body. Made from 100% memory foam for comfort. Offers a 365 night trial for you to test it yourself. Lifetime warranty.

4.7 of 5 StarsGet $100 off#2

Nest Bedding Hybrid 

Premium bed for an affordable price. Suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers. 100 night trial and a lifetime warranty. Can be pricey, but worth it.

4.2 of 5 StarsSee price#3

Amerisleep AS1

Luxury mattress with a celliant cover fabric for improved bloodflow. Thick support layer and great motion isolation. 100 night trial and 20 year warranty.

4 of 5 StarsGet $200 off

Ikea Husvika mattress review conclusion

Good, that was the Ikea Husvika mattress review. I hope you’ve learned a lot of new things about the mattress. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. For more information:

See the Ikea Husvika mattress here!

P.S. enjoyed reading this Ikea Husvika mattress review? But want better quality? Check out my Ikea Hovag or Ikea Hyllestad mattress reviews for more goodies from Ikea.

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