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Serta vs Restonic Mattress: 4 Guidelines to Help You Decide

serta vs restonicSerta and Restonic are both older – and well-known – mattress companies. Both have their distinct style of making mattresses. If you’re wondering which of the 2 companies will make a mattress that you will sleep better on: continue reading this Serta vs Restonic mattress comparison to find out…


Serta vs Restonic mattress

You’ve likely heard about Serta before. It’s a company that has been around for a long time and they have classic mattress with newer functions.

Restonic is also a company that was started in the 1930’s. And in the last (almost) 90 years they have won many prizes and awards for their mattresses.

Both companies offer a wide range of different mattresses, such as innerspring, memory foam and hybrids. So whatever type you prefer, you’re good to go with both companies.

Here are some more similarities between both companies (and how they make their mattresses):

  • Offer a good amount of support for your body
  • Have good edge support
  • The mattresses last for a long time (durability)
  • Wide range of different mattresses available
  • Different firmness options available
  • You can choose between budget, regular and luxury mattresses (price)

Add to that, when you take a look at the hundreds of reviews how other people sleep on these mattresses – you quickly see that both mattress companies offer good comfort. Of course this depends on which mattress you pick, but rest assured that there are no bad apples n between them.

Enough about the similarities between the 2 companies, let’s check why you’d pick Serta vs Restonic:

Here’s why you’d pick Serta

Serta is one of America’s most popular mattresses. You’ve probably seen the commercials from them with the sheeps. As you’ve read before,  you can choose between a wide variety of models, construction types and firmness with Serta.

Here’s a short overview of the 2 most popular mattresses from Serta, the iComfort and the Perfect Sleeper:

The iComfort is the flagship line from serta. It’s a memory foam mattress with 7 different memory gel foams. The core is made from foam, which is topped with more layers of foam. You can choose to have the core also made from innersprings, by picking the iComfort Hybrid. The main reason to go for this mattress is that it’s great in pressure relief, motion isolation and dissipating heat at night. It’s available in firm to medium, so it’s better suited for back and stomach sleepers.

The Perfect Sleeper series has an innerspring core made from pocketed coils. And the upper comfort layers are made from memory foam. This has the benefit of the support from the coils, but the comfort and softness from foam. Just as with the iComfort, it is possible to swap the pocketed coil core  for foam, if you prefer. Also, there is a model that has extra edge support – so if that is something that you need, you can go with that option.

So, the main thing you can see with Serta mattresses, is that there is a wide variety of choices and ‘customization’ options. Not in the literal sense, but often there are 2 different models that only differ from each other in small things (such as the way the core is produced), that it almost feels as if you can customize the mattress to your preferences.

Also, you can get a Serta mattress at many different retailers. This is both a good and a bad thing, since Serta has many different names – and one Perfect Sleeper at one mattress retailer might be different from another Perfect Sleeper at a different place. So always check the specifications! (or order through an online retailer, so you can easily compare that you have the right mattress).

Another benefit is that the foams they use are high quality, so you won’t have to worry about them starting to say early or that they are uncomfortable. And, virtually each mattress has been made to keep motion transfer to a minimum. If you often wake up because of movements from your partner, then Serta is a solid choice.


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Here’s why you’d pick Restonic

You can get innerspring, latex, memory foam and hybrid mattresses with Restonic. The great thing about this is that you can get a wide range of firmnesses for their inner springs and hybrids. In general the innersprings and hybrid mattresses offer strong edge support and are good for taking away the heat at night. So if you often can’t sleep in summers because of heat, Restonic is a solid choice. (however, many people complain about these things for the latex and memory foam mattresses)

2 downsides about the Restonic innersprings and hybrids are that the durability of the mattresses tend to be less than the ones from Serta. And also that they have less motion isolation.

The company itself also discloses less details about each mattress, so if you’re doing your research, it’s more difficult to compare all the specifications of each mattress.

Restonic has 6 lines:

  • ComfortCare
  • ComfortCare Limited
  • ComfortCare Hybrid Signature
  • HealthRest TempaGel
  • Healthrest Latex
  • Brio

Serta vs Restonic guidelines

Maybe you’ve already made the decision which mattress you’re going to pick after reading this Serta vs REstonic comparison article. if not, here are some guidelines to help you decide:

  • Do you value edge support? Choose Serta
  • Do you sleep very hot in summer (or any other time of the year)? Go with an innerspring/hybrid from Restonic or Serta.
  • Do you want a wide variety of choice in firmness? Both companies offer that.
  • Is durability important to you? Go with Serta.

Conclusion Serta vs Restonic mattress

Alright, we’ve made it to the end. To give you a winner, we recommend you get a Serta mattress. The quality in general is better, and you have a good choice between different options and firmness. Also, Serta is a well known company and has thousands of happy customers. So you can hardly go wrong with that.

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P.S. enjoyed reading this Serta vs Restonic mattress review? Then I recommend you get the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress. It has many raving reviews and it’s a great choice for the majority of people.

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