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Simplysleeper ss 58rf review: Is This Air Mattress Good for the Guestroom?

simplysleeper ss 58rf reviewWe’ve been talking a lot about air mattresses lately. However, those were mainly about air mattresses if you’re going camping or hiking but today we’re going to discuss an air mattress that you can use at home, or if you’re staying with friends and need a place to sleep on. It’s a larger mattress and it is called the Simplysleeper ss 58rf. Is the mattress suitable and comfortable if you want to sleep well at night if you’re not at home? And who are the people that will enjoy the mattress the most? Continue reading and find out everything in this Simplysleeper ss 58rf review.

simplysleeper review

Simplysleeper ss 58rf Review

The simply sleeper mattresses are mattresses that are produced by the company SimplyGlobo. It’s a company that produces high quality air mattresses, that you can use in everyday life to sleep on.

As you probably know (you’re reading this site after all), sleep is an important part of your life. Even one night of sleep deprivation can have bad consequences the next day. So it makes sense to ensure that you sleep optimally every night.

Now, at home you probably got a good mattress. But what do you do if you’re staying at a different place that’s not home? You have to improvise and you’re not going to take your regular or large mattress. Those are simply too big to take with you. So you’ve got to take a high quality air mattress with you to your friend or your vacation home or anywhere else. This is where the Simplysleeper ss 58rf air mattress comes into play.

So let’s dive into the Simplysleeper ss 58rf review:

2 People who’ll love to sleep on the Simplysleeper ss 58rf air mattress

in general I think there are two types of people that will enjoy the mattress the most. Continue reading and see if you can identify:

  • People who want a large air mattress that offers the same comfort as their own mattress at home –  the Simply sleeper mattress is a large mattress that was built with the aim of making it comfortable so that you can sleep on it on the road.
  • People who are suffering from back pain, but still want to be good air mattress the mattress is suitable for people with back pain. The Simplysleeper mattress was designed in such a way that it will offer enough support for your back.


5 benefits that you’ll experience:

#1 Comfortable mattress

The single most important thing for air mattresses, and mattresses in general, is that they’re comfortable to sleep on. If you’re not lying in comfort, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep well. And this in turn will decrease the quality of your sleep and wake up with less energy.

The Simply sleep mattress was made from polyester material, which offers enough comfort for you to sleep comfortably. So you won’t have to worry about that. It might be a bit less comfortable than the latest memory foam mattress that you might have at home, but the price is a lot less and you’re not sleeping on it every night.

#2 Comes included with electric pump

Remember when you still had to manually inflate air mattresses? The simply sleep mattress comes with a built-in pump ( that works on electricity), so you won’t have to exhaust yourself including the mattress.

#3 You can use it as your regular mattress

I also wanted to know what other people thought of the matress. So I read a simple sleeper ss58 rf review.  it was from in college college student who said that he even used the mattress as his real mattress for a couple of months because money was tight. And this doesn’t even just go for a college student. because the mattress is so comfortable, you can use it at home to sleep on it just as a regular mattress. It might not be the best long-term solution that I’m talking about here. But if money is tight and you need something to sleep on for a couple of months – and a regular mattress cost too much, the simply sleeper mattress is a solid choice.

#4 Deflates quickly

So many mattresses require a lot of time to deflate. Not the Simplysleeper mattress. It has a quick release valve, that you can turn and the air will be deflated very quickly. So you won’t have to worry about the mattress taking 10 minutes to deflate.

#5 Large enough for 2 adults

There are a lot of large air mattresses. So if you’re looking for a good mattress for two adults, or you’re big yourself and like a big mattress, the simply sleeper ss58 rf is a good choice for you. The mattress is 74 / 54 / 18 inches. And this makes it large enough for most couples. In total can support up to 500 pounds , so this is also a good number for virtually every couple.

Because it is large enough for 2 people, the SImplysleeper ss 58rf is also perfectly suited as a guest mattress. Especially if you don’t have an extra bed and bedroom – you can have this mattress at home to make sure that guests can comfortably stay over at your place. Just put it in the living room (or any other room), when your guests come. It’s a good way to provide that extra bit of hospitality for your guests – and they’ll sure appreciate it.

Conclusion Simplysleeper ss 58rf review

The mattress is excellent choice for your looking for be comfortable in large air mattress that is made from high-quality materials and that will ensure that the mattresses durable and you will sleep well on it. It comes included with an electric pump, so you won’t have to worry about manually inflating mattress.

Where can you get the SImplysleeper ss 58rf?

if you enjoyed this simply sleeper ss50 8RL review, then you’re probably cures for more information about the mattress. And you also want to know where you can order the mattress:

Click here to check out the price of the Simplysleeper ss 58rf air mattress!


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