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Sleep Sense Program Review: Does It Work To Let Your Baby Sleep?

sleep sense program reviewAre you sleep deprived because your child isn’t sleeping throughout the night? Are you waking up every hour because your child needs your attention? And are you getting cranky throughout the day because you didn’t catch up on sleep at night? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re not alone. It’s the experience of virtually every (new) parent – even for those who already have several kids. It’s one of the things that gets easier, but the first year of your baby will always be one of the hardest. Being sleep deprived isn’t going to help you be the best parent that you need to be – so it’s good to look for solutions. And that’s exactly why we’re today discussing the Sleep Sense Program review.

It’s a program that was designed to make your kids sleep throughout the night – on his own. So that you can get your sleep (and your life) back. It works from both angles: and your kid will feel better when he’s getting the sleep that he needs + you will be a better parent to him since you are getting the rest that you need.

So that’s the premise of the program. Let’s start this Sleep Sense program review off with what exactly the program is, who designed it and if it’s for you. Later on we’ll talk about some of the specifics that the program teaches, some benefits you can expect (for yourself and your little one) when you implement the techniques.

Sleep Sense Program review

Sleep Sense is an initiative of Dana Obleman, a child sleep consultant from the US. She has been on national television and radio to teach other parents how to make sure that their kid sleeps well. Because of the success of helping parents get their sleep back – and making sure that the kids gets his sleep as well, she decided to launch a special course.

And in this course, you will find exactly everything that she usually teaches new parents on how to make sure that their kids sleep throughout the night. It’s like a private consultancy with her – only in book form. It’s in an easy to digest format, which makes it easy for you to get all the information that you need. And it’s also in bite-sized portions, so you can go through everything on your own pace.

What exactly is the Sleep Sense program?

I’m not going to give away everything in this Sleep Sense Program review, but here’s a short introduction on what the program is based on. So here are the fundamentals for letting your child sleep well throughout the night:

  1. Consistency is key – make sure that you have a consistent sleep schedule with a set time for going to bed and waking up every day.
  2. Establish a bedtime routine – a relaxing bedtime routine will ensure that your kid feels calm when you put him to bed.
  3. Allows your child to learn how to sleep on his own – it is of vital importance that you remove every obstacle to your child getting good sleep, so he can learn to do this on his own.

Now, with this information you could already make a lot of progress with you baby’s sleep, but with most things, the devil is in the details. That’s why I recommend you check out the complete program for more information on how to get the most out of it.

Click here to learn more about how the Sleep Sense Program works so that your child sleeps all night!

What will you get when you sign up?

In total there are 5 staples of the program that will teach you everything that you need if you want your kid to sleep well. So here’s an overview of everything that’s included (note: there are several different packages – check out this link to see what’s included for each package):

  1. The Sleep Sense Program downloadable eBook – this is the bread and butter of the program. It teaches you all the science and understanding how the sleep of a kid works. Read this first so that you are armed with all the sleep science and know exactly why it is so important that your kid sleeps well throughout the night. Also: the book is illustrated with case studies from other parents just like you. So you’ll quickly learn that it’s not just you who’s struggling.
  2. A 14-day sleep coach video training system – this is the problem-shooting series. After you sign up, you will get a different video every day that addresses a common question or problem that parents have. For example what to do what you go travelling, or what adjustments to make when your kid is sick, how to make naps longer and virtually any problem/challenge that parents face for their baby’s sleep. Plus the video format makes it even more easy to digest the content into actionable steps.
  3. The Sleep Sense telephone hotline – the book and video’s will already solve most of the problems that you have. However, things can always pop up and that’s why you can personally call Dana every week to ask specific questions that you’re dealing with. So you’ll get the advice of a professional baby sleep consultant. And even if you don’t have any questions, you can still dial in and hear what other concerned parents are asking.
  4. Baby sleep boot camp – this boot camp is especially designed if you do not have the time to go through the book/video’s and want to quickly get all the information that you need to make sure your baby sleeps calmly throughout the night. (so you can start with the boot camp and when your baby sleep well and you’re all catches up on sleep, you can digest the book at your own pace).
  5. 2 Personalized email sessions with Dana – just like with the hotline, problems and questions are going to pop up that no book can answer. This is perfect if you want to describe your personal situation and ask Dana for advice on what you should do.
sleep science review
Sleep Sense program review: An overview of everything that you’ll get when you sign up for the program!

5 Benefits that the Sleep Sense program will teach you (and your kid)

In this Sleep Sense Program review we’ve already discussed what’s included, but we haven’t really yet talked about the things that you can look forward to. Armed with all the new techniques and information after the program you will experience the following things in your life:

#1 Your baby will sleep through the night

This is the most important take away from the program. It’s what it’s built for. The entire course will help you teach your baby on how to sleep well throughout the night. This is not done by CIO (crying it out), but rather by simple techniques that work together with sleep science for babies.

#2 You can finally get rid of your sleep deprivation

If you’re waking up every hour because your kid needs you, then chances are high that you’re severely sleep deprived. Not only is this bad for you and your health, but it might also hurt your kid. Why? Because if you’re sleep deprived, then you’re going to make mistakes during the day – and this will also lead you to not being as good a parent for when your kids need you. If you’re tired and not thinking clearly, how can you expect to give your kid all the attention that he needs from you?

By ensuring that your kid sleeps well all night, you too will sleep well. And this is something that is of immense value.

#3 It’s not a CIO method

We shortly discussed it before in this Sleep Sense program review, but the program is not a Crying It Out method for helping your baby sleep. Even though it can be an effective way for some kids, many parents cannot and will not leave their kid alone when he’s crying. I agree and that’s why the course focuses on working techniques that will help your baby sleep.

While there may be some crying involved, it is not the staple of the program. Instead, it is to give your baby routine and remove all the obstacles that might be keeping him from falling (and staying) asleep.

#4 teaches your child a bedtime routine

Routine is one of the best methods for when you want to teach your baby something and this is especially true when talking about sleeping. By establishing a relaxing routine early on you will ensure that your kid will go to sleep calm. An added benefit is that the more stability he will have at night, the more stable he will be during the next day.

#5 Also learn how to let your child have naps

If you’ve ever been curious how to let your baby have a nap (or naps) throughout the day, then the program can also help you with that. You see, you can also use the techniques for sleeping at night and apply them if you want your baby to take a nap during the day. It is highly recommended that you do this (no too late before bedtime of course) since babies need a lot of sleep for the correct development.

No risk – as there’s a money back guarantee

Now, maybe you’re still doubting a bit whether the course will really help your baby sleep better throughout the night? So if there’s anything holding you back a bit from buying the course – no worries. Because there’s a 12-month money back guarantee especially for you.

So you can try out the Sleep Sense program and see if it works for you and your baby. If it does – great! Your baby now sleeps well throughout the night! And if it doesn’t? No problem, simply call Dana and receive your money back.

I’m always happy when a program has a money back option. It simply allows you to freely check out the program to check if it does what it promises.

Where do you sign up for the Sleep Sense program?

If after reading this Sleep Sense Program review you’re excited to try the course – to see how it will help your little one sleep calmly throughout the night… then you can do so through the following link.

It’ll take you straight to the main page of the course where you’ve got to scroll down and pick a package. I recommend you pick the VIP one, since it is your child after all and you want the best for him.

Click here to get access to the Sleep Sense Program & allow your child to sleep!



P.S. did you know that most parents who try out the Sleep Sense Program already see results after 3 days (or nights ?)? Find out more on this page!