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Best Price Mattress: Save Money and Sleep Deeper!

best price mattressWould you like to sleep on a mattress that is both comfortable and affordable? If your answer is yes, then the Best Price mattress might just be the perfect mattress for you! As the name implies, the mattress is available for a good price. But it’s also very comfortable and a good memory foam mattress. So there are many upsides to sleeping on this mattress.

If you want to find out all the benefits of sleeping on a Best Price mattress… please continue reading…

But first, we’ll quickly discuss the company behind the mattress, so you’ll know exactly what they stand for and what your can expect from their products.

About Best Price

Best Price started out as a company that wanted everyone to deserve a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, most mattresses available on the market were expensive mattresses. And we’re talking about the good comfortable ones here.

The ones that are really nice to sleep in and make you wake up with energy. So Best Price figured out a way to produce high quality comfortable mattresses for a fraction of the price. Hence the name: Best Price mattress.

Their motto is “Save money and Sleep better”!

Best Price mattress specifications

The most popular Best Price mattress is the Best Price memory foam mattress. And that’s exactly why we’ll be discussing this particular mattress in this Best Price mattress review. Here are its specifications:

  • Available sizes –  the mattress is available in the sizes Twin, Full, Queen and King.
  • Thickness –  you can decide for yourself between the sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch.
  • CertiPUR-US certification –  the mattress is safe to sleep on with the CertiPUR-US certification. More on this in the benefits section.
  • Warranty – when you buy the mattress you get a 10 year warranty on the mattress.

Note: for all the specific dimensions and prices of each size mattress, please refer to this page.

best price mattress review
This is how the Best Price mattress looks like.

2 types of people who’ll love to sleep on a Best Price mattress

  • People who want a quality, but affordable mattress –  the Best Price mattress is a comfortable mattress that is available at the fraction of the price of many other brand mattresses. If you care about quality, but don’t want to break the bank, this might just be the perfect mattress for you.
  • People who care about the environment and want to sleep without worries –  the CertiPUR-US certification guarantees that the mattress was made without any harmful substances. On top of that, the activated charcoal in the mattress ensures that the mattress stays clean and no bad odors will appear.

5 benefits of the Best Price mattress

#1 Conforms to your body for optimal support

The memory foam inside the mattress might feel a bit firm when you first start sleeping on it. However, when your body produces heat, the foam ‘loosens’ up and will start conforming to your body.

What this means is that each part of your body will get the individual support that it needs. In addition, the foam also isolates the movements from you and your partner. So if your partner’s movements keep waking you up at night, a good memory foam mattress will help isolate each other’s movements.

best price mattress company

#2 Relieves pressure points for deeper sleep

Another benefit is that the Best Price mattress offers relieve from pressure points. Now, this mainly is about the hips and shoulders. Especially when you sleep on your back or side, these body parts need extra support.

Otherwise they might get in a weird position, which can wake you up. but it can also cause joint or back pain. The mattress does this by having special layers for your hips and shoulders where the mattress is more pliable.

This will ensure that your hips and shoulders get the optimal support and comfort that they need. So no more waking up when you feel slightly uncomfortable in your sleeping position!

#3 CertiPUR-US certified for safe sleeping

The CertiPUR-US certification guarantees that the mattress was made in an eco-friendly manner. On top of that, it also ensures that the mattress was made without harmful compounds such as:

  • Phthalates
  • Ozone depleters
  • PBDE flame retardants
  • Mercury, lead or any other heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde

Many other mattress brands (especially the older ones) still use some of these harmful substances in the production of their mattresses. not only is this bad for the environment, but it can also be dangerous to your healt.A fter all, you spend around one-third of your life on the mattress and you want to be sure that your mattress does not contain harmful substances.

best price mattress reviews
A close-up of the mattress

#4 Get a 10-year warranty on the mattress

When you buy the Best Price mattress you get a 10 year warranty on the mattress. So you can sleep soundly at night knowing that if anything is wrong with the mattress, you can simply call Best Price and see if they can help you out.

Many other mattress brands have started reducing the warranty durations on their mattresses. Whether this is because they want to cut costs or are simply losing confidence in the quality of their own products, I do not know.

However, I do know that if you’re serious about buying a mattress, you should always check that you get *at least* a 10 year warranty. Buying a quality mattress is a long-term investment. And the warranty should reflect that.

#5 Active charcoal to keep your mattress clean & fresh

The final benefit is the activated charcoal in this mattress. Now, you’ve read this before but allow me to explain. Activated charcoal has been used for ages to combat bad odors.

It works by absorbing the ‘bad compounds’ that are responsible for the bad smell. And that’s the reason why Best Price decided to add activated charcoal into the mattress.

So you can sleep soundly knowing that you mattress will stay fresh and clean!

Best Price mattress review

“It’s the first time I buy anything from Best Price and so far I’m really satisfied with the mattress. Especially for this price (I bought it for several times less than a regular brand mattress), it’s hard to go wrong. It’s a very comfortable mattress and the last 5 weeks sleeping on it have been nothing but pure bliss!”

– Joanne


“I enjoy sleeping on the mattress and now wake up with more energy than before when I still used to sleep on my old mattress that I still had from college.”

– Reginald

Where to get the Best Price mattress?

I recommend you get the Best Price mattress through the internet. Why? Because that allows you to skip the heavy fees many regular mattress retailers put on the normal price of the mattress.

So, if you want to get this mattress and experience all the amazing comfort and cleanliness of sleeping on it…

… then click here to order the Best Price mattress on Amazon

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