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Brooklyn Bedding vs Tuft and Needle: Here Are the 6 Deciding Factors

brooklyn bedding vs tuft and needleIn your search for the right mattress there always seem to be popping up some mattresses a couple of times. So I quite often get the question: “ Brooklyn Bedding vs Tuft and Needle – which should I pick?”. And it was time there was a complete comparison between these 2 mattresses on the site. So if you’re doubting between these two mattresses – then you’ll find all the necessary information here to make an informed decision.

Note: every person is different, so what works for you, might be horrible for me. So it’s always good to check with yourself (and your partner) what the things are that are most important to you. One thing to find out what you need is to ask yourself what the main thing is that you dislike about your current mattress. But it’s also a good idea to write down what the good things are about your current mattress that you enjoyed. That way you’ll be able to ‘create’ how your perfect mattress would look like. And then you can compare different mattresses to that. It’s a strategy that many people find very helpful in the already chaotic search for a new mattress.

Brooklyn bedding vs Tuft and Needle

Let’s first quickly discuss what makes these mattresses alike. So that later on you can see the differences and you’ll have a clearer image of the mattress. So here are the similarities between the Brooklyn Bedding mattress and the Tuft & Needle mattress.

Both mattresses:

  • Are foam only mattresses
  • Can only be ordered online
  • Are delivered to your home (and arrive in a box)
  • Are 10 inches tick
  • Offer a trial period so you can test the mattress at home

So the mattresses are both foam mattress (a different type of foam though – we’ll get to that later) and have the same thickness. They’re also perfect if you want to try it out before you make the final decision purchase. Since they offer a sleeping trial – you can sleep on it for several weeks and then decide how good your nights are. Saves a lot of the headache in having to find the ’perfect’ mattress right from start.

Both mattresses sleep fairly cool as well (although I’ve read that some people find the Brooklyn Bedding mattress to sleep a tad cooler), so if you’re living in a hot climate – or experience very hot summers – both mattresses are suited for you.

What I like about the Brooklyn Bedding mattress: different firmness options

The first thing you’ll notice with Brooklyn Bedding is that they don’t have a set firmness. When you’re ordering the mattress you can decide for yourself which firmness you prefer. This is great if you’re not a big fan of the standard memory foam 5.5 to 6.5 firmness (on a scale of 1-10) that most mattress companies make.

So if you like to sleep on a very soft – or very firm mattress – you can choose that option with Brooklyn.

The mattress itself is made from 3 layers (from top to bottom)

  • 2 inches of talalay latex
  • 2 inches of Dunlop latex
  • 6 inches of high density foam

Another thing that you’ll see is that the mattress is very resilient. It makes you feel as if you’re sleeping on the mattress instead of in the mattress.

What I like about Tuft & Needle: Premium mattress for an affordable price

The main thig I like about Tuft and Needle is that their mattress focuses on simplicity. It has only 2 layers (3 inches of specialty polyfoam and 7 inches of polyfoam). Instead of trying to add different extra’s that only some people who buy the mattress will appreciate – they decided to strip it down to the bare minimum you need to comfortably sleep.

And that’s something you notice in the price. Sleeping on it feels like sleeping on a luxury mattress – so if you’re an average sleeper (meaning you’re probably under 40, like medium firmness and don’t need extra’s such as edge support etc.), the mattress might be a very good fit for you.

Here’s what to base your decision on

You might have already gotten an impression which mattress can suit your needs more, but to make it a more clear I’ve put up a list of questions here that will help guide you to make the right decision. Here’s how to judge the Brooklyn bedding vs Tuft and Needle mattress:

  • Do you want a bed with the average medium firmness? Tuft & Needle
  • Or do you want something else (either very firm or very soft)? Brooklyn Bedding
  • Do you want a good mattress for an affordable price? Tuft and Needle
  • Or do you want more luxury and comfort? Brooklyn Bedding
  • Do you want a mattress that you’ll sink in? Tuft and Needle
  • Or do you want to sleep *on* the mattress? Brooklyn bedding


Final verdict Brooklyn bedding vs Tuft and Needle

So the final conclusion is that for most people the Tuft & Needle mattress will be the better choice. It’s a bit cheaper and more suitable for people with average sleeping desires. However, if you have the budget and want something completely different – then the Brooklyn Bedding mattress might be perfectly well-suited for you.

Anyways, I hope this article gave you all the information that you need to make a good informed decision. If you want to learn more about either mattress, you can do so by visiting the Amazon pages of each mattress respectively. There you’ll find all the exact features + a ton of helpful reviews so you’ll find out how others are sleeping on the mattresses.


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P.S. quick recap of the Brooklyn Bedding vs Tuft and Needle: in general I’d recommend most people to order the Tuft & Needle mattress. It’s more suited for average sleepers (meaning firmness). However, if you have the budget and want something more firm or softer (there are different options) – then I advise you to pick Brooklyn Bedding.