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Dodow Review: Can You Fall Asleep Within 20 Minutes Every Night?

What if there was a way to train your body and brain to fall asleep naturally within 20 minutes at night? Wouldn’t you love to try that? If you’re an insomniac who needs more than an hour on average to hit the sack each night, then chances are you’d sign up right away. I have good news for you. You can do exactly that with this new revolutionary device called Dodow. In this detailed Dodow review I’ll tell you everything you need to know about training yourself to fall asleep naturally. All without the help of sleeping tablets or supplements. 

Note: I’m not a doctor. If you’re having serious trouble with insomnia, it might be better to go to your doctor. You can, however, try out the Dodow – as it’s not dangerous in any way. You can see it as a *sleep trainer*. 

Dodow review – what is this new sleeping device?

The principles on which Dodow works are simple: You might’ve heard people saying that you need to relax (meditate) at night in order to fall asleep. Sounds logical, right? But the problem in practice is a bit tricky. How do you relax and/or meditate before going to bed? If you try to guide yourself to do this, chances are that you’ll quit sooner or later – too early before you get any results.

But the thing is…. guided *meditation* before bed does work. It can help you turn down your brain activity (thoughts) and prepare for sleep. So that is exactly what Dodow does for you. It’s a sleep aid device that will slowly induce sleep by helping you relax. Now, this might sound a bit woozy and new-age… but let me explain to you in the next paragraph how this stuff works:

dodow review
Dodow will help you beat insomnia – naturally

How Dodow works

1) It helps you synchronize your breathing (11 to 6 breaths per minute)

So you’ve got your Dodow delivered at home and you took the little round disk out of its case. What’s next? Well, you put it on your nightstand before going to sleep and press start. Tap the touch-sensitive surface and it will start its (8 or 20 minute) program. It projects a blue light (1 lux) on the ceiling that changes its intensity (e.g. it turns on and off). Each time it glows, you breath in. And each time it turns off, you breath out.

Gradually the light will start to glow longer, and by just keeping up with it, you find that you start to breathe slower and slower. You’re going from 11 breaths per minute in the beginning to 6 at the end. And this will bring profound relaxation. It’s like the guided meditation we spoke about in the beginning.

Oh, and don’t forget to breath in slowly through your nose (all into your belly) for maximal relaxing effect.

dodow where to buy
Dodow review: an easy-to-follow user guide and 3 AAA batteries are included when you buy the Dodow.

2) The light helps you calm down

So, we’ve got the first part covered. You’re breathing slowly and with each breath you’re relaxing more and more. But that’s not everything there is to it. Did you know that the blue light emitted is less than 1 lux? That makes it very weak and as a result your eyes will start sending signals to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep. It also allows your body to see light without inhibiting your melatonin production.

This is crucial, as any other type of stronger light would impact your natural sleeping hormone production. And this in turn would hinder your ability  to fall asleep.

3) Pick your program: 8 or 20 minutes

Alright, now that you know that Dodow helps you breath relaxation and the light is very relaxing too, what’s more? Well, you simply continue untill you breath 6 breaths per minute at the end. And you feel more and more relaxed till you finally fall asleep.

Now, people are different. And some might have a more (or less) severe case of insomnia. Heck, the time you go to bed might change day to day. That’s why the Dodow allows you to pick between the 8 or 20 minute program. So if you’re feeling pretty tired already – you pick the 8 minute program (you tap Dodow once). And if you’re not so tired that you’re dreading to get in bed – then opt for the 20 minute program (tap the Dodow twice).

This gives you completely control for how long you want the sleep-meditation to go on so that you can soundly fall asleep. I recommend you start with 8 minutes to get a feeling for how it works. And if it’s too short for you, then you can pick the longer program. But I’d say that the majority of insomniacs already see a profound difference with just 8 minutes of Dodow therapy!

dodow sleep aid device
A quick Dodow review of how Dodow works to help you fall asleep!

Benefits Dodow review

#1 You’ll fall asleep faster

A quick recap of everything the Dodow can do for you: the first thing , of course, is that it helps you fall asleep faster. That is the main goal of the program and you quickly notice that after following the 8 or 20 minute program you start to feel sleepy. Dodow turns itself off so you won’t have to get out of your sleep to do that. Just follow the light for your breathing and you find yourself sleeping within no-time.

#2 Decrease thoughts in your head before sleep

Another curious thing that happens as you do the guided sleep meditation from Dodow is that all the thoughts running in your head will start to decrease. This is not new – people who have been practicing meditation have been saying this for years. But if you’ve never gotten the hang of meditating, then this can be a really cool extra thing. You might feel a bit stressed at the end of your day (and this could very well be a reason for your insomnia), so turning down the volume and intensity knob of your thoughts before bed is a welcome refreshment.

Dodow F.A.Q.

If you still have any questions that weren’t answered in this Dodow review, here is a F.A.Q. that will answer the remaining questions.

Why is the Dodow device necessary if the technique works through guided relaxation?

This is a common concern for many who are looking to buy a Dodow. If the main technique behind the Dodow sleeping device is relaxation, why should you get the Dodow?

The reason for this is that Dodow helps you to gradually slow down your breathing to 6 breaths per second. And the exhalation part is 1.5 longer than the inhalation part.

If you’d try to time all this on your own, you’d get lost in trying to get the timing correct. The benefits of the calming exercise would be lost on you.

Another reason (and you might be familiar with this) is that most people can only meditate for about 30 seconds before losing their concentration. This is simply not enough time to reap the benefits.

Dodow has a focusing effect, since all you have to do is follow the hypnotic light. You’re not having your thoughts focused inward (like with regular breathing techniques), but outward (the light). The latter has been shown to work more effectively for meditation.

What do you do if you’re not asleep after the session?

Dodow claims that half of the users are asleep at the end of the session. In their words:

Dodow is not the magic bullet that will make you fall asleep in 2 minutes if you usually lay awake for 2 hours. But you can expect 15 minutes instead of 2 hours. That’s already a lot of progress, right?

This is the type of progress that can be accomplished with following the Dodow protocol for several months (or a lot quicker!)

dodow amazon
Dodow review – It’s recommended that you start with the 8 minute setting. That way you’ll get a feeling for how it works – you already might see a lot of progress in just a couple 8 minute sessions!

If you usually fall asleep in, let’s say 30 minutes, maybe all you need is a couple of sessions to get used to it and you’ll already fall asleep within 8 minutes. Wouldn’t that be great progress as well?

The main cause of insomnia is people stressing about the fact that they can’t sleep. If you’re relaxed and patient, sleep will come quickly in 90% of cases.

Can you use Dodow if you’re sleeping with a partner?

The blue light is only 1 lux, so if your partner has his/her eyes closed, it won’t affect his/her sleep. But why not let your partner join the Dodow ritual? It’s chill and even if your partner usually doesn’t have problems falling asleep – he/she will fall asleep even faster with Dodow.

Does Dodow help with jet lag?

Yes, even though it wasn’t originally designed for jet lags, many users have found that Dodow also helps them fall asleep faster if their sleep schedule is messed up from a long flight.

Doesn’t blue light decrease melatonin production?

That’s true, blue light from screens decrease melatonin production in your body and makes it more difficult to fall asleep.

The blue light from Dodow, however, is only 1 lux – which is far too low to disturb your natural sleep hormone production.

Is Dodow suitable for children or the elderly?

Yes, everyone can use the Dodow. The only thing is that it will take them several more sessions to get used to the slower breathing. That is because they have a lower breathing capacity. Another reason why it works for them is because many kids or elderly are afraid of the dark. And Dodow lights up the room, which makes it less scary to fall asleep.

Can I lie on my stomach or side?

Unfortunately no. Dodow projects the light on the ceiling, so if you lay on your stomach you won’t get the cues. Laying on your back is the most effective thing for Dodow.

What you can do however, is to switch to your most comfortable position once you start to fall asleep. This will happen most of the time naturally though. It might feel a bit weird the first times to lay on your back, but you will get used to it pretty quickly.

Does Dodow help with worrying?

Yes, Dodow is also a great help if worries are causing your insomnia. That’s because worrying isn’t just in your head – but also has a distinct physical component. When you slow your breathing, your entire body becomes more relaxed. And a relaxed body will calm your mind down as well.

The Dodow breathing will calm your body down. And this in turn makes your mind more chill. Sometimes all you need to do to get rid of worry is to focus on something external – which is the light that Dodow projects. 


How many nights till Dodow starts working?

Depending on the nature of why you cannot sleep, it might already work the first time that you try it. For example, if excess stress at night is the reason why you can’t fall asleep within a normal time frame, then Dodow can help you release stress and fall asleep faster. 

Once you’re feeling calmer – and the breathing has made you feel more relaxed, you might find that you fall asleep in record time.

All this depends of course on how long it used to take you before to fall asleep. As noted before, if you’re a terrible insomniac who usually lies awake for 2+ hours, don’t expect to fall asleep the first time after 20 minutes.

Your might need some time to get used to Dodow, the breathing techniques and focusing on the blue light. But rest assured: if you’re following everything as written here in this Dodow review, you will see a decrease in the time it takes you to fall asleep.

You might not fall asleep right away, but every minute less it takes you to doze off is a big win. You might not get it down to 10  minutes after using it for 3 sessions. But with continued practice, you will see a remarkable decrease in the time it takes you to fall asleep.

Dodow where to buy?

Since the Dodow is difficult to find in stores, it’s recommended that you order it online. The easiest way to so is to order it on Amazon.


Final verdict Dodow review

The Dodow is a great option for people who want to practice a better way of beating their insomnia. It’s a guided meditation tool before bed that will help you fall asleep faster. On top of that, it does this without you having to take any supplements. I

f you’re serious about beating insomnia (and I bet you are), then I recommend you order the Dodow to see for yourself how it works…

Order Dodow now! 

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P.S. Enjoyed reading this Dodow review? What are you waiting for? Already more than 150.000 people use the Dodow to fall asleep quickly at night. Get the Dodow now!