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Dynasty Mattress: No More Waking Up in Sweat + Risk-Free 120 Nights

dynasty mattressIf you’re looking for a luxury mattress, then you don’t need to look further than the Dynasty mattress for back pain. Why? because it’s a modern mattress that has everything you need to sleep comfortably each night. Many mattresses offer you all types of extra’s and boast about all the materials that they use. But not the Dynasty mattress.

The mattress is a simple luxury mattress that will give you better night’s sleep. The reason why they can do this is because they only use the highest quality materials and try to keep it simple. On top of that the mattress is also very affordable.

And on top of that the Dynasty company also offers you a 120 nights risk-free sleeping trial. So you can find out exactly how the mattress sleeps. And if you don’t like it – you can simply return it and get your money back.

So it’s a mattress you can try out without any risk whatsoever. But before we dive into the specifics of the Dynasty mattress… let’s first quickly discuss the Dynasty company.

About Dynasty

The aim of Dynasty is to help you get better sleep. They make premium quality memory foam mattresses for an affordable price.

So if that doesn’t show that they’ve succeeded in giving their customers exactly what they want.. then what does? On top of the high quality mattresses, they also give out a 30-year warranty on each of their mattresses.

So you can sleep assured knowing that your mattress will stay fine for the rest of your lifetime!

Dynasty mattress specifications

As we discussed before, the most popular Dynasty mattress for back pain is the Cool Breeze. That’s why we’ll be discussing its details here:

  • Available sizes –  the mattress is available in the sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Queen RV, King, California King and RV short King.
  • Thickness –  it’s a 12 inch mattress with 4 uniques layers for optimal comfort and support.
  • Cover –  the luxury cover is fully removable (zipper) and can be washed.
  • Warranty – after buying the Dynasty mattress, you’ll have 30 years limited warranty.
  • Firmness –  the mattress is medium firm.
  • 120-night risk-free trial –  try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home to find out if you like sleeping on it or not.

Note: for complete information about each size its dimensions and price, please go to this page for more details.

Two types of people who’ll love to sleep on a Dynasty mattress

  • People who want to try a mattress first to see if they like it –  as said before, the mattress comes with a 120 nights test period. Find out if the mattress is comfortable enough for you during this period. If it’s not, you can simply return it and get your money back.
  • People who want optimal comfort for an affordable price –  the Dynasty mattress for back pain is very comfortable to sleep on. And on top of that, it’s also an affordable mattress. If you want comfort, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, the Dynasty mattress might just be the perfect solution for you.

5 benefits of the Dynasty mattress for back pain

#1 Sleep cool technology for cooler nights

The Cool Breeze Dynasty mattress is equipped with special techniques to make sure that you get a cool night’s sleep. The main technique that the mattress uses for this are 2 layers of increased air flow in the middle of the mattress. (see picture below)

dynasty mattress review

Increased air flow is great for removing the excess heat that your body usually produces while asleep. No more waking up in sweat with the Dynasty Cool Breeze mattress!

#2 High density foam for optimal support

AS you saw in the previous paragraph on the picture. The top layer of the mattress is a 3 inch HD gel memory foam layer.

This layer is responsible for supporting your body and making it comfortable to sleep on. High density here means that the layer is full of thousands of small beads that automatically go where your body needs the most support.

The obvious benefit of this is that each curve of your body gets the individual support that it needs.

#3 Luxurious cover with zipper so it can be washed

Many mattress companies forget about this easy convenience. But when you invest in a mattress to last you a lifetime – you want to be able to *clean* the mattress!

Luckily, the Dynasty mattress comes with an easy zipper so you can remove the quilt. This luxurious quilt can be washed in the washing machine.

So you’ll be able to sleep comfortably on a clean mattress!

dynasty mattress for back pain
You can easily take of the cover with a zipper. The cover is also fully washable in a washing machine.

#4 You get a 30-year warranty on the Dynasty mattress

You’ve already read it before, but it bears repeating. You get a 30 year warranty on this mattress. Now, if I hear about a company giving such a lifetime warranty, then I know the company must be very confident in the quality of their product.

Many other mattress companies only give out warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years. Which only shows that they may not be that sure of the supreme quality of their own mattresses.

Dynasty however makes sure that your investment in a good quality mattress will stay good as long as possible.

#5 A 120-nights risk-free trial so you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home

Another benefit that bears repeating. The only way to find out if your body likes a specific mattress is to sleep on it for a longer period of time in the comfort of your own home.

Not under the bright neon light in a mattress center for 5 minutes. No. You really have to sleep on it for a couple of weeks minimum to see how your body responds to it.

That’s why you’ll get a 120 night risk-free sleeping trial when you order the Dynasty mattress. And if you decide after a 2 months that you don’t like the mattress?

No problem, just give Dynasty mattress a call and you’ll get your money back.

There literally is no risk whatsoever to ordering the Dynasty mattress and trying it out for a couple of week (or months) to see if you like it!

Dynasty mattress review

“Most mattresses are way too hot for me. I’d wake up in a sweat almost every night and the quality of my life was suffering because of it. Luckily I stumbled upon this mattress on a mattress review site and decided to give it a go. After all with the sleeping trial what did I have to lose? Now i can honestly say that I can sleep all night without waking up in sweat. The mattress really does what it says it does. Thank you very much Dynasty mattresses!”

– Casper


“Top mattress. Really comfortable and absolutely recommended!”

– Bonny

dynasty mattress reviews
On top of the 120 nights risk-free trial you get a 30-year limited warranty!

Best place to order the Dynasty mattress for back pain

The best place to order the Dynasty mattress is trough the internet. Why? Because that way you’ll avoid all the traditional retailers who add a high percentage of fees to pay their rent and employees.

So if you want to experience the amazing cool comfort that this mattress has to offer you…

… then click here to order the Dynasty mattress for back pain & try it out for 120 nights risk-free!

buy dynasty mattress


P.S. it’s a true luxury mattress that will offer you plenty of good night’s sleep. Click here to find out more about the mattress!