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Klymit vs Thermarest: Which Air Mattress Is the Best For Camping?

klymit vs thermarestWhen you’re going camping – what air mattress are you taking? Is it an old one you took from the attic that’s been lying there for the last decade? Or do you prefer to sleep as well while on the road as you do at home? Since sleep is one of the pillars of your health – I recommend you invest in a good air mattress. So that you’ll sleep well wherever you go. Today we’re going to discuss 2 famous brands in the air mattress world: Klymit vs Thermarest.

First we’ll discuss the main differences between both air mattresses. Then we’ll discuss what makes each of them unique. And we’ll end with a recommendation which mattress to pick in which situation. As you can guess: a 120 pound women going on a 7 day hiking trip in the mountains needs a different mattress than if you need an air mattress to sleep on with your SO for a night sleeping in the car.

So, let’s dive into this review!

Klymit vs Thermarest

Both brands offer quality air mattresses. So if you’re used to sleeping on old $10 mattresses that you got on a garage sale – you’re going to be in for a treat! Both also have a wide variety of air mattresses so that after you’ve picked the brand – you can then decide which mattress suits your specific circumstances best.

In general Klymit offers air mattresses that are in the midrange price. Whereas Thermarest has more variety. You’ll find mattresses for a couple of tens of dollars – but also in the hundred-dollar plus range. So you’ve got more choice there.

Let’s find out more about both brands. We’ll start with the Klymit air mattresses and their special shape!

What I like about the Klymit air mattresses: Special V shape for extra comfort

klymit air mattress review

Klymit air mattresses are famous for their specific shape and design. As you can see on the picture: they have an interesting V shape design. This design was done on purpose to increase the comfortability of the air mattress.

As you know: comfortability is a big thing for air mattresses and it’s not often you get one that can match with regular mattresses.

The V shape makes the mattress a good option for back and stomach sleepers. The company also claims that side sleepers sleep well on it. But I read some reviews of people saying that side sleeping wasn’t too comfortable on it. So you might have to try that out yourself.

The Klymit mattresses are also made with a specific layer underneath so that it doesn’t move when you’re sleeping.

One downside is that Klymit mattresses need to be inflated by breathing into it. Just like with old mattresses. The good thing is that it only takes 10-20 big breaths – so it’s not that you need to push air into the mattress for hours. But a quick couple of minutes is enough.

There are many different types of Klymit air mattresses. The most popular one is the Static V:

It’s an air mattress that was created with lightweight as the main focus. So the mattress is only 18.1 oz and with that it’s perfect for camping trips. You can of course sleep on it in a variety of circumstances – but it’s always nice to know that you can take it with you on a hiking/camping trip without breaking your back.

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What I like about the Thermarest air mattresses: Self inflating, warm and comfortable to take with you

thermarest review

As the name Thermarest implies, their mattresses are mainly created to be warm. They’re more luxury than the Klymit mattresses and they self-inflate. So you won’t have to work to inflate the mattress. This is nice after a long hiking trip where you just want comfort and rest.

Thermarest air mattresses were also built for providing enough warmth and isolation. So you can take the mattress with you in any circumstances. 4 seasons round every year.

One of the most popular Thermarest air mattresses is the Basecamp mattress. It’s available in several sizes – so it’s good enough for every sleeper.

The Thermarest mattress also uses foam to make sure that it sleeps well. So if at home you’re sleeping on a memory foam mattress, then Thermarest is a solid choice for you. they make for a good air mattress and you won’t regret buying it.

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Here’s what to base your Klymit vs Thermarest decision on:

You might’ve already decided which air mattress is the better choice for you. And if you haven’t, here’s a quick recap of which one to choose if you’re still on the verge:

  • Are you going hiking in winter? Then Thermarest will give you the warmth that you need
  • Are you okay with having to inflate the mattress with your own breath? Then you choose Klymit.
  • Do you sleep on a memory foam mattress at home? Thermarest will match the feeling best.
  • Are you on a budget? Then pick Klymit.

Conclusion Klymit vs Thermarest

If you’re going camping, hiking or just sleeping on the road, then you want to invest in a high quality air mattress. They’re not as expensive as regular mattresses and they can make a huge difference in your sleeping quality.

If you’re unsure whether to pick the Klymit vs Thermarest air mattress, I recommend you pick the Thermarest. The quality is higher and they’re more versatile.

However, if you’re on a budget or aren’t planning on using the mattress often – you can also the Klymit mattress. It’s a matter of preference.


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P.S. are you going camping soon and want a quick recap of which air mattress to pick? I recommend you pick the Thermarest air mattress, because it has more functions and you’ll probably sleep better on it. Want to find out more information about the mattress? Learn more about the Thermarest here!