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Luna Mattress Protector: Keep Your Bed Clean & Start Sleeping Better

luna mattress sleepTrouble sleeping as well as you used to? Ever thought that maybe it’s not due to some new change in your life, such as a new diet, or a new working place? Many people in the world are sleeping on dirty mattresses. And if you sleep long enough on it, then this can harm your sleep and your health. You see, when you don’t use a good mattress protector, then your bed will get infested with dust mite. Not to mention all the thousands of dead skin cells that you shed every night. If you don’t wash your bed/mattress for a long time, then this could be the cause of your sleeping bad. Luckily, the Luna mattress protector is a good solution to this problem. 

In this Luna mattress protector review, you’ll find out al the uses for this mattress pad. We’ll also discuss the 2 types of people who likely to benefit the most from it. And I’ll list the 5 biggest benefits of this mattress. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

luna mattress protector
The Luna mattress protector will make sure your mattress stays as clean as it should be!

Luna Mattress Protector

You might’ve heard about Luna mattresses before. But the Luna mattress protector can also be used on other types of mattresses. You see, most people prefer a specific type of mattress, because they sleep well on it. Maybe it helps them with their back pain, or maybe it’s just what they’re used to so they sleep deeper on it. Each mattress protector should fit on virtually every mattress – provided that they meet the specific fit.

  • Size – this mattress pad is available in the sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.
  • Produced – it’s sourced and made in the USA
  • Material – made from cotton.

So the protector will fit on virtually every mattress. Including the one that you own right now. To give you an example with the fittings, the queen size protector fits up to 18 inches deep – so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

2 Types of people who will love the Luna mattress protector

  • People who suffer from asthma or eczema – if you suffer from a lung- or skin based disease, then it is of vital important that you keep your bed as clean as possible. For skin disorders this is more obvious than for lung based, but the quality of air in your bedroom is highly dependent by how clean your bed is.
  • People who want to sleep better – chances are that a dirty bed is causing you to not to get optimal sleep quality. Trapped dirt and dust mite in your bed can harm your health and since you spend more than 1/3 of your life in your bed, you want it to be as clean as possible. The Luna mattress protector will help you achieve that.
luna mattress pad
Every Luna mattress protector is made in the USA.

5 benefits of putting a Luna mattress protector on your mattress

#1 Keep your bed cleaner

This is the main reason to put a mattress protector on your bed: it simply makes it cleaner. And as we discussed before, having a clean bed (& mattress) is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. When your bed is full of dust mite and dirt, it can cause your skin to break out, your eyes to get dry and that nasty cough you’re suffering from – could also be because your bed simply isn’t clean. Getting a good mattress protector will help clean your mattress, since it will trap all the dirt and bacteria – and you can wash it every week (or 2 weeks) so you can sleep in a completely clean bed.

#2 In case of accidents – you can clean your mattress

If you have young children, you know that accidents can happen sometimes. And the smell of urine can unfortunately stay for a long time in the mattress. The Luna mattres protector will protect your mattress from the smell of urine and if an accident happens, you can simply take off the protector and wash it. So that the mattress stays clean and won’t smell for the next several weeks.

#3 Protects you against dust mites

Dust mites are little bacteria that live in your mattress. They feed on dead human skin cells and often you can find several thousands of them in your mattress, bedding and pillow. Not only does this creep out many people, but they can also actually pose a health risk. You could be allergic to them (many people are), and in that case sleeping in a dust mite infected bed can cause many allergic reactions. Your skin cold break out, it makes asthma (and other lung-based disorders) worse. And the overall quality of your sleep would reduce drastically.

As with regular dust, the Luna mattress protector will trap the dust mite and if you wash it once a week or 2, then you’ll get rid of all the dust mite and you will be able to sleep in a nice clean bed without any worries whatsoever.

#4 Doesn’t interfere with the feel of your mattress

The mattress that you’re sleeping on is probably suited perfectly for you. You chose the mattress because it’s good for your back, or because you like the softness of sleeping on it. A good mattress protector doesn’t change the way your mattress sleeps. It only adds a small (unnoticeable) layer on it that you can use to keep you mattress clean.

luna mattress protector review
Sleeping on the mattress protector will feel as if you’re sleeping on your own mattress!

#5 Improve air quality while you sleep

Not many people think about the air quality in their bedroom as something that can impact their health. But it can. Next to leaving a window open at night, the best thing to do for good air quality is having a good mattress protector. You sleep on your mattress, so all the dust from it will come into your lungs. The Luna mattress protector will clean your mattress of excess dust, so that the air quality that you breath will drastically get better.

Where to buy the Luna mattress protector?

Interested in increasing your sleep quality? Want to sleep on a nice and clean bed without having to worry about nasty dust mite in your bed? Then you can buy the Luna mattress protector. It’s the perfect solution if you suffer from these problems and will make sure that you’ll sleep better.

Click here to order the Luna Mattress Protector & keep your bed as clean as it should be!

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P.S. this mattress protector is a great choice if you like to keep your bed (&mattress) clean for a good price. Buy the Luna mattress protector now and start sleeping on a clean mattress!