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Restonic Mattress: The Golden Mean Between Comfort & Support!

restonic mattress for back painThere are many different types of mattresses available. So how do you know which one is the right one for you? Well, the Restonic mattress for back pain is one of the rare mattresses that combines comfort with ample body support. This means that you’ll both feel good sleeping on it – but that it is also good if you suffer from back problems or anything else spine-related.

But first a short update about the company Restonic, so you’ll know exactly what you can expect when you get one of their mattresses.

About Restonic

Restonic was founded in 1938 as the Triple Cushion Company. 8 years later they changed their name to Restonic. And this means that they have been producing high quality mattresses for more than 80 years now!

With their approach of finding long-term innovation with the latest sleep technologies, they want to produce the most comfortable mattresses available. And with success, because you can find hundreds of positive reviews that are available online from happy customers who are happily sleeping on a Restonic mattress.

But enough about the company, let’s talk about the mattress first!

Restonic mattress for back pain specifications

The most popular mattress from Restonic is called the Restonic Brio mattress. And it is for this exact reason that we’ll be discussing the specifications of this mattress here:

  • Available sizes –  you can order the mattress in the following sizes: Twin, Twin/X-large, Full, Queen, King and California King.
  • Type of memory foam –  the mattress contains high density breathable memory foam for optimal body support.
  • Cover –  the spandex stretch cover will make sure that you sleep comfortable at night.
  • Dimensions –  the Queen mattress is 80” x 60” x 10” and weighs 71 pounds.
  • Production –  the mattress is 100% made in the U.S.A. so expect high quality.

Note: for more information & the exact prices of each available size, please find out more on this page.

Two types of people who love to sleep on a Restonic mattress

  • People who want their mattress to be both comfortable and good for their spine – many people think they have to choose between a mattress that is comfortable to sleep on or a mattress that si good for their back. But on the Restonic mattress you’ll have both!
  • People who like traditional memory foam, but cooler –  the Restonic mattress for back pain smartly combines several layers of foam to ensure that the mattress stay cool at night. If you suffer from heat at night on regular memory foam mattresses, then Restonic will help you out!

Five benefits of sleeping on a Restonic mattress

#1 Combines comfort and support

As discussed before, the main strength of the Restonic Brio mattress is in the fact that it combines optimal comfort and ample support for your spine. How do they do this? Simple.

The top 1.5 inch layer is made from hypoallergenic open-celled latex for optimal pressure relief. Underneath that layer is the buoyant comfort. It’s also 1.5 inches thick and makes sure that you get all the comfort that you need at night

#2 Breathable memory foam for optimal sleeping temperatures

The buoyant comfort layer has another extra benefit. You see, it’s a good memory foam with extra breathability. his means that the mattress will be able to provide you extra cooling.

More breathability means more airflow through your mattress. And the air will take away the heat that usually gets trapped in regular memory foam mattress.

The end result is that you’ll experience less extensive sweating on the mattress. Especially if you’re prone to waking up in the middle of the night because of sweating, then sleeping on the Restonic mattress will provide the solution.

#3 Super stretch cover for extra comfort

The main layer of the mattress is the super stretch cover. It’s made from spandex so you can immediately feel the extra comfort that the mattress has to offer. The reason that this cover works so well to increase your comfort is because of the spandex properties.

So if you want a mattress that will make you sleep well from the first night, the Restonic mattress is there for you.

#4 Responsive latex for extra body support

The responsive latex in the memory foam layer does a great job at comforting to your body. As you know, some of your body parts are heavier than others. So each part will need individual support.

The responsive latex will *feel* how much pressure each curve of your body exerts on the mattress and responds accordingly. This will give your body extra support at the places where it needs it the most.

restonic brio mattress
Your spine needs a good mattress that offers ample support.

#5 A mattress that will last you a long time

All the above layers are supported by the TruComfort support layer. This is the lower layer that makes sure all the other layers are built on the right foundation.

It’s made from high quality materials in the U.S.A. So you can expect a good mattress that will last you a very long time. Many mattresses only sleep well for the first couple of years, but the Restonic mattress will stay well for many years to come.

Restonic mattress review

“I knew I needed a new mattress but many of the mattresses I tried in stores just didn’t feel right. I went on the internet to find out if I could find more information there and stumbled upon the Restonic mattress for back pain. After reading some reviews I decided to buy the Restonic Brio and I have to say: I do not regret this purchase at all! very happy with it and will be for years to come!”

– Eileen


“The first thing that I noticed with the mattress is that it’s really comfortable, especially for a medium mattress this can be pretty rare. I’m sleeping on it for 3 weeks already and I am very happy with my purchase!”

– Daniel

Where to buy the Restonic mattress?

If you too want to experience the amazing comfort and spine support that comes with the Restonic mattress…

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P.S. People all over the world are happy sleepers on their restonic mattress for back pain. Become one of them and order the Restonic Brio mattress now!