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Sleepeezee Mattress Review: Does it Pass Our Comfort Test?

Sleepeezee Mattress ReviewOne of the largest mattress makers in the UK is Sleepeezee. You can get quite some different types of mattresses from their site. You can even create your own bed (it’s fun to do – try it out here!). But today in this Sleepeezee mattress review we’re going to discuss their own most popular mattress: the Sleepeezee memory comfort 1000 mattress.


Sleepeezee Mattress review

Now, you might be curious why the mattress is called the 1000 mattress? The answer is simple: because it contains 1000 pocket springs.However, most people nowadays no longer sleep on 100% pocket spring mattresses. The reasons for that are many – the main one is that it’s outdated and the mattress can become too firm for your taste (and back).

So, that’s why the 1000 mattress also has a deep layer of soft memory foam. That way you’ll get the best of both worlds:

  • Support from pocket springs
  • Comfort from memory foam

Now, many mattresses today are made 100% from memory foam. So why not the Memory foam comfort 1000? Simple. Memory foam is more expensive than coils. In order to keep the price down, Sleepeezee chose for coils. And because the support they give is still very good, you likely won’t even notice a difference.

Some more characteristics of the Sleepeezee memory comfort 1000 mattress:

  • 1000 pockets springs
  • Top is made from pillow top material (comfort)
  • Quilted cover
  • Deep layer of supportive foam
  • 5 year guarantee
  • try it out for 14 nights (trial)
  • Available in single, small double, double, kingsize and super kingsize.
  • 20-25 centimeters thick (8-10 inches)

Check here for more information on the Sleepeezee mattress review.

2 Types of people who’ll love sleeping on the the Sleepeezee mattress

Based on many online reviews, here are the 2 types of people who will enjoy sleeping on the Sleepeezee 1000 mattress the most:

  • People who want a hybrid mattress for an affordable price – the Sleepeezee mattress is not expensive at all for a hybrid mattress. The price can go as low as 350 dollars.
  • People who want a medium to firm mattress that is comfortable – the mattress can be rated as a 7 (on a firmness scale of 1-10), which means that it’s a good option for those who prefer their mattresses more firm. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper for example – or for heavy persons.


5 Reasons to get a Sleepeezee mattress (memory comfort 1000)

#1 Affordable hybrid mattress

Some people like expensive mattresses with many bells and whistles. While these certainly have a place and time, many prefer a mattress less expansive. Especially if you don’t have any specific mattress requirements (you have a bad back for example), getting an expensive mattress can be a waste of money.

Another reason can be that you don’t really know what type of mattress you enjoy sleeping on. If you haven’t yet tried too many mattresses in your lifetime, you don’t want to make a mistake and pay dearly for it.

The Sleepeezee memory comfort is a great option. It has all the comfort if new memory foam mattresses with all the support of coil mattresses. And that for a good price. It’s a great option if money is a little tight – or if you want to buy a temporary mattress.

#2 Temperature responsive

One of the complaints of regular memory foam mattress is that they sleep too hot. The foam can absorb your body heat. And if there’s one thing you don’t want middle of summer it’s that. The memory comfort 1000 mattress contains breather vents on the sides to help air flow through the mattress. This will cool the mattress when it’s too warm.

Also, the mattress contains unique Sleepeezee hydrophilic fibres that are designed to cool the mattress. So it will be of optimal sleeping temperature throughout the year.

#3 No tossing and turning

Each coil is independent of the others. This ensure that each part of your body gets the right amount of support. When you lay down, this happens instantly and accurately. The results of this are that your posture will be better, and you will experience less (or none at all) pains or aches in the morning.

It also helps to reduce tossing and turning at night.

#4 Free delivery

A mattress isn’t something you just put in the back of your car without problems. It can be a lot of work to get it home. That’s why Sleepeezee (and most of its retailers) deliver the mattress to your home without any charge.

#5 Sleeping trial

If you buy a car, you want a test drive first, right? So why not do the same with your mattress? There’s a small chance, but if the mattress is not comfortable for you – then you want to change it for a better one.

If you order the Sleepeezee memory comfort 1000 mattress, you test it out for 14 nights. So you’ll know exactly if you enjoy sleeping on it or not.

Who can better not get a Sleepeezee mattress? (Sleepeezee alternatives)

The mattress is a great choice for those who’re looking for an affordable all-round comfortable mattress. But that’s not everyone.

If you have specific needs, it’s better to get a different mattress. What does that mean? Well, for example if you always wake up with back pain, you should get a mattress that deals specifically with that. Check the Purple mattress in that case.

Or if you want a longer sleeping trial and a mattress that scores higher in consumer tests, the Nectar mattress might be a better choice for you.

Conclusion Sleepeezee mattress review

We’ve reached the end of this Sleepeezee mattress review. The Memory comfort 1000 mattress is a great choice for a wide variety of sleepers. It’s affordable, comfortable and offers good support for many.

You can get the mattress here if you’re interested.


P.S.  enjoyed reading this Sleepeezee mattress review – but is the mattress not for you? Then check out the Nectar mattress. It’s more comfortable and you get a 365 night trial. That’s a whole year!