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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Don’t Ruin Your Sleep With This Pair

Look, you’re reading this article on a screen right now. And chances are that it’s pretty late as well. The blue light that is coming from your screen right now is having an effect on your ability to fall asleep. The same goes for your kids. And you probably already know what I’m talking about, otherwise you wouldn’t have googled “best blue light glasses for kids “! In this (short) article I’ll give you my top 2 for blue light blockers. Additionally, after that I’ll give you a quick update on why it’s better for your kids to avoid blue light from your screen (especially at night – it harms their sleep). So you’ll know exactly why they should wear them.

Best blue light glasses for kids

#1 Swannies blue light blocking glasses

Here’s my favourite. I think (hope) that these are going to be the game-breaker for people to finally start wearing blue light blocking glasses. Why? Because they look good! A remember checking out a couple of online stores for good orange-tinted glasses a couple of years ago and I got straight up scared how ugly they all were. Now, most of you are going to be using them only at night in your own home, but still. Maybe you’re living with family or your girl/boyfriend. What if you’re having friends over? You want some good-looking glasses right?

That’s why I recommend you get some Swanwick glasses for your kids. Not only do they have a cool design (you’re going to get compliments and curious questions if you’re wearing these bad boys at night), but they also do everything they need to do. They are made from high quality orange tinted glass sot hat harmful blue light does not get through at night.

Here’s a video of the maker, James Swanwick (who some of you might know) in a video where he explains exactly what these glasses will do for you. If you’re interested in buying them – click here to order them off Amazon!

#2 Uvex Skyper blue light computer glasses

The second pair of glasses that I recommend are the Uvex Skyper glasses. If you’ve got the money I’d still recommend Swanwick’s glasses, but not everyone is as concerned with how they look in them. So if you’re just looking for a good pair of orange-tinted glasses that will get the job done: filtering all blue light to your eyes, then you can get a pair of these Uvex Skyper glasses. They are a lot cheaper than Swanwicks, but the main (only) difference is that they are not as stylish. Order them here on Amazon!

Why get blue light glasses for kids?

I started off this best blue light glasses for kids article assuming that you already knew why you’d want your kids to wear these orange tinted glasses. But not everyone may know already. So I figured I’d add this section of the post with a couple of benefits as to WHY people want to wear these glasses. And if you already know – it never hurts to get a quick refresher why they work.

They help you fall asleep

This is the main reason why people get them. The scientific reason behind it is that the blue light emitted from your screen is actually hindering the production of melatonin in your body. For those who don’t know: melatonin is the *sleeping hormone*. People take this hormone for when they have a jetlag or other sleeping problems.

So, needless to say, less melatonin production equals worse sleep. So you want to be sure not to block your melatonin production by looking at blue light screens before going to bed. But in this modern society that is simply not an option for the majority of people. You could read a book of course, but maybe you’ve got some work to be done. Or you like to relax and wind down with your favorite TV program or series before drifting off to sleep. But you also don’t want to mess with your circadian rhythm (the internal night/day rhythm of your body).

Blue light glasses for kids are the perfect solution if you want them to look at screens before bed – but don’t want the blue light to mess with their sleep later. It is recommended that they start wearing the glasses around 90 minutes before going to bed.

Protect their eyes

The next thing is that they protect your eyes. The glare from the screen (especially in the dark) can get pretty intense on your eyes. And by wearing orange tinted glasses you can prevent that glare from entering your eyes. This may not be a problem for most people (or even noticeable). But if you’re like me and work on a laptop, you might find that your eyes are getting irritated after a long day (night) of working and checking stuff on your laptop.

Wearing blue-light glasses for kids will do their part in preventing this glare from causing too much irritation in their eyes.

Prevent eye-fatigue

Another thing that you’ve probably noticed if you’re working a lot on your laptop is that you eyes get tired after looking at screens for a long period of time. This can be partly avoided by taking recent breaks (which is a working est practice), but if you want to go the full mile – I recommend you let your kids start studying with blue light glasses for kids. The reasons are the same as for the previous one. The blue light can be tiring to your eyes. And by blocking out this part of the light spectrum, you can save your eyes a good amount of tiredness. So you’ll be able to work longer without your eyes becoming the limiting factor!

best blue light glasses for kids
Hope you enjoyed this article about the best blue light glasses for kids Now go and get some and don’t mess with your sleep tonight!





P.S. if you’re looking for the best blue light blocking glasses for kids, then I recommend you check out Swanwick glasses. They are one of the few (if not the only) orange tinted glasses that actually look cool. And they work just as well for protecting their eyes from blue light at night. Click here to order them from Amazon!