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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Pillow?

why does my cat sleep on my pillowA good way to sleep well is to sleep with your cat on the bed. Hearing that sweet purr is always nice when you’re about to doze off. But cats have their strange ways… and before you know it she moved from the mattress all the way to your pillow. And wrapped herself around your head. It’s so common that you’ve probably asked yourself many times “Why does my cat sleep on my pillow?” Let’s find out!

Why does my cat sleep on my pillow?

Your cat (probably!) loves to be around you. And she also likes to get some sleep at night. So it’s only natural that she visits you at night and also takes a nice nap on your bed. But it’s still a little weird that she chooses to sleep on your pillow sometimes – and even on your head if you’re particularly (un)lucky!

Here are some common reasons why your cat is sleeping on your pillow:

She likes you and feels safe around you

The most obvious reason. Your cat likes you and feels safe around. Cats like to be around people they like – and who show them affection. So if the house is empty at night and she wants affection, she’ll go and get it.

Another thing is that the cats instinct is always on the lookout for predators. If she’s going to sleep, she’ll try and do that in the safest place possible. And what’s safer than together with you? Exactly.

A common thing is that she’ll sleep on your pillow with her back towards you. Don’t worry: this is not a sign of disrespect. It means that she feels safe around you (she can better observe the rest of the room – and not worry that you’re going to attack her).

It’s warm there

Cats have a warmer normal body temperature than we do (approximately 102 degrees). And that’s why they always look for a warm place to sleep.

Your head uses a lot of energy and loses a lot of heat at night. That’s another reason why your cat loves to sleep on your pillow. To catch some extra warmth at night.

To show dominance (both over you and other cats)

The last reason is that she wants to show dominance. By laying close to (or on) your heard, she’s showing you that she’s the boss.

She can also show her dominance this way over the other cats in the house. As you know, cats always have a strict hierarchical order – and sleeping next to your head on your pillow is clearly the best and coolest place to sleep.


Why does my cat sleep on my pillow – conclusion

Don’t worry. Your cat just loves you dearly and feels safe around you. And maybe she also feels secretly superior over you. In any case, there’s nothing to worry about. If she keeps you from sleeping well – then close the door at night so you can sleep alone. (In that case: get her a nice comfortable cat bed!)


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