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Zeopedic Mattress Review: Can A Cheap Mattress Be That Comfortable?

Zeopedic is a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable memory foam mattress.

It may not last as long as other more expensive brands, but the value for price is unmatchable.

Overall score

A solid memory foam mattress.


People report good sleep.

Price value

Great value for price (cheap)


Unfortunately no sleeping trial


  • Solid memory foam mattress
  • Low price for what you get
  • Good for lighter people


  • No sleeping trial
  • Not as durable as mattresses a price category higher

If you’re like most people, there will be some times in life when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new mattress. For example, in college – or if you just graduated college – you don’t want to be sleeping on a $1000+ mattress. Frankly, you don’t need it. Or maybe money is tight and you need to optimize your mattress for the money you’ve got. That’s why today we’re discussing  the Zeopedic mattress review.

It’s a modern 10” memory foam mattress that’s on the lower end of the money spectrum. If you’re curious if the mattress is a good fit for you(r sleeping situation), then continue reading. We’ll talk about all the details of the mattress. Also, we’ll give you a recommendation at the end.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dig into this Zeopedic mattress review:

Zeopedic mattress review

Before we get into how you’ll sleep on the mattress, first here are some details about the mattress. They can help you check if the mattress is suitable for you – and it makes it easy to compare it with other mattresses. Here are the Zeopedic mattress specifications:

  • 10 inch mattress
  • 3 layers:
    • The top layer is very thin and responsible for the comfort
    • The second layer is a 3” memory foam layer
    • The third layer is 7’’ high density base foam
  • Firmness is medium-firm (5.5)
  • Price is $239 – $599

2 Types of people who sleep well on the Zeopedic mattress

Based on the specifics of the mattress – and reading a lot of other reviews on other sites, the conclusion is that the Zeopedic mattress is well suited for the following types of people:

  • Children – the firmness and price of the mattress makes it a perfect mattress for children who later will become bigger and need a mattress with more stability.
  • People who need a cheap temporary mattress – whether this is for you personally for some time, or you want to put it in the guestroom.

5 benefits of getting the benefits of the Zeopedic mattress

#1 Cheap for memory foam mattresses

The first thing you notice with the Zeopedic mattress is that it’s cheap for the regular rate of memory foam mattresses. This is both good and bad, as the materials and quality is a bit less than other foam mattresses. With prices ranging from $239 for the small one to $599 for the california king, prices for the mattress are low.

However, if price is an important factor for your mattress, then the Zeopedic is a great choice. You’ll get all the comfort of a memory foam mattress – for a much lower price.

The downside of this is that some people complain that the mattress’ durability isn’t too good. But if you’re not planning to sleep on the mattress every night for 5+ years straight, then this isn’t something to worry about.

#2 Cooling memory foam so you won’t overheat at night

The memory foam used in the mattress ensures that you won’t overheat at night. It will sleep cool for most people. Unless you’re in a specific hot climate – or you sleep warm – the mattress will make sure that you won’t wake up in sweat.

#3 Washable top layer for convenience

This is one of the things that every mattress should have: a washable top layer. Even though you can add a mattress protector for that, life happens and it’s just a easier and more convenient if you can easily take off the top layer and wash it.

Especially if young children will be sleeping on the mattress, you want to be able to wash it in case of a nightly accident.

You can simply take off the top layer and wash it in your washing machine on a regular hot program to make it clean as new.

#4 Good for light/medium sized people

With the firmness of the mattress medium-firm, the mattress is a good choice for light/medium people. That means that they will get the optimal support from the mattress.

If you’re overweight, the mattress will sag too much, and you will sink through the second 3 inch memory foam layer. And you do not want to sleep on the lower incredibly firm support layer.

#5 Firmness is suitable for back and stomach sleeper

the firmness also means that it’s side sleepers better not sleep on it. They might find it too firm to their liking, as they won’t get to sink in the mattress a bit (as you’re used to with memory foam). Alternatively, if you always sleep on your back or stomach, the firmness works out to be just perfect.

Common Zeopedic mattress complaints

With the low price, there are some things that the company skipped on. They’re shooting for low end of the market, and this has the consequences that the mattress won’t hold as long as a (slightly)more expensive memory foam mattress.

Also, the heat retention of the foam is worse than with other foam mattresses, so if that’s a deciding point for you, it’s better to take another mattress.

Zeopedic mattress review conclusion

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this Zeopedic mattress review. Here’s a quick conclusion:

  • The mattress is cheap for a memory foam mattress
  • Which makes it a good option if you’re looking for a child’s mattress – or a temporary mattress (for guests for example)
  • It’s a medium firm mattress, which makes it sleep well for light to medium sized people who sleep on their stomach or back.
  • Some zeopedic mattress complaints are that the quality of the materials isn’t too good and that the mattress loses its durability after some years.

All in all, it’s a good mattress if you’re looking for a temporary mattress. Our recommendation is – if you’re looking for a mattress for yourself to sleep on for at least the next 5 years – to pay a bit more, and get the Tuft & Needle mattress.

The price is slightly higher, but the materials and quality a lot better. So in the end it will be an investment and over the next 10 years you’re going to save on money – while getting better sleep overall. Check the Tuft & Needle mattress prices here.

P.S. enjoyed reading this Zeopedic mattress review? Then be sure to check out my Tuft & Needle review to see how both mattresses stack up to each other!