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Best Rated Mattress: What Are the 3 Things Every Good Mattress Should Have

best rated mattressIf you’re looking for the best rated mattress, then you’re here on the right page. There are thousands of different types of mattresses, which is a good and a bad thing.

You see, the more choice you have, the better the chance that you’ll find a great mattress for a good price. However, it also means that you have to weed through all the bad mattresses in order to get a good one.

And sleeping on a good mattress is very important. After all, you spend one-third  of your life in bed. So you better make sure you’re spending that time comfortably!

That’s why I decided to make a short list of the 3 essential things that you need to look for in a mattress. You can see them as the *essentials* that every good mattress should have.

Two of them you can probably guess. but the third one may come as a surprise. So I recommend you continue reading to find out what each best rated mattress has in common…

Why pick a best rated mattress?

So, now that you’re curious as to what each high-quality mattress should have, let’s dive into it. You see, here at Sleep Investor we put a high emphasis on everything that can improve your sleep.

Some mattresses are better for people with back pain. And others are good for those who have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position at night.

But in general, good comfortable mattresses are mattresses that the majority of people sleep well on. And this is reflected in the best rated mattresses. Some mattresses simply are better than others.

And the easiest way to find out is by looking at what other people sleep on. But let’s find out which qualities every best rated mattress should have…

3 things every high quality mattress should have


The first thing that you need is that the mattress is comfortable. This is of cour se a given, but it has to be repeated since there are many mattresses that seem to get this wrong. if a mattress is uncomfortable it will be very difficult for you to sleep on it.

Not only will you wake up several times at night tossing and turning, but you’ll also have trouble falling asleep – just because you can’t seem to find the right sleeping position.

comfortable mattress
A comfortable mattress is a real bliss to sleep in.


The next thing each best rated mattress should have as a characteristic is enough back support. Why? Because sleeping on a mattress that does not offer enough support for your body and spine can cause all sorts of trouble along the road.

maybe you experience back pain on a daily basis, or maybe only if you’ve been sitting in the wrong position for too long. Whatever the case, getting a mattress that gives you ample back support is the key to resolving your issues and pain.

back pain mattress
Back pain can have a very negative influence on the rest of your life.

On top of that, even if you don’t experience back pain on a regular basis, it’s still a good idea to get a mattress that is firm enough to support your body. This is because bad back posture can go unnoticed for a long time. And if this is the case with you, it can get worse if you’re not sleeping on the correct mattress.

If you’re curious how firm a mattress should be, you can read my article here about how firm your mattress should be for each sleeping style (back, stomach, side or a combination).

Free trial

So, now that we know that mattress should be comfortable and offer enough support for your body. There is one last piece of the puzzle. You see, the only way to really know how well you can sleep on a mattress is to sleep on it!

That’s why trying out a mattress in a store for 5 minutes doesn’t work. You have to try out the mattress in your natural sleeping environment (home) in order to know if the mattress suits your body.

Now, luckily there are many companies that offer you a sleeping trial. What this means is that you get a certain amount of days (usually 50 to 100) in which you can try out the mattress.

mattress trial
Trying out a mattress gives you the chance to see if your body likes it or not

This will give you the chance to see if you body reacts well to it. After all, the worst thing that can happen is that you invest in an expensive mattress… only to find out that you don’t like sleeping on it!

Here are 2 great mattress that I absolutely recommend that come with a 100 night sleep trial. Feel free to click on each link and find out if they’re right for you:

Not only does each of these mattresses offer a 100 night risk-free sleep trial, they’re also among the highest rated mattresses on Amazon!

Where to get a best rated mattress?

Now, you’re probably curious where you can find a best rated mattress that has all 3 of these requirements. If you haven’t yet read the 2 mattress reviews in the previous paragraphs – go do that now!

They’re very comfortable mattresses that offer amazing back support. Plus you can try them out int he comfort of your own home for 100 nights. I recommend Amazon since they are a trustworthy and good seller of all types of mattresses.

You can click here to look for a good mattress on Amazon!

Sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for your body. And a high quality mattress is the one thing that can have a profound impact on your sleep quality. So don’t skip on a good mattress.

If you have any questions about what a good mattress can mean for you – or how to look for the right mattress for your body and sleeping style, feel free to leave a comment. I’d be glad to help you out!



P.S.  If you haven’t yet, check out the review of the best rated mattress from Tuft & Needle here. It’s by far one of the most comfortable mattresses available on the market!

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