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Discount Foam Mattress: Find the Best Foam Mattress Deals

discount foam mattressFoam mattresses are one of the most comfortable type of mattresses to sleep on. Not only that, but they also offer great support for your body. So if you sometimes experience back issues, a medium to firm foam mattress can greatly help you. Unfortunately foam mattresses can be expensive, however, if you look well enough, you can find a good discount foam mattress in some unexpected places.

In this article I’ll explain you what good places are to find a discount foam mattress. I’ll also give you some things that you should look at when buying a foam mattress (especially on discount). I’ll end with a short selection of recommended foam mattresses.

So, if you’re looking for a discount foam mattress, I highly recommend you read this article with all your attention!

Looking for a discount foam mattress?

Foam mattresses are great for your health. A good foam mattress (we’re not even talking yet about memory foam) can offer great support for your body. What this means is that your spine will be fully supported when sleeping.

You’ll also experience great comfort. The foam in the mattresses will react to your body weight and offer unparalleled sleeping comfort. However, as we spoke a bout before: foam mattresses can get expensive. That is because they are usually of high quality.

But, if you look well enough, you’ll be able to find some places where you can find a high quality mattresses for a good price. Amazon is such a place, you probably have an account there, so you can easily shop for foam mattresses there.


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When should you sleep on a foam mattress?

There are many reasons why a person should sleep on a foam mattress. If you find that you’re tossing and turning on a regular mattress, then a foam mattress can offer relief. On top of that, many people find that they fall asleep faster.

The reason for this is that the foam in the mattress offer more comfort for your body. It also supports your spine. So it can prevent potential back issues.

In general foam mattresses increase sleep quality when compared to regular mattresses. That is because:

  • They reduce the time needed to fall asleep (so you’ll sleep longer)
  • They offer support for your body which decreases tossing and turning in your sleep (so you’ll sleep better)

This two-pronged approach will make you wake up more refreshed in the mornings. You’ll find that you sleep longer and better on a foam mattress.

Foam mattress deals
You’ll sleep deeper and longer on a foam mattress.

What to look for in a discount foam mattress?


The first thing that you should take into account when looking for a discount foam mattress is quality. Why? Because a low quality foam mattress won’t help a lot to make you sleep better.

You need a good brand of mattress producers that offer high quality mattresses. I recommend Serta or Lull mattresses. They have both been around for a long time and people all over the world are sleeping very well on their mattresses.

Type of foam mattress

The next thing to look for is what type of mattress you need. Are you a back sleeper? Then it’s better to get a medium to firm mattress. For side sleepers it’s better to get a softer mattress. And stomach sleepers should pick a firm mattress.

side sleeper mattress
Side sleepers sleep better on a soft to medium mattress.

However, it also depends on your preferences, however these are the general guidelines for mattresses. You can also opt for a memory foam mattress, if you want the mattress to form according to the shape of your body for extra comfort.


Of course you should also take price into consideration when buying a discount foam mattress. I recommend you set a maximum price you can afford to pay for a good mattress. And then stick to that maximum price when you’re searching for mattresses.

However, I do want to emphasize that a good mattress is an investment. Hence the name of this site. On average, you’ll spend around one-third of your life in your bed, and a bad mattress can give yu a lot more trouble than you’re looking for.

Bad mattresses can cause (or worsen) back pain and joint pain. They can also decrease your sleep quality and leave you waking up unrefreshed and not ready to take on the day.

On the other hand, a good mattress will support your body, relief pressure points in your spine and give you refreshing deep sleep.

But, it’s up to you of course!

Here are 2 foam mattresses that I recommend

If you’re a regular reader of this site, then you’ll already know some of the better quality brands that I recommend.

However, there are 2 foam mattresses that I really enjoy. I even wrote a detailed review about them. You can find them here:

Both of these mattresses can be found on Amazon. So I recommend you read these 2 reviews, check them out on Amazon and test them out! You’ll be amazed at the difference in sleep quality!


P.S. Want to keep a long story short? Then check out some of the high quality foam mattresses on Amazon and see if there’s one that fits your needs!

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