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Englander Mattress: Solid & Affordable Mattress for Your Kids

englander mattress for back painOne of the dilemmas that many people with kids face is that they want them to be sleeping on a good mattress, but they don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. That’s because kids can be very rough on the mattress and the last thing you want is that they would ruin the expensive comfortable mattress you bought for them. However, there are mattresses that are made exactly with this goal – a comfortable mattress for an affordable price. And that’s exactly why we’ll be talking about the Englander mattress for back pain today.

But before we dive into the specifics of the mattress, first a quick overview of the company behind it: Englander.

About Englander

Englander is a mattress company founded in 1894 with the mission to “provide a mattress system for consumers who wanted a better night’s sleep“. So they have been producing mattresses for more than a 100 years.

And that says a lot about the quality of mattresses that they have to offer. Otherwise they wouldn’t have survived till this point. Now of course the techniques and new sleep sciences have changed over the years, but their mission to provide you with high quality mattresses that you can safely sleep on has never changed!

So let’s dive into the specifics of the Englander mattress!

Englander mattress specifications

One of the most popular Englander mattress for back pain is the Englander Finale Innerspring mattress. More than 9,000 happy customers are sleeping on it and that’s the reason why we’re discussing this specific mattress here:

  • Available sizes –  the mattress is available in the sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen and California King
  • Colors –  you can decide between beige or grey.
  • Cover –  the cover is plush quilted
  • CertiPUR-US certified –  the mattress is safe to sleep on and free of harmful compounds.
  • Firmness –  the mattress’ firmness is medium so you’ll be able to have both the support from firm mattresses and the comfort of soft mattresses.

Note: for more information about the specific dimensions and prices of each available size, please refer to this page.

the englander mattress
Here’s an overview of the inside from the Englander mattress for back pain

2 types of people who’ll love the Englander mattress

  • People who have kids and want a solid, but affordable mattress for them –  the Englander mattress is a very comfortable, yet affordable mattress that is great for those with kids. Your kids will be able to sleep soundly on it. And the mattress is also very solid, so they can jump and play on it however much they want.
  • People who need a good and affordable mattress for their guest room –  if you often have guests over and want to give them a good night’s sleep, then you can consider the Englander mattress. With its high comfortability but affordable price it’s the perfect guest room mattress.

5 benefits of the Englander mattress

#1 Three-zone system for increased spine support

The Englander mattress has 3 specific zones in the mattress that each offer a different support feel. Take a look at the picture below.

englander mattress company

In the picture you see that there’s a square in the middle of the mattress that has more support than the sides. In this square you’ll also have a rectangle in the middle that is even more supported.

The reason for this is that your spine will be lying on this part of the mattress. And as you know having enough support for your spine is the number 1 prevention method for back pain.

Because your kids are sleeping for around 1/3 of their life, you want to give them a good mattress that sets them up with a healthy back for their entire lives.

#2 Get relieve from pressure

The next benefit of these extra-support regions is that offer extra relief from pressure. What this means is that if a specific part of your body needs extra support because it’s otherwise uncomfortable, the Englander mattress has got you covered.

Especially for kids who play sports this can be nice, since they often practice hard and need a good mattress that will help them recover from the intense training practices that they go through.

#3 Very comfortable

Now, of course there’s more to a mattress than just how well it supports your body and spine. And that’s why the Englander mattress is also very comfortable to sleep on.

You see, it’s a medium firm mattress. And this means that it has both the support from firm mattresses, but the comfort from softer ones.

And it is exactly this golden means combination of support and comfort that will allow you (or your kids or guests) to have a great night’s sleep!

englander mattress review

#4 CertiPUR-US certified so safe to sleep on

The mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified, which means that it was produced in an eco-friendly manner. It also means that the mattress was made without he use of harmful compounds such as:

  • Phthalates
  • Ozone depleters
  • PBDE flame retardants
  • Mercury, lead or any other heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde

You can rest assured knowing that you, your kids or your guests are sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t harm their health.

englander mattress reviews

#5 Affordable bed that can take a beating

The final benefit of the Englander mattress is that it’s a solid mattress that can take a beating. especially if your kids are sleeping on it, or if you have different guests over each weekend – the mattress can take quite a beating.

Now, if you get a mattress from several hundred (or dare I say thousand) dollars it might work well for some time. But if anything happens the warranty generally doesn’t cover defects that they are not personally responsible for.

What this means is that it would be shame to have an expensive mattress get ruined because your kids are just being kids.

Englander mattress for back pain review

“It’s a great mattress for my kids. I actually bought 2 since I have two little ones running around. Especially for the price it’s a steal. I want my kids to sleep on a good mattress but I didn’t want to be spending hundreds of dollars on a single mattress. The Englander mattress for back pain is the perfect solution and if you have kids I totally recommend it!”

– Barbara


“I have a bed & breakfast at my place and I of course need good mattresses. However I’m doing it as a side thing so I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in it. Luckily the Englander mattress provides good quality mattress for a good price.”

– Harold

englander mattresses

Where to order the Englander mattress

The best place to buy the Englander mattress is through the internet. Why? Because that way you’ll skip on the hefty fees that many traditional retailers put on the mattresses that they sell.

So if you too want to buy this affordable mattress for yourself, your kids or your guests….

… then click here to order the Englander mattress for back pain on Amazon!

buy englander mattress


P.S. did you know that each Englander mattress is made and produced in the USA? You’ll be guaranteed a high quality mattress. Don’t miss this amazing offer and buy the mattress now!


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