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Ghost Mattress: Unnaturally Comfortable + 100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

GHOST MATTRESS for back painWhat would happen if you could try out an extremely comfortable mattress for some nights – just to see if you like sleeping on it? You could easily check out the quality of the mattress and find out if it’s the perfect fit for your body. And what if I told you that you get exactly that with the Ghost mattress for back pain? When you order this mattress you can test it out for 100 nights and then decide if you like the mattress or not.

If you like it – great. Now you’ve got a very comfortable and high quality mattress!

If you don’t – no problem. Just let the company behind the Ghost mattress know and they’ll refund what you’ve paid for it!

But before we discuss everything you need to know about the Ghost mattress… let’s first quickly talk about the company behind it: Ghostbed.

About Ghostbed

Ghostbed is a startup that came from the established mattress company Nature’s Sleep. As the name tells you, Ghostbed makes mattresses that are supernaturally comfortable to sleep in.

They believe in the new age of mattress manufacturing. Which means high quality for an affordable price.

On top of that, they ship their mattress in a box, so you can shop safe from the comforts of your own home. This also means that you won’t have to pay for the heavy fees that traditional retailers ask on mattresses.

So everybody wins!

But let’s talk more about the Ghost mattress!

Ghost mattress specifications

The most popular Ghost mattress for back pain is the Ghostbed gel memory foam mattress. here are all its specifications:

  • Available sizes –  the mattress is available in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, king and California King.
  • Triple layer design – the mattress is made with 3 unique layers that ensure the comfort and support of the Ghost mattress.
  • 20 year warranty – many mattress designers offer 5 to 10 years of warranty. The Ghostbed mattresses withstand time with a 20 year warranty.
  • Zippable cover –  the cover is easy to remove and to clean.
  • 100 nights risk-free sleeping trial –  try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home with the Ghost mattress 100 night risk-free sleeping trial!
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A. –  you’re ensured of a high quality mattress.

Note: for all the dimension, specifications and prices of each available mattress size, please refer to this page for more information.

ghostbed mattress
Here’s a close-up of the Ghost mattress for back pain

Two types of people who’ll love the Ghost mattress

  • People who prefer to test-sleep on a mattress before making the final decision –  if you want to try out the mattress first before making your final purchasing decision, the Ghost mattress is the ultimate choice for you. Try it out in the comfort of your own home and see if the mattress is suited for you – or not! No risk involved.
  • People who want a high quality mattress for a good price – the Ghost mattress is made from high quality materials but due to new techniques the price is very affordable. So if you’re looking for a high quality mattress, but don’t want to break the bank to do so, the Ghost mattress might b the perfect solution for you.

5 benefits of sleeping on the Ghost mattress

#1 Naturally responsive latex absorbs pressure without retaining body heat

The naturally responsive high-quality latex that is in the top layer is responsible for absorbing the pressure of your body. Now, many other mattresses do this as well, but they also absorb the heat of your body.

This can creat an uncomfortable sleeping environment as your mattress can get too warm.

Luckily the latex does not absorb your body’s heat, so you can sleep soundly!

ghostbed review
Each layer is unique and designed for optimal comfort and support!

#2 Memory foam gel removes heat for optimal sleeping temperature

But the memory foam underneath the top layer does more than just providing optimal comfort to your body. I’s made from a special material that ensures that the foam is well ventilated.

Despite the latex not absorbing heat, it’s the final frontier against your mattress becoming too warm to comfortably sleep on.

Because of the right breathability, the mattress won’t become too warm. So you can safely and comfortable sleep on the Ghost mattress.

#3 High density support layer for optimal spine support

The lower layer is the high density support mattress. This is the layer where all the support comes from.

It’s the thickest layer (7.5 inch for the Queen size) and will ensure that your mattress will stay firm and your spine will have all the support that it needs.

So the mattress combines both comfort and support – which is exactly what you need in a good mattress.

#4 Plush removable cover for easy cleaning

The cover of the ghost mattress is removable with a zipper. This is a great thing, since you can just zip it off and put it in the laundry.

Too many other mattress companies forget this simple inconvenience and don’t do this. However, if you like easy to clean mattresses then the Ghost mattress has got you covered.

ghost mattress review

#5 Easy shipping & 20 year warranty

Since there are no traditional retailers involved in the  shipping of the mattress, you get the mattress delivered to your own door in a box. This makes the transport easy for you – all you have to do is carry it upstairs, put in on the bed frame and watch it expand.

On top of that, as we discussed earlier, you have a 20 year warranty. So you can sleep well at night knowing that if there’ anything wrong with the mattress you can always call Ghostbed to see if they can help you out.

Ghost mattress for back pain 100 night risk-free sleeping trial

Here’s exactly what the 100 night risk-free sleeping trial means for the Ghost mattress.

“If you want to try out the mattress before making your final purchase decision, that’s very logical. After all, how else can you find out if a mattress is right for you or not. On top of that, it’s very difficult to get the right feeling for a mattress if you do one of these awkward 5 minute ‘”test runs” on it in the store under the bright lights.

To really get a feeling for the mattress you must at least for a couple of weeks sleep on it in the comfort of your own home.

And that’s exactly what you can with the Ghost mattress.

After your order, you can sleep on it for 100 night to find out if the mattress suits your body and sleeping style.

If it does – then you now have a high-quality comfortable mattress for an affordable price!

And if it doesn’t – no problem. Just return the mattress to Ghostbed and they’ll take care of the rest!”

ghostbed reviews
Try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home and find out if you like it or not!

Where to buy the Ghost mattress for a good price?

If you want to experience the amazing comfort of the Ghost mattress for back pain AND take advantage of the 100 night risk-free sleeping trial…

… then click here to order the Ghost mattress & see how you qualify for the risk-free trial!

buy ghost mattress


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