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Kingsdown Mattress: Firm Mattress That Will Offer You Great Sleep

kingsdown mattress for back painWhen you’re talking about high quality mattresses, the name that often comes up is the Kingsdown mattress for back pain . Kingsdown is a mattress company that focuses on high quality mattresses that are both very comfortable, but also offer ample support for your back. What this means is that their mattresses combine the best of two worlds.

Because, you know, too often a mattress is either only comfortable. or it’s good for your back. And if it’s only comfortable, you might experience back issues later on. And on the other hand, if the mattress offers great support for you back… but doesn’t feel good to sleep on, then you’re bound to wake up feeling unrefreshed.

But enough of that, let’s get started with the Kingsdown mattress review!

About the Kingsdown company

The Kingsdown company was founded in 1904 and they have been making high quality mattresses ever since. Their mission is to produce the best hand-crafted luxury mattresses available. What this means is that they are committed to sleep health by using sleep research and the latest technologies in mattress research.

They also test every single mattress that they produce. This ensures that you receive quality all the way, whether you buy their mattress in a retail store, or from the web.

Kingsdown mattress specifications

Enough about the company. You’re probably curious what it is exactly that you’re going to get when you buy this mattress. So here are the specifications:

  • 7 different sizes – you can buy the Kingsdown mattress in each size that you want. For a complete overview of each size, please click on this link.
  • Latest technologies – including gel memory foam, cushioning foam, tri-zoned wrapped coils (904) and a wooden semi flex foundation. Later more about what each of these means for your sleeping experience.
  • First available from 26 January 2016 –  if you’re looking for a mattress that has only recently on the market, then the Kingsdown mattress is what you’re looking for.

Two types of people that’ll love to sleep on a Kingsdown mattress

  • People who want to sleep on a luxury mattress and wake up refreshed –  if you like to sleep in complete luxury and wake up completely refreshed, then the Kingsdown mattress is the right choice.
  • people who need a firm mattress that offer ample back support –  if you need a firm mattress because you suffer from back pain, the Kingsdown mattress for back pain mattress can offer relief. Not only is it a firm mattress that will give support your spine whatever you sleeping position, it also offers individual support to each part of your body.

5 benefits of the Kingsdown mattress

#1 keeps you cool at night

Because of the gel-infused fibers and foam in the mattress, it will make sure that the mattress keeps it optimal temperature. When a mattress becomes to hot (because your body produces heat), you will sleep less well. Therefore it’s important that a mattress is fully equipped to take care of extra warmth in your bed.

kingsdown mattress company
For sleep quality, it’s important that your mattress has the optimal temperature.

#2 Conforms to your body for optimal comfort

All the coils in the inner mattress are individually wrapped. What this means is that each point in the mattress (there are 904 coils), will provide individual support.

So, some parts of your body are heavier than others. And they therefore need more support. The mattress conform to your entire body and distributes the weight across each of its coils. This is especially nice when you experience pain in certain joints or your spine.

#3 Breathable mattress for air circulation

All the foam in the mattress are equipped with a special airflow technology. This also helps to dissipate heat during the night. But more importantly, it allows the mattress to promote air circulation. It keeps the mattress breathable.

The effect of this is that all the skin of your body will have access to fresh air throughout the night. No more waking up with pains and aches. But you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new day.

#4 Extra support on the edges

When you want to get up from your mattress, it’s nice to have extra support on the edges of the mattress. Why? Because otherwise you might sink into the mattress and fall back. With the extra support on the edges it becomes very easy to get up and sit up straight.

Especially if you are older or experience back aches, having some extra firmness when you get up out of bed can make a huge difference.

kingsdown mattresses
When you experience back pain, you need extra support from your mattress.


#5 Wake up feeling refreshed

From reading al the above you might have guessed this benefit already. The Kingsdown mattress will allow you to wake up with tremendous amount of energy. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Since you spend one-third of your life in bed, it’s important that your mattress offers you everything you need. It should be comfortable, but also offer good support for your joints, back and spine. The Kingsdown mattress for back pain combines all these elements and adds new scientifically proven techniques to increase your sleep quality.

Kingsdown mattress reviews

“At first I was a bit skeptical about the mattress because of the price. But I has back issues and was determined to overcome them. I bought the mattress 3 months ago and have to say that in the last 90 days my pain has significantly improved. I’m looking forward to going to sleep each night.”

– James


“Me and my husband are getting a bit older, and our old mattress just didn’t work anymore. Sleep is important so we decided to buy a high quality mattress. The Kingsdown mattress for back pain does exactly what we expected from it. I like the comfort that it gives me at night and I wake up without pains or aches.”

– Mary

Where to get the Kingsdown mattress?

If you too are interested in getting amazing quality sleep and getting rid of back pains and aches, then I recommend you buy the Kingsdown mattress. You won’t regret it. So, if you want to drastically increase your sleep quality…

… then buy the Kingsdown mattress for back pain here & feel the luxury at night!

buy kingsdown mattress



P.S. the Kingsdown mattress is a luxury mattress that will improve your sleep quality. Don’t wait and buy the Kingsdown mattress for back pain now!

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