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Best Mattress for Bad Back: Solve Your Back Pain With These 2 Mattresses

best mattress for bad backDo you suffer from back pain? If you answered yes to this question, then you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide suffer from a bad back. And di you know that one of the easiest ways to solve back pain is by the way you sleep? Not only does your sleeping position have a great influence on your back aches, but having the right mattress can drastically decrease back pain. That’s why you can find the best mattress for bad back in this article.

Sleep Investor is a site dedicated to making sure you get the best possible sleep. If you experience back pain while sleeping, then it will be very difficult to wake up refreshed with a lot of energy. That’s why it is important to attack the problem at its root: your mattress. When you mattress is too soft, or too firm, it can worsen your back.

Best mattress for bad back

The best thing to do when you have a bad back is to get a good mattress that supports your back and spine when you sleep. Why? Because you spend about on-third of your life in bed, so if something is not right, you will feel the effects in the other two-third of your life.

Now, of course you can use all kinds of other methods to reduce back pain. It’s always a good idea to see a chiropractor, work on your posture and sit less, but the fact remains: if your back does not get the right support when you’re sleeping, any amount of other remedies will be less effective.

That’s why it is important to find the best mattress for bad back that will reduce your back issues.

best mattress bad back
Back pain can drastically reduce the quality of your life.

What to look for in a mattress

Some people argue that the best mattress for bad back is a very firm mattress. While this is true for seriously overweight persons, I’d say that for back problems it’s better to opt for a medium to firm mattress. Why?

Because this also gives you the most comfort. If you’ve ever tried sleeping on a very firm mattress, you might compare it to sleeping on the floor. Even though it might be fantastic for your back – you’re not going to geta  great night of sleep.

You can read all about mattress firmness for back problems in this article.

2 mattresses against bad back

To save you all the trouble from looking for great back pain-reducing mattresses yourself, I’ve made a short list of mattresses that hundreds of people all around the world sleep on that effectively reduce back pain.

Feel free to click the respective link of each mattress and read up how each mattress can be of use for you.

Serta Posturepedic Mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is a medium to firm mattress that is also very comfortable. It’s available on Amazon and people agree that this mattress is very effective for those who suffer from back pain.

Here are some of the specifications of the mattress:

  • It has a 10.5 inch firm mattress, that utilizes the patented Sealy Embrace Coil system for complete support and reduced motion transfer.
  • On top is a 2.5 inch Solid Edge system that reinforces the sleeping area. This part feels the weight of your body and adjusts accordingly.
  • In the middle of the mattress, there is a Core Support mat. This is a reinforced gel foam layer that gives extra support for your core.
  • The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is made in the USA.
  • It’s available in the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.
  • You get a 10 year warranty on the mattress.

So, if you experience back problems and want to know more about this mattress, then read my Sealy Posturepedic mattress review here

sealy posturepedic mattress review
This is the Sealy Posturepedic mattress. It’s a very comfortable mattress designed specifically for those with back problems.

Serta memory foam mattress

Serta mattress are another great option if you’re looking for a mattress that reduces back pain. Each mattress made by the Serta mattress company is designed to give you optimal comfort. On top of that, their mattresses are very effective in solving back issues.

Here are some of the specifications of the Serta mattress:

  • The mattress has an extra thick 14 inch layers that is built up from 4 different sub layers. Each has its own function (we’ll get to that later in the benefits section – check benefit #1)
  • The mattress is medium-firm. As said before, medium or firm is the preferable choice when you experience back pain in your sleep.
  • Each mattress has a 20 year warranty – for more info, check this page.

You can read up on more useful information about the company on my Serta mattress reviews.

serta mattress company
The Serta mattress has 4 unique layers that will reduce back problems.

Other tips against back pain

Getting a good mattress is only the first step. If you’ve already got the best mattress for bad back, then you can try a couple of other things to reduce back pain. For instance:

  • Work on your posture –  when you better your posture, you’ll find that you will slouch less. This in turn reduces the stress on your spine and will make your back feel better with less pain.
  • Take up exercise –  exercise (especially hanging from a pull up bar and stretching) can be very beneficial for your back. Try to work out at least 2 times perf week for optimal results.
  • Sit less –  sitting is very stressful for the back. Aim to take frequent breaks from sitting while working or at home.
  • See a chiropractor –  if all the previous steps don’t work. Or if you still feel pain, it’s a good idea to go to a special chiropractor that knows how to treat your specific case.


P.S. The best mattress for bad back is a mattress that is also very comfortable. If you want to find out more about good mattresses for back, then click here to read my article on how to solve back pain!

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