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Respa Mattress Review: An Irish Company With 6 Collections

Respa Mattress Review

Another good Irish mattress company is Respa. Apart from mattresses, they also sell all sorts of accessories and other necessary things you need to sleep well. But today we’re going to focus especially on there Respa mattress review.

We recently discussed the Irish company Easca, one of the many Irish companies that does well in making their own mattresses. Actually, mattresses are one of the few products that Irish companies still make in Ireland. So if you want to support the Irish country, then buying a local mattress is a better option than importing one of the American mattresses.

But enough about this, let’s start with the Respa mattress:

Respa mattress review

It’s difficult to compare all the mattresses from the company since they have 8 different collections:

  • Luxury
  • Platinum
  • Pocket
  • Ortho
  • Classic
  • Essentials
  • Lifestyle
  • Serenity

So instead of discussing the details of one specific mattress (like I usually do), Let’s find out more about the company, and see if it fits with what you want. Of course we’ll also check out the individual mattress lines for a bit. So we can see which of these are the best choice for you.

Since each of these collections also have several different types of mattresses in them, it will be too much to discuss everything in this Respa mattress review, so here’s a good overview.

8 mattress collections:

Serpa Luxury

The luxury collection features natural layers. The materials used are wool, silk and Cashmere. The mattress has pocket springs for comfort and luxury. Also, in 2 of the mattresses in this collection you’ll find natural latex.

Serpa Platinum

The platinum collection are exquisite mattresses with a pillow top. It also has specific cool foam that thermoregulate the mattress so that it will keep you cool while you sleep. It also has a sleep fresh technology that ensures that dust mites and bacteria do not get a chance to settle on your bed.

Serpa Pocket

The pocket collection is the most popular support mattress. It has luxurious feelings and offers excellent support using the pocket spring system. It also has a sleep fresh technology which doesn’t give a chance for dust mites and bacteria.

Serpa Ortho

This collection offers the strongest spring system. Tthis means that it’s great for people who want extra back support – for example if you have problems with your spinal alignment and posture. In this case the ortho collection is a good choice. The mattresses or medium firm to firm.

Serpa Classic

The classic collection also has the support spring system. There’s mattresses extra edge to edge support and has a medium to medium soft rating. This is a good choice if you’re looking for the best comfort and durability for value.

Serpa Essentials

The essentials collection also is a great choice if you want a medium to firm mattress. It is one of the more simple mattresses and offers a good value for money. Choose this if you don’t have too many sleeping needs and just want a quality mattress for a good price.

Serpa Lifestyle

The lifestyle collection are handcrafted mattresses made with luxurious fillings. They feature the specific air flow technology that improves air flow in the mattress. This will ensure that you feel good temperature during summer as the air is taken from the upper layer down. It also has spring systems, which help with posture and spinal alignment. These mattress have a medium firm rating.

Serpa Serenity

This collection features a pocket spring system with individually pocketed Springs. Two mattresses in this collection also have smaller pocket springs for extra comfort. There is foam on the edges to give you extra edge support.

Five things I like about Respa mattresses

Sleep comfortable

Respa makes quality mattresses – and their customer is first for all their mattresses. That means that first and foremost every mattress should be comfortable good to sleep on for you. You can see this in every line.


The company pays much attention to detail – all their mattresses are handcrafted. Which gives them a unique feeling to it and a pleasure to sleep on. Also, it ensures that each mattress passes a quality standard – and this standard is incredibly high for Respa.

Durable mattresses

Since the quality is good, the durability of the mattresses is also very high. So you won’t need to get a new mattress every 5 years. Respa mattresses are known for their quality, so you can safely invest in one of them if you’re looking for a good mattress for the upcoming 10 years or longer.

Used in many hotels

Many hotels in Ireland (and outside Ireland) use the Respa mattresses for their guests. This is great if you want to check out some of the mattresses, before buying. Since You can simply find a hotel that has the mattress that you’d like. You can contact Respa for a list of hotels.

Traditional Irish company

As we said in the introduction, many other companies are outsourcing their production. Not Respa – they keep their company in Ireland – providing jobs and helping society that way. if you care about society, it’s always a good thing to buy stuff locally.

Respa mattress review conclusion

This was it for the Respa mattress review. I hope you learned something new. You can always get more information on the Respa site itself. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Here’s a quick summary of everything we’ve discussed:

  • Respa is a traditional Irish mattress company
  • They’ve been in business since 1947
  • The company has a wide variety of different types of mattresses, offering a mattress for any type of sleeper.
  • You can check the full range of mattresses here.
  • It can be difficult to choose, but luckily there’s a good compare function on their site.
  • All the actresses are handcrafted.
  • many hotels in Ireland use the mattresses for their guests.

P.S. Want to sleep better? Check out my article with simple tips on how to get better sleep here. They’re easy to follow and you’d be surprised how much of a difference they cna make,

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