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Tempurpedic vs Slumber Solutions: Does Price Matter for Comfort?



Tempurpedic makes high quality mattresses that respond to your body and provide more than 2 times the pressure compared to traditional mattresses.

Best for:

  • For people who want a wide variety of firmness types to choose from
  • People who need a mattress that helps cool
  • All types of sleepers (back, stomach and side)


Slumber Solutions

Slumber Solutions makes mattresses that many people sleep well on. They also don’t use latex in their manufacturing.

Best for:

  • For people who want an affordable mattress
  • Folks who like to choose between coils or foam
  • If you like medium firm

One of the mattresses that we haven’t compared yet are Slumber Solutions vs Tempurpedic. On first site these two mattresses might look pretty similar, but when we dive deeper into which specific types of mattresses they offer, everything becomes clearer. If you’re struggling between making the decision between these two mattresses companies, then this comparison review will give you all the details that you need.

Look, every person is different. Some people are small, some people are big. Some people sleep on their side, some people sleep on their back. So it goes without saying that every person sleeps the best on a different mattress. That’s also the reason why in the world there are hundreds of different companies that all create different mattress. Now, the terms used all might seem very similar. But when you go a little deeper under the surface you can easily see the differences between the mattresses – and for which type of person every mattress is made.

Enough about this, let’s continue with the comparison:

Slumber Solutions vs Tempurpedic

One of the differences between these two companies is that you can buy directly from Tempurpedic. Slumber Solutions on the other hand only sells through regular retailers. Both mattresses can be bought online as well. For example, they’re both available on Amazon. Tempurpedic can also be bought from their own online store.

One thing that they have in common is that they both offer a wide variety of different types of mattresses. This is great if you’re not completely sure what type of sleeper you are in which mattress fits your body well.

On the other hand, this can also be a cause for confusion. Tempurpedic has more than 10 different mattresses for sale, so how do you know which one of those is best for you?

It is a good idea to compare both companies with each other, so you would at least know which company will be the better choice for you. As there are some big differences in how which company operates and what they’re mean values are. So if we focus there, you will quickly see which type of company is better for you.

Slumber Solutions: affordable and comfortable

The main reason to choose Slumber Solutions for your mattress is that their mattresses are more affordable. Their mattresses are in the medium price range, which means that they’re not those type of garbage mattresses that you can get for $100 at a store like Walmart. No, the mattresses are made from quality materials and you’ll be able to get good sleep on it.

Most people who get a Slumber Solutions mattress are very happy with their purchase. On there are more than 4000 reviews for the Slumber Solutions mattress. More than 80% of those were very happy with their purchase.

People also report that they sleep well on the mattress, and that it was a better choice than some more expensive memory foam mattresses that they had bought before. Since the brand isn’t too widely known, many people reported that they took a leap of faith, but in the end were very happy with how their purchase ended up.

With Slumber Solutions you can buy different types of mattresses. There most popular ones are the gel memory foam mattresses. You can get these in different sizes, ranging from twin to king.

Check the price from the Slumber Solutions mattress here!


Tempurpedic: quality and wide choice

Tempurpedic makes mattresses in a different price class. They are considered to be one of the most luxury mattresses out there. It’s not uncommon for a Tempurpedic mattress to cost several thousand dollars. However, this depends very much on which type of mattress you order.

With Tempurpedic you’ll be sure about the quality that you get. Also, the mattress offers many extra things for you. So if, for example you really want to have a mattress with quality edge support, then you’ll be able to easily find a Tempurpedic mattress that offers exactly that.

One of the most popular Tempurpedic mattresses is the Tempurpedic hybrid foam mattress. The reason why it’s so popular is because this hybrid is a great combination of memory foam and coils. This means that you’ll get the support from the spring coils together with the personalised comfort from the foam.

Also, Tempurpedic mattresses are made in the USA. Instead of many competitors who outsource the mattress production to Asian countries, Tempurpedic wants to support the American economy by making mattresses in the United States. some people might not see this as important, but buying locally can be a great thing for your own national economy.


Check out the price from the Tempurpedic hybrid mattress!


Which should you choose?

Maybe you already made a decision which mattress is the better choice for you. Here is a quick recap. Both mattress companies offer a wide variety of mattresses that you can choose from. Tempurpedic has better quality with better customer service and more options. However, this comes with a price tag. So if you’re on a budget, it might be a better choice to go with Slumber Solutions, as their mattresses are more affordable. If money is no objection, then I highly recommend you go with Tempurpedic.

Conclusion Slumber Solutions vs Tempurpedic

I hope this comparison review has given you a better image between Slumber Solutions vs Tempurpedic. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want more information, then I highly recommend you check out the following links about the most popular mattresses from both companies.


Learn more about the Slumber Solutions gel foam mattress!

Learn more about the Tempurpedic hybrid mattress!


P.S. to recap this Slumber Solutions vs Tempurpedic comparison: choose Tempurpedic if money is no objection to you. And Slumber Solutions if you want an affordable – yet comfortable – mattress.

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