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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress: All-in-One Sleep Comfort & Luxury

simmons beautyrest mattress for back painThere are thousands of mattresses available. Choosing the right one for your body can therefore be a daunting process. Do you need a mattress that offers back support? Or comfortability? Or one that regulates temperature? Do you want luxury? Or do you prefer simple but good? Choosing a mattress that has everything is tough, and that’s why I’m presenting to you the Simmons Beautyrest mattress for back pain.

It’s one of the few mattresses out there that *offers the full package*! Not only is it a good mattress for back support, but it’s also comfortable. You’ll wake up in luxury, but for a good affordable price.

If you want to know more about what this mattress has to offer your (and more importantly: how well you’re going to sleep on it), then continue reading.

About Simmons Beautyrest

Before we get into the details of the mattress, let me give you a quick update on the company. You see, it’s always important to know what the company stands for before you buy their mattresses. It’s never a bad thing to do a bit of background check to see whether the company suits your personally or not.

Simmons Beautyrest is an American manufacturer. Its headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and they’re producing mattresses since 1870. They’ve come a long way since that day, because in 2011 they were ranked third in place with a 15.7% market share in the U.S.

Their strategy is to produce high-quality mattresses that let you wake up refreshed & rejuvenated.

So, now that you know the quick ins and out of the company, let’s dive into one of their best-selling mattresses: The Simmons Beautyrest mattress Silver edition!

Simmons Beautyrest mattress Silver edition specifications

Here are the specifics of the Simmons Beautyrest mattress for back pain. It’s a 14 inch mattress in king size, so it may be a bit larger than regular mattress. But this is because of all the layers that provide extra comfort.

On top of that, the mattress comes with handles, so you won’t have to worry about transporting. With 2 persons it’s easy to transport.

  • It measures 80 x 76 x 14 inches.
  • In total it has 1046 individually pocketed coils.
  • The mattress is made in the U.S.A
  • 7 unique layers will give you optimal comfort while sleeping. (find out more in benefits section!)
Simmons beautyrest review
Here are the 7 layers of the Simmons Beautyrest mattress for back pain.

2 Types of people who love to sleep in a Simmons Beautyrest mattress for back pain

I’ve found that there are 2 types of people who really enjoy this mattress. So take a look and see if you can identify with one of them:

  • People who want an all-in-one total package mattress. If you’re unable to decide between back support, incredible comfort, luxury and all the other features of many mattresses. Then the Simmons Beautyrest mattress is for you.
  • people who want a premium mattress for a regular price. Because of the way Simmons produces its mattresses, the company is able to produce high quality premium mattresses for the price of a normal one. And you can take advantage of it!

5 Benefits of the mattress

#1 Increased comfort & pain relief

One of the top layers is the gel touch foam layer. It provides added comfort and pressure relief. This means that if your sleep suffers, because there are specific pain points that wake you up at night – the Simmons Beautyrest mattress can offer relief.

#2 Air feel foam increases comformability

2 layers down lies the air feel foam. What this layer does exactly is that it increases conformability of the mattress. This means that it will conform to your body weight and offer the highest support where you body needs it the most.

#3 Air cool design keeps our mattress at the optimal temperature

The mattress comes with an air cool design feature. If you’ve ever experienced hot summer nights on a warm mattress, then you know that this can be very bad for your sleep. You’ll wake up all the time because of the heat and many times you’ll wake up un-refreshed and groggy.

Luckily, the Simmons Beautyrest offers relief. The mattress is designed to cool off when it starts to get too hot. So you can sleep at an optimal temperature!

simmons company review
Here is a good overview of all the layers of the Beautyrest mattress.

#4 The mattress comes with handles for easy transport

Big mattresses are great. But there is one downside to them. And that is that they are very large and usually difficult to transport. That’s why Simmons decided to place some easy-to-use handles on the Beautyrest.

You’ll be able to transport and carry the Beautyrest anywhere without problems whatsoever!

#5 Two inches of pur foam for a luxurious feel

The 2 top inches of the pillow top are made from pur foam. What does this mean? Well, the answer is simple. it means that you’ll be sleeping i absolute luxury. The pur foam will adapt to your body and give it all the comfort that it needs.

The result: you’ll be waking up every morning full charged and ready to take on the new day!

What others say about the mattress

“I wouldn’t say that I was having trouble sleeping when I saw the beautyrest. But since I had been sleeping for 7 years already on the same mattress, I decided to give it a go. Turns out I was wrong! This mattress absolutely is one of the best I’ve ever slept on. 100% recommended – even if you don’t feel like you NEED a new one!”

– Jasmin


“The beautyrest is one of the few mattresses that I recommend to all my clients. I’m a health coach and I know that sleeping well is one of the main factors that makes all the other things possible. So, if you’re trying to get in shape, or want to optimize your sleep for the best performance possible – do yourself a favor and get a Simmons beautyrest”mattress for back pain

– E.L. Johnson

Where can you buy it?

If you too want to experience all the amazing benefits and optimal sleep that the Simmons Beautyrest has to offer…

… then buy this luxurious mattress here & feel the difference in your sleep!

buy simmons beautyrest mattress


P.S. Want to buy the Simmons Beautyrest mattress for back pain? Don’t miss this chance and get your Beautyrest here!

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