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Sleep EZ Mattress Review: Fully 2-Sided Customizable Latex Mattress

Sleep EZ Mattress Review

Another mattress company that has been around for a long time in the United States is sleep EZ.  They have been selling latex mattresses through the internet since 1998. This makes them a good choice if you’re looking for a mattress that can be bought online so without all the extra work up costs that some traditional mattress manufacturers have. If you’re curious how their mattresses add up, then continue reading this Sleep EZ mattress review.

Sleep EZ has four main lines of mattresses. We’ll discuss each of them in this article. Every mattress is priced at a medium price. So you won’t have to pay more than $1,000 for a regular mattress. However, the Sleep EZ mattresses also aren’t of low quality, so you have to spend a couple $100 on them.

Sleep EZ mattress review

The Sleep EZ company is a family owned business for more than 40 years. The company was founded in 1976, and their mission was – and is – to ensure that their customers get the perfect night’s rest they deserve. They accomplished this by creating high quality mattresses, which all serve a different type of sleeper best.

A couple of things I like about the Sleep EZ company:

  • Organic materials, so no chemical smell in your mattress.
  • Natural latex. This also means your mattress isn’t found full of chemicals that might be harmful.
  • Organic wool in the cover. Provides better air flow and is a natural fire barrier for the mattress.
  • They offer free pillows when you order 8 Sleep EZ mattress.
  • Sleep EZ mattresses are delivered in a box and for free.
  • 90 night trial to see if the mattress suits your sleeping Style.
  • You can customize your mattress (more on this later)

You can get more information about the Sleep EZ company here.

A great thing about the company is that you can customize your mattress. What I mean by this is that you can choose which type of foam will be in the mattress. Also, if your partner likes a different setup – you can change the composition of the mattress side by side. You’ll input details about yourself and your partner such as height and weight so that you’ll get the optimal firmness of your body. Here’s an example for the natural latex mattress:

For now, let’s dive into the different mattresses in this Sleep EZ mattress review. See for which type of sleeper they are meant, and what specifications they all have.

Organic mattress

The organic mattress is made from 100% natural dunlop or 100% natural talalay latex. Both are organic materials that ensure that  you sleep well.

The cover is a cotton knitted cover that is quilted with eco wool. The mattress is available in different thickness: 7, 9, 10 and 13 inches – so you can choose yourself what you prefer.

Now, you may ask what the difference is between these layers? After all, less inches means less layers, right?

For each layer, you can decide which foam is used. Also, you can choose how firm you want every layer to be.

When you get the 7 inches mattress, there are 2 layers that you can customize. For 9 and 10 inches, there are 3. And finally, might you decide on 13 inches – then there are 4 layers.

In general, it’s recommended to get talalay latex on the top layer. This is softer and more suited for a comfortable layer that is in touch with your body.

For enough support, it’s good to chose dunlop latex in the lower (layer). This ensures that your body gets the support that it needs.

The important thing to notice is that you can decide all this yourself – or simply input your information into the sleeper information box. I highly recommend you do the latter. That way you can check what the company thinks is right for you. If you happen to see anything that you don’t like, you can always change that.

In facts, even if you’re not planning on ordering the mattress, it’s still an interesting to do. Just input your height, weight and your preferred sleeping style – and Sleep EZ will recommend you your perfect mattress composition.

Natura mattress

The Nature mattress has all the customization options that the Organic mattress has. The main difference here is in the cotton used for the cover. You’ll find that the cover of the Natura mattress is more premium. Therefore it will feel softer and if you’re a sensitive sleeper – I recommend you take your time to learn more about the Natura mattress.

Roma mattress

What I like about the Roma mattress is that the mattress can be flipped. This means that the mattress has two different firmnesses, so you can either experiment with it or pick the feeling that you prefer. The two feelings are medium plush or firm. The mattress is meant to accommodate changing preferences for your comfort. Many people prefer a softer mattress as they age to alleviate joint pressure. So right now you might prefer a firmer mattress, but in 5 or 10 years chances are big you might prefer a medium mattress. By getting the Roma mattress you think ahead for this point.

Luxerion mattress

The Luxerion mattress is a solid mattress in terms of materials used and price. It’s made from latex foam rubber. This material is known for offering great comfort while you sleep. Also, the mattress has a CertiPUR certification for the foundation foam. This means that the mattress has passed specific tests to ensure that the materials used are of high quality and not hazardous.

This mattress cannot be customized as the Natura and Organic mattress.

Final thoughts Sleep EZ mattress review

We’ve reached the end of this Sleep EZ mattress review. It’s a solid company that has been around for a long time and produces high quality foam mattresses. They also do this through the internet, which means that they do not charge a high markup. It’s a solid company if you want to enjoy the comfort of memory foam without paying paying the regular price that most other companies ask for it.

Learn more about the Sleep EZ mattresses!

P.S. Enjoyed reading this Sleep EZ mattress review? Then I highly recommend you do the mattress customization test. Just fill in your weight, height and preferred sleeping position, and Sleep EZ will tell you how your ideal mattress looks like.

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