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What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Spring Mattresses?

spring mattress disadvantages

Have you slept on spring mattresses before? Chances are you have – since they were very popular before. But do you know exactly what the spring mattress disadvantages and advantages are? Many people wonder whether it’s better to get a spring mattress or a foam mattress. Today we’re going to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of sleeping on a spring mattress.

Spring mattresses have been around for a very long time. Your parents and grandparents probably slept on them. Chances are you yourself as well. However, with the invention of new mattress types, such as memory foam, hybrids and more, many people are wondering what the spring mattress disadvantages are.

So we’ll talk about spring mattresses and what they have to offer you.

A spring mattress is a mattress with springs. These springs can also be known as coils. They are used in the core and support layers of the mattress. The good thing is that they don’t adjust the body heat. Most of the modern spring mattresses come with a foam top.

Spring mattress disadvantages

Tougher to set up

One of the first spring mattress disadvantages is that it’s hard to set up. Because of their structure, the spring mattress is heavier than other types of mattresses and difficult to move around. This is inconvenient when the mattress is being delivered. But also when you want to air it or move it around the house.

Quick wear

Another disadvantage of spring mattresses is that they tend to wear faster. When the springs get loose, they lose support and the padding gets compressed. Iit’s not weird if your mattress starts to sag after 1 to 2 years already. It’s estimated that most spring mattresses lose 16% of their support in the first year alone.

Less clean

Because of the way the mattresses are made, it’s a good nesting ground for dust mites. This is because of the polyester top and the empty spaces in between the springs. If you value cleanliness and a bed free of dust mites and other bacteria, then spring mattresses are probably not the right choice for you.

Motion transfer

Spring mattresses are also not that good for motion transfer. The coils are connected most of the time, and this means that when your partner moves, you will feel that he or she is moving. This can be bad for your sleep if your partner moves a lot in sleep

Poor back support

Compared to newer foam mattresses, spring mattresses do not offer good back support. This can be a problem if you suffer from back problems, or if you’re older and want to make sure that your back is in the proper alignment when you sleep. Having the right mattress is very important if your back doesn’t feel right, or if you have an injury there. So if this is the case for you, it is better not to sleep on a spring mattress.

Can be painful

The last in this list of spring mattress disadvantages is that many people find them painful. The reason for this is because every spring puts the right pressure on your body. Now, your hips and shoulders are main pressure points, so these need more pressure than your arms or legs for example. When all the springs extra the same pressure upwards on your body, it can be painful for you. It will cause more pressure points than necessary.

Spring mattress advantages

Now, spring mattresses are still being produced and people buy them. So there are reasons more than just a spring mattress disadvantages. Here are the two benefits of getting a spring mattress.


The main reason why spring mattresses are still being produced, is because it’s cheaper to make them. Most of the memory foam mattresses use expensive foam, to make sure that the mattress is of high quality. If you’re on a budget, it’s a lot easier to find a spring mattress for a low price, then it is to find a hybrid or foam mattress.

For this reason, many companies also create the support part in the mattresses from coils.

One thing how to combat the spring mattress disadvantages is to place in memory foam top as the upper comfort later on the mattress. This is how we make a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are good if you want the comfort of the memory foam mattresses, but the price advantage of a spring mattress.

Good air circulation

Another reason what spring mattresses do well, is air circulation. Because there’s so many space in between the coils, there is enough air to flow through. This means that coil mattresses will not sleep as hot as some of the poorly made memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is more dense, and for that reason is it more difficult for heat to escape through the material. If you get a spring coil mattress, you won’t have this problem.

Final thoughts

The mattress industry is undergoing many changes. New technologies such as memory foam and specific gels are making mattresses more comfortable and convenient. However, that doesn’t mean that spring mattresses should be banned immediately. There are some spring mattress disadvantages, but there are also benefits of sleeping on them.

The best reasons to sleep on a spring mattress, is probably if you are used to it and you slept on it your entire life. If you find it comfortable to sleep on them, then why change? It can also be a good if you’re looking for a cheaper temporary mattress, that you don’t really care about. Since they’re cheaper to make you can easily get them for a low price.

What are your experiences sleeping on spring mattresses? Do you prefer them over newer foam mattresses or hybrids? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. spring mattresses are still around and that’s probably not going to change. If you’ve got the budget, I recommend you go for a newer memory foam or hybrid mattress. They will sleep more comfortable, and will experience less sagging.

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