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Novosbed vs Casper Mattress: Mattress Buyers Guide

novosbed vs casper mattressCongratulations, if you’ve found this article it means you’re deciding between the Novosbed vs Casper mattress. And as you may have already found out, choosing a mattress out of the 100 different available ones can be a very tough choice. However, once you’ve narrowed it down to 2 mattresses – you’re in good shape. I get the question quite a lot (especially since Casper has just opened its first mattress store), “I’ve done my research, but now I’m hesitating between buying the Casper or the Novosbed mattress – which one would you recommend?”.

Note: since the 2 mattresses are alike in many ways, there is no best single option for everyone. Instead, in this article I’ll lay out the subtle differences in each mattress. That’s because different people have different needs. If your back is killing you throughout the night, you need a different mattress than if you were just looking for a nice cozy comfortable mattress to sleep on.

That’s why it’s important to ask yourself what you find most important in a mattress. Do this now, and later on in this article I’ll give you a short checklist of questions – and the answers to those questions will decide which mattress (Novosbed vs Casper) will be the right choice for you.

Novosbed vs Casper mattress: what is the best for your needs?

Let’s start with a quick overview of what makes both mattresses alike. The most obvious thing is that they’re both memory foam mattresses. So you can expect them both to give your body the stability and support that it needs while you’re sleeping.

The thickness of both of also virtually the same (the Novosbed is 11 inches – Casper 10), so if you like to sleep on a mattress with some substance, then they’re both fine.

Another thing that I’m happy with is that they both offer a sleeping trial. What that means is that after you order the mattress, you’ll have a specified period of time to ‘test-sleep’ on it. I think the Novosbed offers 150 days and Casper 100. Anyway, for each you’ll probably know whether the mattress is right for you after around 2-3 weeks. So if you have 150 or 100 days, doesn’t really matter.

But let’s get on with the specific things that I noticed for each mattress that differs them from each other.

What I like about the Novosbed: (custom extra layer)

This is something that’ll catch your eye in an instant. When you check out the page of Novosbed on Amazon, you’ll see that they offer you an ‘comfort + kit’ if the mattress isn’t soft enough for you.

I think it’s a great thing that the company does with that. Since every person’s body is different, the same mattress can feel firm for you, while it may be too soft for me. It all comes down to how your body is built and what your preferences are.

In order to make sure everyone sleeps at their desired level of firmness, they offer to send you an extra layer of comfort in case you want your mattress to be softer. You can then zip open the mattress (nice feature that helps you wash the mattress cover easily too), and can add the extra layer on top of your original mattress.

So the Novosbed is more of a custom mattress. Instead of getting the same version that everyone has, you have the option to choose between the firmer or the softer variant. This takes away some of the stress of not knowing beforehand if the mattress will be at the right firmness for you.

What I like about the Casper mattress: sweet spot between firm and soft

The Casper mattress has a different approach to getting the firmness at the exact right spot. Because of their design (high density memory foam + open cell top layer), it seems to hit the perfect balance between soft and firm for the majority of people. If you’re not suffering from extreme back pain or are obese though, because in that case it might be on the soft side.

Another thing that’s good about the Casper mattress is that the mattress is great at getting rid of excess heat. So if you sweat a lot at night (or you live in a hot climate or experience hot summers), then the Casper mattress can help you solve that problem.

Sweating at night, and being too hot in general, is something that always keeps me out of good sleep. And chances are that you’ll feel the same. So if this is the case, try sleeping on the Casper mattress for relief.

Here are some quick questions to help you decide

Now, it might be tough to absorb all this information into a decision which mattress (Novosbed vs Casper mattress) is better for you. So I’ve put up a quick list of questions that can help you make the right decision:

  • Do you experience trouble sleeping because of excess sweating at night? Casper mattress
  • Do you want the option to change between a firm and a soft composition of your mattress? Novosbed
  • Do you have a regular body type and want to sleep on a mattress that has the right balance between firm and soft? Casper mattress


Final verdict Novosbed vs Casper mattress

So, there you have it. I hope this article helps you make your decision which mattress suits your body (and preferences) better. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments. For all else, I recommend you check out the links below. Each one leads to the page of the specific mattress on Amazon. And you can find tons on other information there about the specific and price. I also encourage you to read some reviews from others there, so you can get a more complete image of how well you’d sleep on it.


Click here to find out more about the Novosbed!


Or click this link to check out the Casper mattress!



P.S. too much information in this article? No worries: if you want to sleep on a mattress with the right balance between firm and soft -> get the Casper mattress. But if you prefer to switch between firm and soft sometimes, then the Novosbed is the better option for you.