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Quatro Mattress: Sleep Like Never Before on This Affordable Mattress

quatro mattress for back painEver wondered what makes the difference between a great and a mediocre mattress? The results might surprise you. That’s because most mattresses nowadays are made with high quality materials and the right techniques. So what’s sets them apart? I’ll tell you this – it’s not only about finding a great mattress, but it’s finding out whether this great mattress is the right fit for you!  And that’s exactly why we’ll be discussing the Quatro mattress for back pain today.

It’s an affordable mattress that has been designed for people who like to sleep on their back, stomach or side. Or a mix of all sleeping positions!

Now, before we get into the gritty details of the mattress, let’s first quickly discuss the company behind the mattress. SO you know exactly where they’re coming for and if their way of making mattresses suits you!

About Quatro

Quatro is a brand name of the company Market Web Galvanized. It’s a marketing company that has several different types of products. And one of their most popular bedding product is the Quatro mattress.

They use new technologies in order to optimize your sleeping comfort. Not only are they experts at what they’re doing, but they also make sure that you’ll become a happy customer by focusing on customer experience.

The Quatro mattress is one of their newest sleeping products and has been released on the market in 2017. This makes it one of the most modern mattresses available on today’s market.

Quatro mattress specifications

The specific Quatro mattress that we’ll be discussing here is the Quatro Sleep mattress. This is also the only available mattress of this time. Here are its specifications:

  • Available sizes – the mattress comes in the sizes of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Quatro Queen, King and California King.
  • Dimensions –  the Quatro Queen mattress weighs 66,9 pounds and its dimensions are 80” x 10” x 160”. For the dimensions of the other available sizes, please refer to this page.
  • Type of memory foam –  the memory foam used in the mattress is Plex Air memory foam.
  • Firmness –  the mattress is medium, so it’s suitable for virtually every type of sleeper (except if you’re severely overweight and have back problems – then go for a more firm mattress)
quatro mattress review
A closeup of the Quatro mattress for back pain.

Two types of people who love to sleep on a Quatro mattress

  • People who prefer modern mattresses –  if you like to sleep on mattresses that have only recently been brought onto the market that offer you the latest sleeping technologies, then the Quatro mattress is for you.
  • People who like an all-in-one comfortable mattress –  the mattress is great for all types of people who each sleep in a different way. Whether you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper – or even if you mix them up each night – the Quatro mattress ensures optimal comfort.

5 benefits if the Quatro mattress

#1 Memory foam for optimal body support

As you probably know. Memory foam gel is one of the big things in the mattress industry. And with good reason. Because memory foam gel adapts to your body’s pressure and gives each curve of your body the optimal support that it needs.

When each part of your body gets the same resistance from the mattress than there’s a big chance some parts will get too much. And other not enough. Especially if you’re on the heavier side is very important to pick a mattress that offers ample support.

If you don’t get enough support from your mattress, you’re very likely to develop back problems or make them worse.

#2 Sleeps cooler than many other big brand name mattresses

A mattress that does not allow for enough airflow underneath your body is a mattress that quickly overheats. And that’s the last thing you want. Remember those hot summer nights when you woke up completely covered in sweat?

Let me guess you didn’t get the best nights sleep on that specific night. The optimal sleeping temperature lies somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. (that’s 18-19 degrees Celsius). The Quatro mattress for back allows for enough airflow through the mattress, so it will stay cooler than most other mattress.

So if you prefer your mattress so stay cool so you can sleep well, the Quatro mattress does exactly that for you!

#3 Great sleep for back, stomach and side sleepers

One thing you always have to know before buying a mattress is whether it suits your sleeping position. After all, a mattress might be on the firmer side and great for back sleepers, but if you sleep on your stomach, you’re probably not going to enjoy such a tough mattress.

Luckily the Quatro mattress is a medium mattress. That means that it’s suitable for most types of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach – or a mix of each position – you’ll get all the comfort that you need throughout the night.

#4 Three unique layers of foam for optimal comfort

An extra reason for this comfort is because of the 3 unique layers in the mattress. Here they are from top to bottom:

  • 1 inch Plex air memory foam –  this foam ensures that you’ll just sink in to the mattress and sleep very well.
  • 2 inch support foam –  this is necessary to give your body the right amount of support that it needs.
  • 7 inch support case – this layer makes sure that the entire mattress feel secure and well-supported.
quatro matresses
Quatro mattress for back pain – Each layer is designed in such a way that it gives you optimal comfort at night.

#5 Easy to wash and CertiPUR-US certified

The final benefits are that the mattress cover is easy to remove and fully washable. This means that you won’t have to go out and get a special mattress cover that maybe doesn’t fit exactly the way you want it. No, it’s included.

The mattress is also CetriPUR-US certified, which means that it’s eco-friendly and no toxins such as heavy metals were used in the production of the mattress. So the mattress is absolutely safe to sleep on.

Quatro mattress for back pain reviews

“It’s a great mattress. I only bought it recently but I can already feel the difference in my mornings. I wake up with more energy and I actually look forward to going to sleep which wasn’t the case on my old mattress. very happy with it and you will be too!”

– Edward


“The first mattress that I bought in years. No regrets whatsoever. Sleeps exactly the way it is advertised and I see no minuses to it. Maybe it would get a bit soft for me if I were to gain a bunch of weight, but I wasnt planning on doing that anyway!”

quatro mattress reviews
Get ready for the best sleep you’ve ever experienced!

Where to buy the Quatro mattress for a great price?

After reading this page, yore probably curious where you can get the Quatro mattress for back pain. So if you too want to experience the amazing comfort of this affordable mattress…

… then click here to buy the Quatro mattress & experience the comfort for yourself!

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P.S. Curious for more information about the Quatro mattress for back pain? Find it here on this link!