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Tempurpedic vs Beautyrest: Which of These Luxury Mattresses Wins?

tempurpedic vs beautyrestMany people have asked for this comparison between Tempurpedic vs Beautyrest. The 2 mattress companies behind them are known for their quality – but pricey – mattresses. So if money doesn’t play too big of a role in your choice for a new mattress, and all you want is quality, then continue reading.


Tempurpedic vs Beautyrest

Both Sealy and Simmons beautyrest have been around for along time. So if you’re looking for a reputable companies with thousands of happy customers, you’re good with both companies. And it can be difficult to see the differences between both mattresses. Why pick Tempurpedic vs Beautyrest for example? Or why go with a mattress from Beautyrest instead of a Sealy Tempurpedic?

Every person is different and what might be your perfect mattress, might be a complete mistake for anyone else. So it’s always a good idea to check your own needs against the mattress’ specifications.

In this comparison article we’ll dive into the details of each company – how they make their mattresses. Both offer a wide range of different mattresses with different aspects and firmness. But there are some differences why you’d go with one or the other company.

We’ll also discuss the most popular mattresses of each company. So you can compare them against the mattresses from the other – and against other mattresses from the same company.

Let’s get started!.

Here’s why you’d go for Tempurpedic:

Tempurpedic is a real luxury mattress company. Their customer service is one of the best around, and people are very happy with the mattress in general. Especially their smartclimate system that helps you sleep cool at night. Also, each mattress has a cover that’s easily removable. Which is great if you value cleanliness of your mattress. Sealy mattresses use an innerspring, which is called LFK. This means that they use flat coils. This means that their mattresses have a bit more motion transfer than Beautyrest.

Here are the most popular Tempurpedic mattresses:

The Tempur Cloud Prima mattress is one of the simpler mattresses from Tempurpedic. It’s 10 inches high and is a mattress that focuses on functionality and cimplicity. It has everything you need (including their smartclimate system) and is a good choice if you’re looking for a simple mattress from a good company.

The Tempur Flex Prima is very much alike the Cloud, but has hybrid style coils with extra padding to make it more responding to your body weight.

The Tempur Cloud Supreme has a better more pillowy surface. This is  if you like the feeling of *sinking* into your mattress.

Here are some more Tempurpedic alternatives.

This is why you’d pick Beautyrest:

The Beautyrest also has 4 different model mattresses:

Beautyrest Silver is the budget mattress. It uses memory foam on top for comfort and cooling, and micro coils for support. You can choose between different options (such as an innerspring model or hybrid).

The Beautyrest Platinum is the regular option. This one is a better choice if you’re having back problems. The mattresses are more supportive around your spine to offer full alignment there. You can also choose between different firmness options here.

The Beautyrest Black is the luxury option. Here the main difference is that there’s more cooling (so if you sleep hot, this is a good option). The coils are micro pocketed, which allow for more air flow. In general the Black is a great option if you value comfort – but also want optimal support for your spine.

The Beautyrest Bed in a Box is for when you want a good mattress, but don’t want to deal with all the support and customer service. It’s a good memory foam mattress (with coils is tough to deliver in a box). It also includes a sleep tracker – so you can check on your smartphone how well you’re sleeping.

The Beautyrest mattress start from $700 for the budget queen, and their warranty can be found on the company site. So here the Beautyrest wins.

The motion transfer of Beautyrest is also considered to be better (see: less) than the mattresses from Tempurpedic – so if you’re thinking of making an investment for the long-term (which these mattresses are), you’re better choosing Beautyrest.

Tempurpedic vs Beautyrest guidelines:

So, both mattresses are good quality mattresses. And if you’re looking for a mattress that ticks all the boxes, you can hardly go wrong with either. However, there are some small differences that will influence your decision. Here they are:

  • If you prefer good durability, pick one of the Beautyrest mattresses.
  • If price matters, go with the Tempur Flex mattress.
  • If motion transfer is important, pick Beautyrest.
  • If you want a removable cover, then Tempurpedic offers that.

Tempurpedic vs Beautyrest conclusion

So, there we have it: the Tempurpedic vs beautyrest comparison. You’ve probably already become more clear which mattress (company) is the better choice for you. However, if you haven’t yet, feel free to read this article again. Or check out the links below for more information.

Also, this Tempurpedic vs Beautyrest article wouldn’t be complete without a winner. Most people would do better going with the Beautyrest mattress. In general, the quality is slightly better. People have noticed a longer durability and the choice is very good There is a wide range of different prices, so it’s a good option for many. Also, the coil choice is considered more forward than tempurpedic.

So, if you’re still on the verge of choosing, then I recommend you go for the Beautyrest mattress. Buying a mattress is a hefty investment, and you want your mattress to be as comfortable – and durable – as possible.

On top of that, Beautyrest offers a 100 night sleep trial, so you can try it in the comfort of your own home.The warranty is 10 years as well, so you don’t have to worry about anything outside of your control messing up with your mattress.


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