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Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle Mattress: Which One Sleeps Better?

yogabed vs tuft and needleAre you deciding between the Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle? If so, then you’re not alone. Many people ask this question – since both mattresses may look similar at first sight. However, when we dig a little deeper under the surface, and check how each mattress is made and the exact feel/support that they have – it will be much easier for you to reach a conclusion. So if you’re having trouble choosing the Yogabed or the Tuft and Needle mattress, continue reading for a detailed comparison between the 2 mattresses.

First, we’ll discuss both mattresses and what makes them similar. This is good to get a general overview of each of them – and if they suit your needs. Then we’ll check out what makes each mattress unique and what the reasons are why you’d choose that specific mattress. In the end we’ll do a quick roundup and put all the relevant information out there. So if you haven’t made a decision till that point – that section will help.

Now, without further ado – let’s check out the Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle!

Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle mattress review

To start off what makes these two mattresses similar, the first thing to note is that they’re both foam mattresses. What that means is that they do not use the traditional coil system. But instead they’re made from foam layers, which help offer support and ensure that your body does not feel too much pressure at night. Now, the way each mattress is constructed obviously is different. So here’s a quick overview of how each bed is constructed:

The construction of the Yogabed

  1. The foundation bottom layer is 1 inch thick and is made from high density foundational foam. This is the foundation of the mattress and is responsible for the shape of it.
  2. The second layer is the support layer and this is 6 inches of support from. It is still high-density foam, although less dense than the previous layer. The main function of this layer is to provide support and make for a strong for base.
  3. The third layer is 2 inches of special yoga gel. This gel has the function of cooling the mattress and making sure that they heat you create at night is pulled down and released through the side and bottom of the mattress.
  4. To top layer is for comfort and it is one inch of instant yoga response foam and as you would think, this ensures that you will sleep comfortably at night. It offers a little bit of bounce and comfort for your body.


 The construction of the Tuft and Needle mattress

  1. The foundation bottom layer is 7 inches thick. It is the support base and is made from foam. It is the base of the bed and offers support but also ensures that heat will be pulled away from the top of the bed.
  2. The top layer also has the function of offering a little bit of support and cooling. However it is mainly responsible for giving you comfort. There is little sinkage – and the top layer offers plenty of support. Is made from three inches polyfoam.


tuft and needle adaptive foam
An overview of the Tuft & Needle mattress.

Other similarities

Even though the mattresses are made in a different way, the firmness that they offer you is about the same. Although the Tuft and Needle mattress is a bit firmer (it is between 6 and 6.5 on a scale of 1-10) than the Yogabed (which has a 6). But this in general means that if you prefer a medium to slightly firm mattress, that both mattresses are good for you.

Also, each mattress was designed to offer cooling at night. So if you tend to sweat a lot during the night, and this is keeping you from sleeping well – then both the Yogabed and the Tuft and Needle mattress are suitable for you.

Another thing that I quickly want to touch upon is that both mattresses offer a sleeping trial. For Tuft & Needle this is 100 days, and for the Yogabed this is 101. So there is no difference here. The main advantage of having a sleeping trial, is that you get to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home. Instead of lying in a mattress store for 5 minutes to get a quick feeling, you can really feel the mattress and you can sleep on it for more than 3 months. But probably you will reach a conclusion earlier. The great thing is that you will know exactly if the mattress works for you. And since buying a mattress is an investment into your health and quality of life, it is very nice that you can make sure that you get the right mattress by testing it out in the comfort of your own home.

Now that you know the similarities of the Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle mattress, let’s find out what makes each mattress different!

What I like about the Tuft & Needle mattress: Great price quality ratio

tuft and needle price

Tuft and Needle is one of the mattress companies that is the very transparent on how they make their mattresses. You can go to the company’s website and find out everything starting from the materials that they use to how their mattresses are produced. The main philosophy is that they prefer simplicity that works. So instead of having a lot of unnecessary functions in your mattress, they make a mattress that costs less, but still offers a great sleeping experience for the majority of people.

With that said, if you’re the type of person who needs a bit more for sleeping, for example good edge support (for mattresses, with good edge support – check out this Sapira vs Saatva mattress comparison). Then the Tuft and Needle mattress is probably not for you. However, if you’re a bit younger and you do not want to spend a couple thousand dollars for a comfortable new mattress, the Tuft and Needle mattress will be exactly what you need.

As far as sleeping positions go, you’re pretty good with any position on the Tuft and Needle mattress. So whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or you like the mix everything up through the night – you can order the Tuft and Needle mattress with confidence.

Also, when comparing the mattress to the Yogabed, you can see that the Tuft and Needle offers a bit less bounce. So if you prefer to sleep on top of the mattress, instead of having the mattress all around your body and hugging you, then this can also be a good reason to pick Tuft and Needle over the Yogabed.

What I like about the Yogabed mattress: good for side sleepers and light sleepers

Let’s move on to the Yogabed. As we noted in the previous section, the Yogabed offers a bit less support. It will hug your body more as opposed to the Tuft and Needle mattress. this also means that there is more bounce to the mattress. Whether that is important to you, will depend on a few factors.

  • Are you a side sleeper? If you are, then it is a good idea to pick a mattress that will conform to your body so that you sleep ‘in’ it and not ‘on’ it. This difference will offer more stability for your body when you’re sleeping, and is therefore a good option for side sleepers.
  • Are you on the lighter side? Overweight people will sink too much into the Yogabed. so if you’re on the lighter side, the mattress will offer support for your body.
  • Do you like it when your mattress hugs your body (sleeping in it versus on it)? This is a personal thing, but some people simply prefer a mattress that surround them a bit. Which means that they sleep in the mattress. I’m a side sleeper myself, and I always like it when I can sink into the mattress.

Even though you sink more into the Yogabed, it doesn’t mean that it will sleep hotter. A main problem with mattresses where you sink in, is that they have poor heat control. However, as you can see in the beginning of this Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle mattress review – the four layers of the Yogabed work together to ensure that the heat is pulled away from your body.

Here’s what to base your Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle decision on:

Maybe you’ve already reached a conclusion which of the two mattresses is the right choice for you. If you’ve already made your decision, then scroll down and click on the mattress that you chose. If you haven’t yet made a decision, or you want to quickly get an overview of which persons will sleep the best on which type of mattress… then you can use the following questions to recap this entire article. So that you won’t have to read it again.

  • What type of sleeper are you? If you’re a side sleeper, then the Yogabed is better for you. If you mix up all the positions, or sleep on your stomach or back – we recommend you buy the Tuft and Needle mattress.
  • Do you like to sink in the mattress and have a little more balance feeling too well? If you do, then it is recommended you order the Yogabed. If you like more stability and prefer to sleep ‘on’ the mattress, picked Tuft and Needle.
  • What’s your budget? In general, the Tuft and Needle mattress is a bit cheaper than the yoga bed. However, they’re both in the mid-range of mattress prices. (Meaning you’re not paying thousands of Dollars, but they’re also not $100 bargain deals that you can find at your local mattress store).

Conclusion Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle

Both mattresses are a good choice if you want a quality mattress for a reasonable price. They’re similar in what they have to offer. However, there are a couple of small differences that can have quite a big impact on you depending on what type of sleeper you are. And what your preferences are. The previous list of questions will help you decide which matches will be the better choice for you.

I quickly want to touch up on the fact that both the Yogabed and the Tuft and Needle mattress have a sleeping trial available. So if you have a slight hunch which of the two you prefer, I want to invite you to just put it to the test. You can do so without risk, and you can sleep on the mattress in the comfort of your own home for over 3 months. If you like the mattress, great! But if you don’t, that’s understandable, and you can simply contact a customer rep of the respective company. They will help you schedule when to pick up the mattress back, and return your money.

So really, there is nothing to risk when you make a decision between the Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle mattress. Pick the mattress of your choice and click the link below.

 Click here to order the Tuft and Needle mattress on Amazon!


Or here if you want to buy the Yogabed!



P.S. Still having a tough time with the Yogabed vs Tuft and Needle mattress? Then I recommend you buy the Tuft and Needle mattress. As it is a mattress that is designed for a wide variety of sleepers – and therefore the majority of people would sleep better on this mattress.

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Yogabed vs Casper Mattress: Checklist Which Mattress Suits You Better

yogabed vs casper mattressAnother mattress comparison question that pops up once a while is the Yogabed vs Casper mattress. Especially now that the Casper mattress has gained a lot of media attention and advertising, the question gets asked more frequently. I thought it’d be a lot easier to just write a decisive post about it, instead of answering the question each time individually.

Note: before you continue reading I want you to quickly ask yourself what it is that you find most important in a (new) mattress. So, if you’re suffering from back pain – you want that solved. And if you’re waking up from the movements of your partner – you want a bed that isolates each side. It may sound obvious, but many people go looking for mattresses without any definition of what it is they’re looking for! So take a couple of minutes to ask yourself (or discuss with your significant other), what it is that your mattress absolutely NEEDS to do for you.

Yogabed vs Casper mattress

The Yogabed is a newcomer on the mattress scene. It was first seen on Amazon at the end of 2016, so there aren’t too many customer experiences available. The Casper mattress on the other hand is already in stores for around 3-4 years. So it’s a lot easier to find out what people think about it.

They’re both memory foam mattresses. Which means that they conform to your body’s shape and fit it. Some points in your body need some extra support (think your lower back, shoulders or hips), because they’re heavier than other parts. So what memory foam does it accepts the extra pressure that that specific part of your body exerts, and makes sure that it’s lying in the optimal position (so your entire body is in a good sleeping posture).

They’re both 10 inches thick, so if you like thicker mattresses, you’re good here.

Another thing that I really enjoy for each of the mattresses is that they both offer a sleeping trial. I think it was around a 100 nights for the Casper mattress and 101 nights for the Yogabed. For me, knowing that I have a guarantee for something always gives me more confidence before buying. After all, I can just try it out and see if I like it. If I do, perfect. And if I don’t – I’ll just return the mattress.

This takes away a lot of the pressure in buying the right mattress. After all, you can simply shop around a bit. Try some different mattresses and choose the one you like most. Now, the returning and getting used to a new mattress al takes some time and effort. So I recommend you do check thoroughly which mattress looks the best fit for your (body). But knowing you can return it is always a good calming afterthought in the back of your mind.

What I like about the Yogabed: soft top ‘yoga’ layer

Alright, we’ve shortly discussed some good things that both mattresses have in common. Let’s now focus on the differentiators. The Yogabed is most famous for its top ‘yoga’ layer. Now, you might not fully understand what that is. And frankly, you don’t really need to – as long as you get how it sleeps!

First, the ‘yoga’ layer consists of the upper 2 layers. The top layer (1 inch) is the Yoga foam layer. And underneath that is 2 inches of gel. These 2 work together to absorb the pressure of your body and make sure that you’re not experiencing any aches or pains – that would otherwise have been there in an either too hard or too soft mattress. On top of that the gel is 7 times more effective than regular memory foam in absorbing and leading away heat.

So what that means is that if you’re living in a place with hot summers (or hot year-round), you’re not going to be dripping in sweat – which always ruins my sleep. So the Yogabed is a perfect solution for that.

Another plus is that the bed has a zipper, so you can easily wash the cover if it needs to be done. This feature is neat, and I really wonder why not every mattress has this built int.

What I like about the Casper mattress: Just right in between firm and soft

The Casper mattress, however, is also a very comfortable mattress. And what I like most about it is that it has that exact sweet spot between firm and soft. Now, it has to be said that this only is for people without too much excessive weight. And if you’re having some real back problems – then it might be better to take a mattress on the firmer side. But if you’re in that position, I recommend you go see your chiropractor and ask him what mattress he thinks will be best for your back. But I digress.

When you’re sleeping on the mattress, you’re not sinking in it (like with some other mattresses), but you’re also not feeling as if you’re lying on a cardboard floor. I know it’s a tough thing for a mattress to hit that sweet spot, but I think Casper has nailed it with their mattress. So if you’re always having problems with finding that golden mean, then Casper might be a very good option for you.

One thing if you’re going to go order the Casper mattress: the chemical smell of the mattress can linger for quite a while after you take it out of the box. This can be anywhere from a couple of days to a month or longer. So be prepared for that – if it’s possible to sleep with an open window, please do so!

Here’s what to base your decision on

As a quick recap I’ve made a short list of questions that you can ask yourself to see which mattress will be better for you. Think back to your answer what you find most important in a mattress and ask yourself the following questions. Here they are:

  • Do you live in a hot climate (or experience excruciatingly hot summers)? Yogabed
  • Do you find most mattress either too firm or too soft? The Casper mattress
  • Do you want to wash the cover of your mattress regularly? Yogabed – it’s attached on the mattress with a zipper.

Final verdict Yogabed vs Casper mattress

There you have it: all the information you need to base your Yogabed vs Casper mattress decision on. What’s next? I recommend you take a look at the questions above (if you haven’t done so yet). When you know which mattress interest you more, you can check out the mattresses on Amazon. You can do so through the links below.

I personally prefer the Yogabed (as you might have noticed in my review), but you may have different needs.

Click here to check out the Yogabed!


Or find out more information about the Casper mattress here!



P.S. quick recap for the Yogabed vs Casper mattress comparison: If you want a mattress that absorbs all the pressure in your body (or if you live in a hot climate) -> pick the Yogabed.

If you have trouble finding a mattress that isn’t either too hard or too soft -> the Casper mattress is the right choice for you.