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Yogabed vs Casper Mattress: Checklist Which Mattress Suits You Better

yogabed vs casper mattressAnother mattress comparison question that pops up once a while is the Yogabed vs Casper mattress. Especially now that the Casper mattress has gained a lot of media attention and advertising, the question gets asked more frequently. I thought it’d be a lot easier to just write a decisive post about it, instead of answering the question each time individually.

Note: before you continue reading I want you to quickly ask yourself what it is that you find most important in a (new) mattress. So, if you’re suffering from back pain – you want that solved. And if you’re waking up from the movements of your partner – you want a bed that isolates each side. It may sound obvious, but many people go looking for mattresses without any definition of what it is they’re looking for! So take a couple of minutes to ask yourself (or discuss with your significant other), what it is that your mattress absolutely NEEDS to do for you.

Yogabed vs Casper mattress

The Yogabed is a newcomer on the mattress scene. It was first seen on Amazon at the end of 2016, so there aren’t too many customer experiences available. The Casper mattress on the other hand is already in stores for around 3-4 years. So it’s a lot easier to find out what people think about it.

They’re both memory foam mattresses. Which means that they conform to your body’s shape and fit it. Some points in your body need some extra support (think your lower back, shoulders or hips), because they’re heavier than other parts. So what memory foam does it accepts the extra pressure that that specific part of your body exerts, and makes sure that it’s lying in the optimal position (so your entire body is in a good sleeping posture).

They’re both 10 inches thick, so if you like thicker mattresses, you’re good here.

Another thing that I really enjoy for each of the mattresses is that they both offer a sleeping trial. I think it was around a 100 nights for the Casper mattress and 101 nights for the Yogabed. For me, knowing that I have a guarantee for something always gives me more confidence before buying. After all, I can just try it out and see if I like it. If I do, perfect. And if I don’t – I’ll just return the mattress.

This takes away a lot of the pressure in buying the right mattress. After all, you can simply shop around a bit. Try some different mattresses and choose the one you like most. Now, the returning and getting used to a new mattress al takes some time and effort. So I recommend you do check thoroughly which mattress looks the best fit for your (body). But knowing you can return it is always a good calming afterthought in the back of your mind.

What I like about the Yogabed: soft top ‘yoga’ layer

Alright, we’ve shortly discussed some good things that both mattresses have in common. Let’s now focus on the differentiators. The Yogabed is most famous for its top ‘yoga’ layer. Now, you might not fully understand what that is. And frankly, you don’t really need to – as long as you get how it sleeps!

First, the ‘yoga’ layer consists of the upper 2 layers. The top layer (1 inch) is the Yoga foam layer. And underneath that is 2 inches of gel. These 2 work together to absorb the pressure of your body and make sure that you’re not experiencing any aches or pains – that would otherwise have been there in an either too hard or too soft mattress. On top of that the gel is 7 times more effective than regular memory foam in absorbing and leading away heat.

So what that means is that if you’re living in a place with hot summers (or hot year-round), you’re not going to be dripping in sweat – which always ruins my sleep. So the Yogabed is a perfect solution for that.

Another plus is that the bed has a zipper, so you can easily wash the cover if it needs to be done. This feature is neat, and I really wonder why not every mattress has this built int.

What I like about the Casper mattress: Just right in between firm and soft

The Casper mattress, however, is also a very comfortable mattress. And what I like most about it is that it has that exact sweet spot between firm and soft. Now, it has to be said that this only is for people without too much excessive weight. And if you’re having some real back problems – then it might be better to take a mattress on the firmer side. But if you’re in that position, I recommend you go see your chiropractor and ask him what mattress he thinks will be best for your back. But I digress.

When you’re sleeping on the mattress, you’re not sinking in it (like with some other mattresses), but you’re also not feeling as if you’re lying on a cardboard floor. I know it’s a tough thing for a mattress to hit that sweet spot, but I think Casper has nailed it with their mattress. So if you’re always having problems with finding that golden mean, then Casper might be a very good option for you.

One thing if you’re going to go order the Casper mattress: the chemical smell of the mattress can linger for quite a while after you take it out of the box. This can be anywhere from a couple of days to a month or longer. So be prepared for that – if it’s possible to sleep with an open window, please do so!

Here’s what to base your decision on

As a quick recap I’ve made a short list of questions that you can ask yourself to see which mattress will be better for you. Think back to your answer what you find most important in a mattress and ask yourself the following questions. Here they are:

  • Do you live in a hot climate (or experience excruciatingly hot summers)? Yogabed
  • Do you find most mattress either too firm or too soft? The Casper mattress
  • Do you want to wash the cover of your mattress regularly? Yogabed – it’s attached on the mattress with a zipper.

Final verdict Yogabed vs Casper mattress

There you have it: all the information you need to base your Yogabed vs Casper mattress decision on. What’s next? I recommend you take a look at the questions above (if you haven’t done so yet). When you know which mattress interest you more, you can check out the mattresses on Amazon. You can do so through the links below.

I personally prefer the Yogabed (as you might have noticed in my review), but you may have different needs.

Click here to check out the Yogabed!


Or find out more information about the Casper mattress here!



P.S. quick recap for the Yogabed vs Casper mattress comparison: If you want a mattress that absorbs all the pressure in your body (or if you live in a hot climate) -> pick the Yogabed.

If you have trouble finding a mattress that isn’t either too hard or too soft -> the Casper mattress is the right choice for you.



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