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America Mattress: Sleep the American Way + Lifetime Warranty

america mattress for back painMany mattresses nowadays are being made with inferior materials. The result of this is that mattress companies are becoming reluctant to give out warranties for more than 5-10 years. Because the chance is simply too high that something goes wrong and they have to pay for it. But not the America mattress for back pain. This mattress was made from the highest quality materials to make sure you get your optimal night of sleep.

Not only is the mattress very comfortable to sleep on, it’s also a medium mattress, which means that if you suffer from back problems – the America mattress can help.

On top of that you get a 25-year warranty. Which to me seems a sign that the company really takes their mattresses seriously. After all, who’d give out such a lifetime warranty if they were making inferior products.

So that’s exactly why we’ll be discussing the America mattress today. But first a quick overview of the company behind it: Mattress America.

About Mattress America

Mattress America shipped their first mattress in 1979. And ever since they have put thousands of hours into developing the best possible memory foam mattress. And with great result:

Now, 38 years later, they have sold more than 1.7 million mattresses to happy customers. And 1.7 million people can’t be wrong.

The warranty rates of Mattress America are among the lowest in the industry. And the reason for that is simple. They strive to ,make the highest quality mattresses possible. With the best materials that they can get their hands on.

So you’ll be guaranteed a high quality mattress that will last you a life time.

But enough about the company… let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of their mattresses!

america mattress review
This is how the America mattress for back pain looks like.

America Mattress specifications

The recent best-seller of Mattress America is the America mattress revive gel memory foam mattress. Here are all its specifications:

  • Available sizes –  the mattress is available in full and queen size.
  • 3 unique layers –  it’s a 12 inch mattress with 3 unique layers for optimal comfort and support. More on this in the benefits section.
  • Cover – a thick and durable cover that can be zipped off for easy washing.
  • Warranty –  you’ll get a 25-year warranty when you purchase the mattress.
  • Type of memory foam –  the memory foam used is revive gel memory foam. This is stronger and more durable than traditional memory foam.

mattress america company

Two types of people who love the America mattress

In general there are 2 types of people who’ll love sleeping on the America mattress. Take a look and see if you can identify:

  • People who want a quality mattress that will last them a lifetime –because of the high quality materials used for the mattress you can be sure that it will last you a very long time. And the 25-year warranty reflects the confidence of the company in their mattresses.
  • People who want an affordable medium firm mattress for their back pain –  the America mattress is made in such a way that it offers ample support for your spine and joints. So if you suffer from back issues, the America mattress might just be what you need!

5 benefits of sleeping on the America mattress for back pain

#1 Eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam

The revive memory foam used in the America mattress is more than 8 times as breathable as regular memory foam. The result? You’ll no longer experience the sweaty hot nights anymore that you have on regular memory foam mattresses.

The revive memory foam gel is very breathable and therefore makes sure that all the heat that your body produces will be removed. So if your experience is that traditional memory foam retains too much heat, then the America mattress will offer relief.

#2 Offers main support for your back, shoulders and hips

Inside the mattress you’ll find millions of tiny beads that go where you need the support the most. They are located n the lower 7 inch high density base support foam.

Your shoulders, back and hips all exert more pressure on your bed than other parts of your body. So it’s very important that each of them gets the optimal support that it needs.

And that is exactly what the base support foam does. The more pressure is exerted on it, the more support it will give back.

america mattress reviews

#3 Premium memory foam for optimal comfort

An extra benefit of the Revive memory foam used in the America mattress for back pain is the extra comfort that it gives. As you already know, the memory foam adapts to each part of your body.

And this is not only very good for the optimal alignment of your spine, but also makes sleeping on the mattress more comfortable.

The reason that this works is because it will feel as if the mattress is made exactly for your body. It adapts to every curve of your body so that it feels as if it was made custom for you.

#4 Unique zipper design for easy washing

Another benefit is that the top of mattress can easily be removed with the zipper. Take a look at the picture below to see how this works.

america mattresses
This is how you can take off the cover of the mattress for easy cleaning.

The obvious benefit is that it will be very easy to wash the top part of your mattress. Too many mattress companies forget about this convenience.

Because if your mattress lasts you such a long time as the America mattress… you sure want to be able to clean it thoroughly!

#5 Receive a 25-year warranty when you order the mattress

As we discussed before you also get a 25 year warranty on the mattress. Now, this means that if anything might be wrong with the mattress (from the factory), that you can send the mattress back and you’ll get a new one.

The reason why the producers choose for 25 years is because they are very secure in their product. Mattress America only uses the highest quality materials to produce their mattress so you can be sure that the mattress will last you a very long time.

America mattress review

“I always enjoyed sleeping on memory foam mattresses but as I’ve gotten older I experience more and more discomfort from the heat. Luckily this mattress does everything that’s promised and so I don’t have any problems with heat at night anymore. And did I mention it’s also very comfortable to sleep on? As if the mattress feels exactly what you want.”

– Robert


“After spending more than $1000 on a previous mattress that wasn’t even nice to sleep on I decided I didn’t want to spend that much money again on what was literally a guess purchase. The America mattress for back pain had good reviews and for this price I feel I could try it out. And I have no regrets at all! The mattress sleeps very comfortable and I can recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap but good mattress!”

– Marge

america mattress warranty

Where to buy the America mattress

If you too want to experience the amazing comfort of the America mattress…

… then click here to order the America mattress on Amazon!

buy america mattress


P.S. want to read what others say about the mattress? Click here to read what other real customers have to say about the America mattress for back pain.

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