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Best Mattress Back Pain: Is There a Cure for Your Back Problems?

best mattress back painBack pain can have a drastic impact on the quality of your life. Think about it, when you experience back pain at night you wake up frequently, and struggle to find a good sleep position. And if you find yourself with an aching back during the day, your attention will be constantly focused on the pain. You need to find a solution against this. And one of the easiest solutions for back pain is a good mattress. Find out on this page what the best mattress back pain can help resolve.

Best mattress back pain

The type of mattress that you sleep on can have profound influence on your back. If you experience back pain, sleeping on the wrong mattress (e.g. too soft) can worsen your problems.

That’s why it is very important that you sleep on a good mattress. As you’re sitting there with an aching back, it might seem pretty unclear to you what a good mattress is for back pain. However, it’s actually pretty simple. Continue reading to find out how you can decide on a good mattress for your back.

What to look for in a mattress if you suffer from back pain

You spend one-third of your life. And that’s why the right mattress is something that you should invest in. However, most adults don’t go that far when looking for a mattress. Either they’re alright with a mattress that comes included with their bed, or they just buy one of the first ones they try out in a mattress store.

For most this is alright. However, if you suffer from back pain – the game changes.

back pain mattress
If you suffer from back pain, you need a firm mattress that offers stable support for your spine.

What this means is that a good mattress for relieving back should:

  • Offer ample support for your entire back (upper, middle and lower spine).
  • Be firm, so it can stabilize your spine (how firm your mattress needs to be, I’ll explain later)
  • Be comfortable, so you can sleep without pain and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Relieve pressure points along your spine and joints.

As you can see, there are quite some things you ave to keep in mind when looking for a good mattress that supports your back. But it’s not as difficult as it seems. In the following paragraphs I’ll explain you the best strategy to go about picking the right mattress for your sleeping needs.

How to find the right mattress

Finding the right mattress that will help you find relief from back problems can be a long process. But it can be divided into 2 core things.

  1. Research: you have to know what works well against back pain. What types of mattresses work well for each sleeping position, and what mattress brands offer high quality mattresses for a good price.
  2. Trying out different mattresses: this is the second step. After you’ve done your research (which by the way, you’re already doing if you’re reading this site!), you’ll already have a certain type of mattress in mind. Now all you have to do is try out a couple of different mattresses to see which one makes you sleep the best.

Now, you might wonder how it’s possible to try out several mattresses for real. After all, you can’t just go into a bedding store and ask the staff if you can sleep over for a couple of nights.

No, you want to try out the mattress from the comfort of your own home. That’s the only way to find out if it offers you the back pain relief that you’re searching for.

online buy mattress
The most important thing when buying a mattress is that you can test it in the comfort of your own home.

Order a mattress online so you can take advantage of the sleeping trial period

Before this used to be a problem, but since the arrival of the internet, things have become a lot easier. You can order many mattresses online, and test them out for a trial period of 50-100 days! Then, after you’ve found out if the mattress offers enough relief, you can either decide to keep it – or to return it.

Now, be sure to check the company return policy. Each company uses a different trial period. With some you still have to pay the delivery costs when you return the mattress. And with some they offer you a complete refund of every single cent you paid for the mattress.

But, by ordering a mattress online, you can easily take advantage of the trial period to find out if the mattress suits your needs. On top of that, you wont’ have to deal with the trouble of getting the mattress into your home – which can be a real problem if you suffer from back pain.

Best mattress back pain articles on this site:

As you might have already noticed, there are several categories on this site. One of them is called “Best Mattresses for Back Pain”. The reason for this is that many people suffer from back problems.

back problems mattress
The right mattress can be a game changer if you suffer from back problems.

And since the right mattress can have a huge impact on the way you feel your back, the topic simply ha to be included on a site about sleeping. And so far, I’ve already written quite a bit of helpful articles about mattresses & back pain. Take a look at the list below.

Here’s a short overview of the best back pain articles on the site:

  • How firm should your mattress be – in this article we take an in-depth look at how firm your mattress should be. When you suffer from back pain, your mattress needs to be on the firmer side. But did you know that your favorite sleeping position (back, side or stomach) has a profound influence on how firm your mattress should be? Find out everything you need to know about firmness of your mattress in this article.
  • Best mattress back pain 1: Serta 14 inch gel-foam memory mattress – if you suffer from back pain, I highly recommend you read this review. It will show you exactly why the Serta 14 inch gel-foam memory mattress can offer you relief from back pain.
  • Best mattress back pain 2: Sealy Posturepedic mattress – you might have heard about the Sealy Posturepedic mattresses before. Read this review to find out how they can help you find a cure for back pain & how to sleep more comfortable.

I highly recommend you read the above articles. They will give you lots of new insights in your back problem. You will also find out what a good back pain relieving mattress looks like.

If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to leave a comment. I’d be glad to help you find a cure for your back problem!

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