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Helix vs Leesa Mattress: Detailed Guide to Picking the Right One for You

helix vs leesa mattressI often get questions from readers who are doubting between 2 different mattresses. After all, there are many mattresses nowadays that, on the surface, look the same. So which one is the better option? That’s why today we’re going to discuss the Helix vs Leesa mattress.

We’ll put up an analysis what mattress is better. And at the end well recommend you – based on what you value most while sleeping – what the best choice would be for you.

So, let’s get started!

Helix vs Leesa mattress: which is the better option?

Both mattresses are made from exceptional quality materials. The Leesa mattress is a mattress that was created to universally appeal to all people. It has 3 featured premium foam layers that give you the right feel to sleep on. The Helix mattress on the other hand is a mattress that can be custom built. So if you like to sleep on a firmer part of the bed, while your significant other prefers to sleep on a softer part – then you can customize the mattress that it has both.

Down below I’ll list what I liked about each specific mattress. Now, before you continue reading, I want you to ask yourself what the most important thing is that you want your new mattress to have.

Is it that you suffer from back pain on your current mattress – and do you want to get rid of the pain?

Or are you currently dissatisfied with your mattress because it’s too firm – and you’re sleeping uncomfortable?

There are thousands of reasons why a person could want a new mattress, and it’s very important to know beforehand what your reason is. So you can be on the lookout for the mattress that satisfies your needs best.

It might sound obvious, but it takes a couple of minutes to find the answer (or a short talk with your spouse), and it can save you a lot of trouble that picking the wrong mattress might cause.

helix mattress vs leesa mattress
Suffering from back pain? Or is your mattress not comfortable enough? By finding out first what you need the most in your new mattress will help you a lot finding the right one for your needs.

What I like about the Helix mattress: customization

The main thing that’s great about the Helix mattress is that it can be customized. Now, you might wonder what customization for a mattress can mean. And the answer is quite simple. You see, like we discussed in the introduction, it can happen that you prefer a different type of mattress than your spouse.

Now, you’re probably not going to buy 2 different twin size mattresses. That would create one of those uncomfortable gaps in the middle. Plus you’d have to account for eventual height differences. Oh, it will also be more expensive than buying just 1 large mattress for the two of you.

So when you order the Helix mattress, you’ll receive a questionnaire beforehand. You get to fill in what the specifications are that you want in the mattress. Think about firmness (softer, or harder), possible cooling layers and a ton of different extra’s that can be built into mattresses.

What I like about the Leesa mattress: comfort + charity

The Leesa mattress has become quite famous for their giving pledge. They state on their website that for every 10 mattresses that they sell, they donate 1 to a homeless shelter. Now, I don’t know about you, but with me it always resonates when a company also gives something back to society. That they don’t only care about getting as much money for itself, but that it actually takes a part of that money and makes life better for those less fortunate than us.

So that’s the first thing I wanted to talk about. But, of course it’s also very important how well it sleeps. The Leesa mattress is a mattress that will give you a comfortable sleep. What that means is that the 3 layers that it was built with are made in such a way that it offers you the most comfort possible. Here they are:

  • 2’’ top layer that keeps you cool and conforms to your body
  • A 2’’ memory foam layers that relieves pressure on painful points (like a good memory foam mattress)
  • The 6’’ base layer offers support and durability

So you’ve got a 10-inch mattress that makes sure that your body gets all the support and comfort that it needs.

Another thing I also like about Leesa is that they offer you a 100-night sleeping trial. What that means is that you won’t have to base your decision on some 5-minute showroom mattress. After you order the mattress, you’ll have 100 nights to be checking out how it sleeps.

If you enjoy it – perfect, you’ve found the right mattress for you. And if you don’t – you can send the mattress back without any problem whatsoever.

Especially when ordering your mattress online it’s important that a mattress has a trial like this. After all, it’s very difficult to base your opinion about how well you sleep on it until a couple of nights have passed. And I think the Leesa mattress does a good job of offering you 100 nights to try it out.

Here’s what to base your decision on:

Good, by now you might’ve already made a decision on the Helix vs Leesa mattress. But if you haven’t, here are some questions that can help you:

  • Does your partner prefer a firmer (or softer) mattress than you do? Helix mattress
  • Do you want comfort above all? Leesa mattress
  • Do you believe that companies should give something back to society? Leesa mattress

Final verdict Helix vs Leesa mattress

So, there you have it. A complete follow up on the Helix vs Leesa mattress choice. Chances are, that you’ll want more information about each of these mattresses. If yes, then you can check out the links below.


Click here to check out the Helix mattress!



Or click here to learn more about the Leesa mattress!



P.S. Quick summary of the Helix vs Leesa mattress:

  • If you want a custom mattress -> Helix is for you.
  • If you want to sleep comfortable and want a mattress that appeals universally -> the Leesa mattress will suit you better.
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Serta Mattress Company: Producing Mattresses That You Can Rely on

serta mattress companyChances are, if you’re looking for a good mattress, that you’ve heard about the Serta mattress company. Why? Because the company is a very successful company in the mattress field. They started producing their first mattresses in 1931. And now, more than 80 years later, they’ve become one of the most successful mattress companies in the U.S.

So, if you want to find out more about the Serta mattress company and why their mattresses are so comfortable, then continue reading this article. In it I will also give you a couple of examples of mattresses that I consider to be some of the absolute best they’ve ever produced.

Serta is one of the few companies that have been around for a long time and there are thousands of people all over the world who know exactly why that is. They produce mattresses of the highest quality for good prices.

Serta mattress company

So, let’s start with a quick history lesson. The company was founded in 1931 in Illinois. Now, in 2017 they produce their mattresses in more than 100 countries all over the world.

The first mattress that they produced was called the Perfect Sleeper mattress. It was their first commercial success and they followed it up with the Sertapedic mattress in 1950. The tagline of the mattress was “You sleep ON it, not in it!”.

Over the course of the last decade they have invented many recognized sleeping technologies, such as:

  • The continues coil innerspring in 1980, offering amazing support for your body
  • The iComfort sleeping system that offers a all-in-one solution for those who want to experience amazingly restorative sleep.
  • Gel memory foam technologies, that comfort to your body and offer support for your spine and joints.

So as you can see, the Serta mattress company has been a pioneer on many fronts. And that is exactly the reason why they are so popular this day and age.

Types of Serta mattresses

Since Serta has always wanted to offer everyone a mattress that suits their personal needs, they have produced many different types of mattress. They range from mattresses that are designed for overweight people, to mattresses that are amazing for those with back problems.

serta mattress reviews
Back problems can ruin the quality of your life. Luckily, sleeping on the right mattress can do wonders for your back health!

Whatever your specific sleeping situation is, Serta has the right mattress for you. Or if you have specific needs because you sleep in a certain position or experience aches in your spine or joints – Serta has a mattress that will give you the best nights of sleep you’ve ever had.

On the contrary, it’s just that these mattresses are made for a different target audience. They are still made with excellent high-quality materials. The only thing is that might have less extras such as an extra firmness pad around the edges of the mattress. But for the rest, each Serta mattress guarantees you a refreshing night.

As you might know, I’ve written many mattress reviews on Sleep Investor. And I also wrote some reviews about Serta mattresses that I consider the absolute best the company has ever produced.

To make thing simple for you, I’ve chosen the top 2 models in two categories:

  • Regular mattresses
  • Air mattresses

So, feel free to read up on the one that interest you. For most, this will be the regular mattresses, but if you ever find yourself going to a friend’s house and need a good mattress to sleep over there – then a good quality air mattress is exactly the right thing that you need!

Regular mattresses

As far as regular mattresses go, the Serta iComfort is the absolute king. not only does it offer you unparalleled comfort in terms of how cozy you’ll sleep on it, but it also offers you amazing support for your entire body.

What this means is that it’s a great mattress both for those who suffer from back problems and also for those who want to experience amazingly refreshing nights of sleep.

The reason why this mattress is so effective for both types of people is because it contains 4 unique layers that together create the optimal sleeping circumstances.

If you want to find out more how this exactly works, then you can read my entire review about the Serta iComfort mattress here.

serta mattress company reviews
The Serta iComfort from the Serta mattress company is one of their most popular mattresses!

Air mattresses

Another category of mattresses are the so-called air mattresses. These are mattresses that can be inflated with air. They are easy to transport and do not take up a lot of space. They are also very light and are great for the following situations:

  • You’re going to stay the night at a friends’ or families’ place but they don’t have an extra bed where you can sleep in. No problem, just bring your air mattress!
  • And of course from the other side: if guests are often coming over and you don’t have an extra guest room to accommodate them. Then having a good quality air mattress close is a life saver!

Unfortunately, most air mattresses are of low quality. this causes them to get flat during the night or be generally uncomfortable to sleep in.

But not the Serta air mattress! This mattress was made with the same care as all the regular mattress from the Serta mattress company. This means that the mattress offers great comfort and support for your body – even if you’re not sleeping in the comfort of your own home!

For more information about the Serta air mattress, please read my comprehensive review here.

serta air mattress
The Serta air mattress is great if you don’t want to end up on a friend’s couch!

Where to get a Serta mattress?

After you’ve read all this valuable information, you’re probably curious where you can get a Serta mattress for a good price.

Well, the good news is that you can order every Serta mattress online! So you don’t have to go through great effort to transport the mattress to your own home.

So if you too want to experience the amazing comfort of the Serta mattresses, then click here to buy one for yourself!

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Tuft Needle Mattress: Best Rated Mattress + 100 Nights Risk-Free Trial

tuft needle mattress for back painWhen you’re looking to buy a mattress, there are over a hundred different things you can choose between. Memory foam, spring coils, double layers, latex and a whole lot more. But do you really need all these fancy ingredients to sleep well?  Or is it just fancy marketing to get you to pay a higher price? Today we’re going to find out exactly that by reviewing the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain.

It’s a mattress that’s exclusively available online, and it’s one of the top rated mattress on Amazon. The reason for that is that they focus on creating simple but very high-quality mattresses! I

And you can see exactly how that will benefit you, as a customer looking for a premium mattress for a good price!

“Tuft & Needle offers you a full 100 night risk-free sleep trial. This means that you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home!

About Tuft & Needle

Before we dive into the mattress, let’s quickly discuss the Tuft & Needle company. You see, their goal is to provide you with great sleep quality – for a low price.

The Tuft & Needle story started when one of the founder, J. Marino just got married. He was looking for a great mattress for him and his spouse.

But, when they were looking fo a good one, they were blown away (in a bad way) by all the differences between mattresses. Why was picking the right mattress so difficult?  Thousands of choices, fancy techniques and over-hyped names…. but was it all necessary?

Or are these all just a modern way to get you to pay more money for a mattress?

That’s when he, together with a friend decided to start Tuft & Needle. With a focus on simplicity, high sleep quality and customer experience,  Tuft & Needle started producing their mattresses.

Tuft & Needle believes in:

  • Truth and transparency in product & pricing
  • No Middleman Markups or unnecessary complexity
  • One mattress model perfected from customer feedback

If you’re curious about the mattress itself, please continue reading! But first a small teaser of what you can expect when you buy a Tuft Needle mattress for back pain

Tuft Needle mattress specifications

if you like to know what exactly is in the mattress, here’s a concise list of specifications of the Tuft Needle mattress:

  • It’s 10 inches thick.
  • You can buy the mattress in each size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King & California king (find out more).
  • Each mattress is made in the U.S.A.
  • For your purchase, you get a 100 nights risk-free sleeping trial – so you can find out exactly if the mattress is right for you!
  • It’s a simple mattress: it only consists of 4 distinct ingredients with each its own purpose.


tuft needle mattress
Simplicity is key – that’s why you’ll only find 4 parts in each Tuft Needle mattress!

Two types of people who’ll love to sleep on a Tuft Needle mattress for back pain:

Chances are, that you’ll resonate with one of the 2 types of people who really enjoy Tuft & Needles mattresses. Take a look and see if you can identify:

  • You prefer simple mattresses over too complicated mattresses with unnecessary options.
  • You like to try out a mattress for some time to see if it really suits your body.

If you’re anything like most people looking for a good mattress, you prefer a good all-inclusive mattress over an expensive one with unnecessary layers and options. And that is exactly what you’ll get when you buy a Tuft Needle mattress!

tuft needle mattresses reviews
Deceivingly simple, the Tuft & Needle will give you great nights sleep!

5 Tuft & Needle benefits

#1 Top rated mattress by more than 10,000 people

Because Tuft & Needle doesn’t have their own stores and only sells on the internet (this saves a ton of costs – that are all passed on to you!), you can find them on Amazon.

Amazon is famous for their reviews. And if you check the Tuft & Needle page there, you’ll quickly be amazed by the amount of 5 star reviews that honest customers have given them!

Thousands of  people are very satisfied with the Tuft Needle mattress – and you can be one of them!

On top of that, the company won an award for their amazing customer service in 2015! So, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands when you buy one of their mattresses.

#2 High quality mattress that make you sleep better

Simplicity is key. With only 4 ingredients, the Tuft & Needle mattresses are very comfortable. Not only do they offer amazing sleep comfort, but they are also designed in a way that gives you optimal back support.

Too many mattress are either very comfortable, but offer few to no back support.

Or they’re great for your back – but it’s hell sleeping on them.

Tuft & Needle has found the golden means. The Tuft needle mattress for back pain is both very comfortable and gives you great back support!

How did they dot that? The answer is simple. They achieved this by using…

#3 Adaptive foam (better than memory foam)

They use a new type of foam called adaptive foam in the mattress. This foam is more advanced than other outdated technologies such as latex or memory foam.

Memory foam often causes you to sink in the mattress. And this makes it too hot and uncomfortable to sleep in.

However, by using adaptive foam, the mattress is perfectly in between *not too soft, but also not too firm*. On top of that, it keeps the temperature at an optimal level, so you won’t feel too warm or too cold.

You’ll sleep like never before on a Tuft Needle mattress!

tuft & needle company
The mattress is not too soft and not too firm – it’s exactly the way you need it.

#4 Made in the U.S.A with a 10 year warranty

Many other mattress companies outsource the production to some overseas factory. This can decrease the quality of the mattress. Sometimes they even use inferior products than they would in the U.S.

That’s why all Tuft & Needle mattresses are made in the U.S.A – to give you the highest possible sleep experience possible!

On top of that, the mattress also comes with an iron-clad 10 year warranty. What this means is that if anything is wrong with it, you can actually use this warranty to return the mattress.

But you probably won´t have to. More than 95% of customers keep their Tuft Needle mattress. (and that is including the 100 nights that you can try out the mattress to see if it suits you!)

Speaking about that testing period…

#5 Try it out risk-free with the 100 night sleep trial!

I’ve said it before already a couple of times – but it’s worth repeating:

The Tuft Needle mattress comes with a 100 nights risk-free sleeping trial. So you can test the mattress in the comfort of your own home to see whether you like the mattress or not!

If you’ve ever gone mattress shopping in a retail store, then you’re familiar with the awkward ‘5 minutes test runs’. Not only is it very difficult to get a good feeling for how you’d sleep on it – but it’s also a waste of time.

In order to find out if a mattress is right for you, you need to try it out in your natural sleeping environment. Not in a mattress store.

tuft needle trial
Order the Tuft & Needle mattress now & experience amazing comfort without any risk whatsoever!

So here’s how it goes.

  1. You order the Tuft Needle mattress
  2. After you receive it, the mattress needs around 24 hours to expand to its full size.
  3. You try out the mattress for 100 nights.
  4. If you sleep well – great, you can keep the mattress!
  5. If you’re not satisfied – no problem, you can simply return it and Tuft & Needle will refund you every penny you’ve paid for it!

There literally is no excuse not to try out the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain! 

How others sleep on the mattress

If you’re curious how others sleep on the mattress, you can read what countless other happy sleepers say about the mattress here!

“My doctor recommended me to check out Tuft & Needle mattress for back pain after I complained to him about spine issues that were getting worse and worse. I figured I had nothing to lose with their free sleep trial, so I decided to give it a go. And already after 23 nights I knew I made the right decision! My back pain is gone and I wake up with more energy than ever before. Thank you Tuft & Needle!”

– S. Jefferson


“With some many different mattresses available I was getting very confused. They all kind of seemed the same to me. Then I heard about the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain through a friend. She said it was one of the best mattresses she ever slept on – for a regular price. I decided to order one and I have not regretted it all!”

– Sarah


Best place to buy a Tuft Needle mattress for back pain

As we’ve discussed before. Tuft & Needle only sells their mattresses online, so it can give you a better price.

Additionally, they’ve made an arrangement with Amazon. What this means is that:

  • The 100 night risk-free trial only applies if you buy it from Amazon.

So, if you too want to try out what it feels to experience amazing sleep quality…

… then click here to get the Tuft Needle mattress & try it out RISK-FREE for 100 nights!

tuft needle mattress reviews



P.S. As I said before: the 100 nights sleeping trial only applies on Amazon! So don’t wait any longer and get the Tuft Needle mattress for back pain now!

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Best Mattress Back Pain: Is There a Cure for Your Back Problems?

best mattress back painBack pain can have a drastic impact on the quality of your life. Think about it, when you experience back pain at night you wake up frequently, and struggle to find a good sleep position. And if you find yourself with an aching back during the day, your attention will be constantly focused on the pain. You need to find a solution against this. And one of the easiest solutions for back pain is a good mattress. Find out on this page what the best mattress back pain can help resolve.

Best mattress back pain

The type of mattress that you sleep on can have profound influence on your back. If you experience back pain, sleeping on the wrong mattress (e.g. too soft) can worsen your problems.

That’s why it is very important that you sleep on a good mattress. As you’re sitting there with an aching back, it might seem pretty unclear to you what a good mattress is for back pain. However, it’s actually pretty simple. Continue reading to find out how you can decide on a good mattress for your back.

What to look for in a mattress if you suffer from back pain

You spend one-third of your life. And that’s why the right mattress is something that you should invest in. However, most adults don’t go that far when looking for a mattress. Either they’re alright with a mattress that comes included with their bed, or they just buy one of the first ones they try out in a mattress store.

For most this is alright. However, if you suffer from back pain – the game changes.

back pain mattress
If you suffer from back pain, you need a firm mattress that offers stable support for your spine.

What this means is that a good mattress for relieving back should:

  • Offer ample support for your entire back (upper, middle and lower spine).
  • Be firm, so it can stabilize your spine (how firm your mattress needs to be, I’ll explain later)
  • Be comfortable, so you can sleep without pain and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Relieve pressure points along your spine and joints.

As you can see, there are quite some things you ave to keep in mind when looking for a good mattress that supports your back. But it’s not as difficult as it seems. In the following paragraphs I’ll explain you the best strategy to go about picking the right mattress for your sleeping needs.

How to find the right mattress

Finding the right mattress that will help you find relief from back problems can be a long process. But it can be divided into 2 core things.

  1. Research: you have to know what works well against back pain. What types of mattresses work well for each sleeping position, and what mattress brands offer high quality mattresses for a good price.
  2. Trying out different mattresses: this is the second step. After you’ve done your research (which by the way, you’re already doing if you’re reading this site!), you’ll already have a certain type of mattress in mind. Now all you have to do is try out a couple of different mattresses to see which one makes you sleep the best.

Now, you might wonder how it’s possible to try out several mattresses for real. After all, you can’t just go into a bedding store and ask the staff if you can sleep over for a couple of nights.

No, you want to try out the mattress from the comfort of your own home. That’s the only way to find out if it offers you the back pain relief that you’re searching for.

online buy mattress
The most important thing when buying a mattress is that you can test it in the comfort of your own home.

Order a mattress online so you can take advantage of the sleeping trial period

Before this used to be a problem, but since the arrival of the internet, things have become a lot easier. You can order many mattresses online, and test them out for a trial period of 50-100 days! Then, after you’ve found out if the mattress offers enough relief, you can either decide to keep it – or to return it.

Now, be sure to check the company return policy. Each company uses a different trial period. With some you still have to pay the delivery costs when you return the mattress. And with some they offer you a complete refund of every single cent you paid for the mattress.

But, by ordering a mattress online, you can easily take advantage of the trial period to find out if the mattress suits your needs. On top of that, you wont’ have to deal with the trouble of getting the mattress into your home – which can be a real problem if you suffer from back pain.

Best mattress back pain articles on this site:

As you might have already noticed, there are several categories on this site. One of them is called “Best Mattresses for Back Pain”. The reason for this is that many people suffer from back problems.

back problems mattress
The right mattress can be a game changer if you suffer from back problems.

And since the right mattress can have a huge impact on the way you feel your back, the topic simply ha to be included on a site about sleeping. And so far, I’ve already written quite a bit of helpful articles about mattresses & back pain. Take a look at the list below.

Here’s a short overview of the best back pain articles on the site:

  • How firm should your mattress be – in this article we take an in-depth look at how firm your mattress should be. When you suffer from back pain, your mattress needs to be on the firmer side. But did you know that your favorite sleeping position (back, side or stomach) has a profound influence on how firm your mattress should be? Find out everything you need to know about firmness of your mattress in this article.
  • Best mattress back pain 1: Serta 14 inch gel-foam memory mattress – if you suffer from back pain, I highly recommend you read this review. It will show you exactly why the Serta 14 inch gel-foam memory mattress can offer you relief from back pain.
  • Best mattress back pain 2: Sealy Posturepedic mattress – you might have heard about the Sealy Posturepedic mattresses before. Read this review to find out how they can help you find a cure for back pain & how to sleep more comfortable.

I highly recommend you read the above articles. They will give you lots of new insights in your back problem. You will also find out what a good back pain relieving mattress looks like.

If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to leave a comment. I’d be glad to help you find a cure for your back problem!

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Best Firm Mattress Back Pain: How Firm Should Your Mattress Be?

best firm mattress back painSleeping on a wrong mattress can cause back pain or make it worse. Every person has his own sleeping posture, and therefore it’s important that your mattress fits the way you sleep. Now, if you experience back pain while sleeping, you know that you need a firm mattress to keep your spine in he right position. But what’s the best firm mattress back pain needs?

Now, sleeping on the wrong mattress can worsen back pain. In general, if you experience issues with your back, you should opt for a firmer mattress. Since everyone is different, there doesn’t exist a perfect mattress that suits everyone.

That’s why you can find several different mattresses on this page. I recommend you check out each of them.

Best firm mattress back pain

The best strategy to find a mattress that suits your body and sleeping needs can be defined as follows:

  • Try out several different mattresses with each its own firmness (medium to very firm)
  • Try them in the comfort of your own home.

Now, before it used to be pretty difficult to try out a lot of mattresses in the comfort of your own home. However, with the arrival of the internet, you can now order a mattress online. And with virtually every mattress comes a test period. What this means is that you can sleep on the mattress for 50-100 days, see if you like it and if your back feels better.

If the mattress doesn’t help, you can return it within the trial period and get all your money back. Be sure to check the policies around this for each different mattress, as the trial period differs between companies. Also, some companies offer a complete refund, while with others you only have to pay the delivery costs.

What to look for in a mattress if you have back pain

If you suffer from back pain, you need a different mattress than people who do not suffer from it. That is very logical. However, most sites that compare mattresses do not take this not account in their comparisons. If you experience back issues, you need a mattress that supports your back (and spine).

Here’s a category based approach (based on what type of sleeper you are)

  • Back sleeper: for back sleepers you need a mattress that is firm enough to support your lower spine. However, it shouldn’t be too firm, as that will put your spine in an unnatural position. Medium to firm mattresses tend to be the right option.
  • Side sleeper: if you’re a side sleeper, the most important thing is that the mattress also offer support for your shoulders and hips
  • Front sleeper people who sleep on their stomach should opt for a firmer mattress. This is especially true if you sleep on your stomach because your lower back hurts when you sleep on your back.

Now, if you tend to sleep in a combination of these 3 styles (like most people), then it’s good to choose a mattress with memory foam. The reason for this is that this offers the most support and comfort, while keeping tossing and turning under control.

Try out several different mattresses

Like we discussed before, a good way to find out which best firm mattress back pain can help resolve is to try out several different mattresses. Now, I do recommend you make an educated guess based on the suggestions in the previous paragraph.

So if you’re  back sleeper, go for a medium to firm mattress. A medium mattress for side sleepers and a firm one for those wo sleep on their back.

This will offer you the most comfort and relieve from back pain. And if you sleep in a combination of these styles, please check whether the mattress has memory foam installed. This will help reduce the movement between sleeping positions and will make switching positions very easy and comfortable.

Now, to help you on your way, I’ve found 2 different mattress that can greatly reduce back pain. These 2 mattresses are a great choice if you want relief from back pain. You will experience deeper sleep and wake up more refreshed with a good mattress that supports your body and back.

Best firm mattress back pain – 2 options

Serta 14 inch gel-memory foam mattress

This mattress is a medium to firm one. It has 4 unique foam layers installed in it. That’s why it’s a great choice if you suffer from back pain and you sleep on your back.

Each layer in this mattress is designed so that the mattress will optimally support your spine and body when you sleep on your back.

serta mattress 14 inch
Each layer is designed to give your spine optimal support while sleeping

The Serta 14 inch gel-memory foam mattress is the #1 choice for people who experience back and sleep on their back. Read my full review about this comfortable Serta mattress & find out more benefits that this innovative mattress has to offer.

Sealy Posturepedic mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is a more firm mattress. It’s less thick than the Serta 14 inch mattress, but that doesn’t mean that it is less strong. The unique embrace coil system allows for unknown stability in the mattress.

On top of that, the mattress is also reinforced around the center. This means that the Sealy Posturepedic mattress offers extra support for your lower spine and hips. It also gives the body extra support when getting up. The extra padding allows you to easily sit on the side of the bed.

sealy posturepedic back pain
If you’re a stomach sleeper and you suffer from back issues – the Sealy Posturepedic mattress will offer relief.

If you experience lower back issues and you’re a stomach sleeper then the Sealy Posturepedic mattress is the best choice for you. Read my comprehensive guide on this firm mattress,  & find out how this mattress helps you get relief from back pain.

Final verdict on best firm mattress back pain

Back pain can have a devastating effect on your life. Not only is it the type of pain that you’re virtually always feeling, but it can also drastically decrease the quality of your life.

With back pain, you sleep worse, it’s more difficult to do the fun active things that you used to do and every moment can feel like agony.

If you suffer from back pain, I highly recommend you check out the 2 mattresses that I described on this page. You’ll feel the difference. That’s for sure.


P.S. Quick recap. Back and side sleepers should go for the Serta 14 inch gel-memory foam mattress . And stomach sleepers will get the most relief from back pain with the Sealy Posturepedic mattress.

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Serta Mattress Reviews: New 4-Layer Technique Offers Back Pain Relief

serta 12 inch mattressEver experienced back pain while sleeping? If you are like most of the adult population in the world, them you sometimes suffer from bad sleep. And the number 1 cause of bad sleep is pain in the back. Fortunately, there are many remedies for this. So if you suffer from back (or neck) pain while sleeping, be sure to read these about the Serta mattress for back pain.

Note: the main cause of back pain while sleeping is a soft mattress. If you experience pain in your back, chances are this is because you have been sleeping on a soft mattress for a long time. You need a medium to firm mattress to make sure your back gets the optimal support it needs. 

Serta mattress for back pain: info about the company Serta

Serta has been around for more than 80 years. It’s a U.S. based company and their mission is to give people the best nights sleep they’ve ever had. They make mattresses in more than a 100 countries already, so if you’re not living in the U.S. you can still get a good mattress from Serta.

Every Serta mattress is designed to give you optimal comfort. And you can find their products in many categories. They have mattresses that are great for people who are overweight, for people who suffer from chronic back pain, but also for those who want a mattress that molds exactly to their own body. This way, whatever type of mattress you’re looking for – Serta has a mattress that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Serta mattress specifications

In these Serta mattress reviews we’ll be discussing a very specific model. The Serta 14 inch memory foam gel mattress. Why? Because it’s one of the most effective mattresses in the Serta collection against back pain. You’ll quickly find out why – here are the specifications of the Serta 14 inch memory foam gel mattress:

  • The mattress has an extra thick 14 inch layers that is built up from 4 different sub layers. Each has its own function (we’ll get to that later in the benefits section – check benefit #1)
  • The mattress is medium-firm. As said before, medium or firm is the preferable choice when you experience back pain in your sleep.
  • Each mattress has a 20 year warranty – for more info, check this page.
serta 14 inch mattress
This is how the Serta 14 inch memory foam gel mattress will look like after you receive it.

2 types of people who’ll love to sleep on a Serta mattress for back pain

In my experience, there are two different types of people that’ll love to sleep on this Serta mattress. See if you can identify:

  • You have trouble sleeping because of back/neck pain. As said before, back and neck pain are very common issues. The best way to help your body sleep in the right posture is to get a medium to firm mattress. This will ensure that your spine gets the optimal support it needs while you are sleeping.
  • You have weight problems. Many people who suffer from obesity need good strong mattresses. They need a mattress that can support their weight. The reason for this is because soft mattresses (or those that aren’t thick or strong enough) will give in sooner or later. This will make it very difficult for you to have the right posture and can cause back problems.

5 Serta mattress benefits

#1 Serta uses 4 different unique layers to support your body

In this memory foam mattress, you’ll find 4 different layers. Each is designed to give your body optimal support so you can sleep well through the night. Here a short and descriptive overview of each layer:

  1. Lower layer. The bottom 8 inches are the support foam layer. This is where most of the firmness from the mattress comes from. it is the foundation for a long-lasting and comfortable mattress.
  2. lower middle layer. The ActivAir foam layer. This 3 inch layer is responsible for adding breathability and airflow to the mattress. What does this mean? It means that the mattress will have the optimal temperature for your body. It will not become too hot like so many other mattress.
  3. Upper middle layer. This is where the 2 inch premium memory foam is installed. It is responsible for added cushion and providing ultimate support and distribution for your body weight.
  4. Top layer. A 1 inch gel-memory foam layer that offers amazing comfort for your body. Be prepared to be so comfortable, you don’t even want to get up in the morning!
serta mattress for back pain
The Serta mattress has 4 layers. Each layer has its own unique function and offers cradling comfort and support for your body. Many people choose to sleep on the Serta mattress for back pain.

#2 Get great nights of sleep with the latest memory foam techniques

As you’ve seen in the previous paragraph, the Serta mattress for back pain uses exclusive memory foam techniques. Because of this your body will have the perfect support when you’re sleeping. It will also make sure that your body will lie very comfortable.

Especially the top 2 layers are responsible for this support and comfort. And if you’re suffering from back pain, you’ll know that support and comfort are the main things that you’re looking for in a good mattress. Not only will you sleep better (comfort), you’ll also feel less pain because the memory foam gel helps your body sleep in a stable position.

#3 No more tossing and turning

Have you ever experienced pain in a certain point of your body while sleeping? If you have, then you’re not alone. many people experience 1 or 2 specific pain points in their sleep. This causes tossing and turning, since you want to find the right position for your body to sleep in.

The 4 layers remove pain points from the mattress. This means that each point in the bed will have its own support. So you’ll no longer be tossing and turning to find the right position. Because the Serta mattress gives each part of your body the right support that it needs.

Sleep mattress
You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed on a Serta mattress for back pain!

#4 Reduces impact from partner’s movements

Sleeping with a partner is a great thing. You’ll be able to relax more before sleep, and this can help you to fall asleep better. however, some people find that they wake up when their partner moves. This can be a big problem on soft or medium mattresses, since the motions of your partner go through the entire bed.

The Serta mattress has an in-built motion control system. This means that you’ll no longer wake up from your partner’s movements. It is thanks to this reduced motion transfer that the so many people choose for this mattress in Serta mattress reviews.

#5 Relieves back pain and promotes proper spinal alignment

Another great benefit of the mattress. Chances are, if you’re on this page, that you’re suffering from back issues. Since you sleep for about one-third of your life, it’s very important to take control of back issue problems as soon as possible.

If you continue sleeping on a sift mattress, or a mattress that does not give your back and spine the optimal support that they need. Then you can make your back issues even worse. The 4 layer-system in the Serta 14 inch memory foam mattress will help support your body and spine.

This medium to firm mattress will be a game changer if you suffer from back pain. I highly recommend trying it out to see how well it reduces pain in your back.

Serta mattress reviews from others:

“Used to suffer from back problems for years. I was sleeping on a soft mattress that came with my bed. After I found out that soft mattress can make back pain worse, I decided to go look for a firmer one right away. I heard about the Serta mattress for back pain from a friend of mine and after I looked up some serta mattress reviews on the internet I ordered one from the internet. First 2 days the mattress had to get a feeling for my body. but now my sleep is amazing. My back pain is almost gone, and I’ve only been sleeping on it for 3 weeks now!”

– Nick


“Back pain can ruin your live. I know it did for me. Every step I took during the day hurted my back. I knew I had to find a solution. My sleep was suffering the most so i decided to look there what could help me. My doctor recommended Serta so I trusted him and got a mattress. Well, he was right! I feel my back pain get less and less each day!”

– Joanne

Where to buy a Serta mattress for back pain?

Now that you’ve read my Serta mattress reviews, you’re probably curious where you can get a good deal on this amazing mattress.

If you suffer from back pain, and you want a great mattress for a good price that will help you sleep better and relieve back issues…

… then click here to buy the Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress & start sleeping without back pain!


buy serta mattress


P.S. Enjoyed reading about the Serta mattress for back pain? Click here to  check out the price of the Serta Mattress!

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Sealy Posturepedic Mattress: Get Rid of Back Pain & Sleep Comfortably

sealy posturepedic mattress for back painWhen was the last time you slept an entire night without waking up from pain in your body? If you’re like most adults, then you suffer from back pain while sleeping. It might not be a big problem now, but back pain usually tends to get worse over the years if you don’t do anything about it. That’s why I wrote this Sealy Posturepedic Mattress review – to help you find out crucial information so you can sleep better without any back pain whatsoever. Find out why thousands of others are sleeping on the Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain.

NOTE:  Many people suffer from back pain. It is therefore very important that you have a firm mattress that supports your body. After all, you spent a third of your life in bed. And you only have one body. Take care of your life and body by having the right mattress that takes care of your back.

Some information about the Sealy company

Sealy was founded in 1881 in Sealy, Texas. Founder Daniel Haynes created his first custom mattress for a client of his. This worked so well, that soon the entire town wanted a mattress from Daniel. And in 1950 the Sealy company introduced its first Sealy Posturepedic mattress.

The company has always worked to innovate their mattresses, so that they offer amazing back support. They have many registered patents on their name and they work closely together with orthopedic surgeons. This ensures that all their mattresses really give you the best sleep you can get – especially if your suffer from a bad back.

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress specifications

So, now that we know that the Sealy Posturepedic mattress is designed with supporting your back in mind, let’s quickly discuss the specifics of this mattress:

  • It has a 10.5 inch firm mattress, that utilizes the patented Sealy Embrace Coil system for complete support and reduced motion transfer.
  • On top is a 2.5 inch Solid Edge system that reinforces the sleeping area. This part feels the weight of your body and adjusts accordingly.
  • In the middle of the mattress, there is a Core Support mat. This is a reinforced gel foam layer that gives extra support for your core.
  • The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is made in the USA.
  • It’s available in the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.
  • You get a 10 year warranty on the mattress.

If you want to find out all the specifics of the Sealy Posturepedic mattress, please watch this video from the Sealy company. In it they’ll explain you everything you need to know if you suffer from back and thinking of buying a firm full-support mattress.

This video about the Sealy Posturepedic mattress explains you everything you need to know how the mattress supports your back.

Two types of people that’ll like to sleep on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress

I’ve found that the people who like to sleep on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress can generally be divided into 2 categories:

  • People who suffer from lower back pain. These people need a form mattress that completely supports their back. This helps them to sleep comfortably and without pain. The Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain is a great option.
  • People who are overweight. Most people whoa re overweight have an increased risk of back issues. That is because the extra weight puts a heavy stress on their backs. Even if you’re overweight and have no back issues, it’s a very safe choice to pick a mattress that supports your entire body.

If you suffer from back pain, or are overweight, then I highly recommend you to read further. I’ll give you the 5 top benefits that you’ll experience when you start sleeping on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress.

Benefits of sleeping on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain

#1 The firm mattress puts your body in an optimal sleeping position

When you sleep on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress, you’ll find that the firmness of the mattress will offer great support for your body. Especially if you experience back issues, or have some extra weight, it is important that you pick a firm mattress.

This will allow your body to stay in an optimal sleeping position. When you sleep on mattresses that are too soft, you’ll *fall* into the mattress as you sleep. This can hurt your optimal sleeping posture and cause more pain.

Now, some people ask whether the mattress stays as firm as it is in the beginning. This is a great question. The answer is that in the first couple of night the mattress can be a little too firm for your body. This is because it is just fresh out of the factory and needs some time to get accustomed to your body.

After a couple of days, you’ll find that the firmness fits your body exactly. It will stay this way for many years, thanks to the Sealy Embrace coiling in the mattress.

#2 You’ll experience restorative sleep

Because the Sealy Posturepedic mattress offers so much support, you’ll find that your nights become more comfortable. You’ll experience less pain at night, which means that you’ll be able to sleep with fewer interruptions.

And the fewer interruptions in your sleep, the better your sleep will be. Get ready to wake up once again with energy. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Combine that with a good-feeling back, and you’ll be amazed how a simple change of mattress can change your life for the better in so many little ways. You’ll sleep better, wake up with more energy, feel less back (and neck) pain.

sealy posturepedic mattresses reviews
Get ready to wake up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain!

#3 The CoreSupport will take all the stress of your spine while sleeping

Another great addition to the Sealy Posturepedic is the CoreSupport strip in the middle of the mattress. As you may have seen in the video, the CoreSupport strip takes about one-third of the mattress. It is based right in the center.

This means that the center of your body (spine, hips, core and upper legs) will have extra support from the mattress. This is very important, since these are usually the areas of the body where people need extra support.

The way it works is by an added band of reinforced gel. This not only offers the spine and core better support, but also makes sitting more comfortable. This is especially important if you feel you need extra support when getting up from your bed.

#4 The mattress comforts to your bodyweight, but still offers firm support

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is built up in 2 layers:

  • The ‘core’ part of the mattress (8 inches). This is where the main support comes from. This is the part where all the coils are installed. The coils are all facing a different direction. This reduce motion while sleeping.
  • The ‘topping’ of the mattress (2.5 inches). This is a reinforced border on the top of core mattress.

What you’ll find is that the core part is the main strength of the mattress. It gives the overall support and is responsible for the firmness.

The topping part however, responds to your bodyweight. It is the part of the mattress that feels your body and shapes the upper part in such a way, that is most comfortable for your body.

sealy mattresses
The mattress consists of 2 parts: the core mattress that offers support & the soft topping that adjusts to your body.

#5 You’ll experience less back pain

With all the previous benefits, the one thing that is for sure is that you’ll experience less back pain. If you’re suffering from pains and aches in your lower back, upper back, or even your neck – then you have to take action against this.

Back pain is something that only gets worse when you don’t do anything about it. That is why it’s important that you get the right mattress that actually supports your body and allows your spine to lie in its optimal position.

What you’ll experience sleeping on the Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain is that the firmness will allow your back to remain stable the whole night. And back stability is what you’ll need.

The reason many people suffer from back pain is because they sleep in too soft mattresses. By sleeping on a firm mattress that supports your entire body, you’ll experience less back pain.

Your back will be fully supported when you sleep. Not only will you feel less aches when you sleep, but you’ll also feel less pain during the day.  That is because your back also gets the chance to recover from a tough day.

Here’s what other say about the Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain

“I used to sleep on a soft mattress before. I work in an office so my posture is not too good. But after I bought the Sealy posturepedic mattress for back pain, my pains in my back started disappearing. It took a couple of nights to get used to my new mattress, but I’m already sleeping in it for 3 months – and I absolutely love it! No more back pain!”

– Jake


“I knew it was time for a change. For over 7 years I had been feeling my back more and more every day. Not only that, but because of the pain I stopped playing sports. I saw my weight creep up higher and higher. I decided to throw my soft mattress away and search for a new one that supported my back adn weight. Now, I’ve been sleeping on a Sealy mattress for over 2 years and my back pain is going away. On top of that, I’ve also started playing sports again and being active. Thank you Sealy!”

–  Maria

Where can you buy the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

If you want to take control of your back pain and wake up feeling refreshed again in the morning, I highly recommend you look into buying a Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain.

You’ll absolutely notice the difference.  And your back is one of the most important parts of your body. You’re sleeping for about one-third of your life, and you’d better spend that time in the optimal sleeping position!

So, if you’re experiencing back issues and want to take control of your sleep…

then get the Sealy Posturepedic mattress here & start sleeping pain-free!



P.S. Did you know that the mattress comes with a 10 year warranty? So, if anything might happen to it, don’t worry. Sealy is a great manufacturer of mattresses and takes care of their customers. Get your Sealy Posturepedic mattress for back pain here for a good price!