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Casper Mattress vs Tuft and Needle: Which Lets You Sleep the Best?

casper mattress vs tuft and needle mattressAnother frequent question I get from readers from the blog is the following: “I’ve read some good reviews about the Casper mattress and the Tuft & Needle mattress. But I’m unsure which one is best for me. Could you do an overview of which mattress is better for which type of persons?” So that’s exactly what you’ll find on this page. So if you too are struggling to make a decision between these two mattresses – then this Casper mattress vs Tuft and Needle comparison can help you out!

Note: every person is different and so every person requires a different type of mattress. Now, both mattresses discussed in this article are high quality mattresses. So it will be the minor differences between them that will make a difference which is better for you. As always, ask yourself what you find the most important for your sleep to get a clearer image which mattress will suit you best.

Casper mattress vs Tuft and Needle: which is better?

Before we dive into what makes each mattress different, I think it’s a perfect idea to first put together a list of all the things that the mattresses have in common. This will make it easier for you to focus on the differences – that will influence the decision the most.

Both mattresses (for the queen model):

  • Are memory foam
  • Can be bought online
  • Are 10 inches high and weigh just above 70 pounds
  • Offer a 100-night sleeping trial in which you can test the mattress
  • Are covered with a 10-year warranty

What I like about the Casper mattress: customer service

The Casper mattress is made from premium latex foam and is therefore a very comfortable mattress. One of the things that will surprise you how well the mattress seems to hit that sweet spot of not too soft, but also not too firm.

So if you experience problems with other mattresses who either seem too soft for you – or too firm. Then the Casper mattress will probably pleasantly surprise you.

One of the main things that I like about Casper is their customer services. I’ve heard from many others that it’s above average. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with it, so I can’t say from first hand experience. What I can say however is that Casper offers some customers to take away their old mattress. This can be a life-saver if you don’t want it anymore.

It’s a small thing but it goes to show how Casper takes care of its customers.

The mattress itself is available in virtually every size, so you won’t have to fret about that. And the only persons I wouldn’t recommend Casper to is if you either sleep really hot (then you need another mattress that specifically focuses on increasing airflow and decreasing temperature). Or if you want something else than medium-firm.

What I like about the Tuft & Needle mattress: affordability without compromising essential mattress requirements

Tuft & Needle is a great mattress for those who are looking for a mattress that has all the characteristics of a premium mattress – but for an affordable price. I checked up on the company behind the mattress and they really have a very ‘minimalistic’ way of designing.

For instance, they decided to build up their mattress from choosing what the essential elements are for good sleep. So basically what a good mattress should do is it should be comfortable. And it should also offer ample support for your body.

One of the best ways to combine this is by using premium quality memory foam. And to keep things simple there are only 2 layers in the mattress. The only disadvantage of this minimalistic style is that the mattress has pretty poor edge support.

This is a refreshing new perspective in an age where some mattresses come up with 7+ layers with each having its own special function. It also makes deciding which mattress to pick a lot easier.

Instead of listing the price here, you can check the current price on Amazon. That way you won’t be getting outdated information.

Here’s what to base your decision on

Good, to make things easier for this Casper mattress vs Tuft and Needle comparison, here’s a list with a couple of essential questions that you can ask yourself to see which mattress is more suited for you:

  • Do you prefer top-notch customer service? Casper is your preferred choice
  • Do you want a premium mattress for an affordable price? Tuft and Needle is for you
  • Do you prefer to keep things simple? Tuft and Needle only has 2 multifunctional layers instead of 5+ specialized layers that some other mattresses have nowadays. And this is reflected in the price.
  • Do you want good support on the edges of the mattress? The Casper mattress is the clear winner for this.

Final verdict Casper mattress vs Tuft and Needle

So, there you have it. A full comparison between the Casper and the Tuft & Needle mattress. In general, I’d say most people would sleep better on the Casper mattress. Plus the customer support they offer is something that will always come in handy when you need it. However, this comes at a price, and if you’re looking for a good, simple mattress that’s in a more affordable price class, then I’d recommend Tuft & Needle.

I hope this information made it clear to you which mattress is the better choice for your situation. If you have any other questions (about either mattress, or about the comparison), please let me know in the comments.

Also, if you’re interested, you can find out more information about each specific mattress on the product pages on Amazon. On top of all the features and specifications, you’ll also find a ton of useful customer reviews there. So you can also use those to base your final decision on.


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P.S. quick recap of the Casper mattress vs Tuft and Needle question: Casper is the superior mattress I many ways, but Tuft & Needle is more affordable.


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