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Serta Air Mattress: Sleep With Amazing Comfort Even if You’re Not Home

serta air mattressHave you ever gone over to guests only to find out that they didn’t have an extra mattress for you to sleep on? Or when an unexpected guest comes over to your place –  only to find out that you have nowhere for them to sleep? This problems happens more often than you know it. And one of the best solutions is to buy an air mattress. And that’s why we’ll be discussing the Serta air mattress in this article.

Not only is this air mattress very convenient (you can take it everywhere you want as it’s only 18 pounds). But it’s also very comfortable to sleep on. You might not even guess that you’re sleeping on an air mattress!

So before we get into all the specifics of the Serta air mattress, let’s first quickly talk about the Serta mattress company. So you know exactly who made the mattress and what you can expect from it.

About the Serta Mattress Company

Serta is a U.S. based company that specializes in making the most comfortable mattresses available. They started in 1930 with their first model the “Perfect Sleeper” mattress. And in the 80+ years that have passed they have gone on to become one of the largest mattress companies in the U.S.

Serta creates all types of different mattresses for different purposes (for instance the Serta iComfort mattress). And that’s why you can also find an air mattress in their selection. The Serta air mattress is made with the same precision as all their other regular mattresses – only as an air mattress!

So you can expect the same comfort and optimal sleeping experience as if you were sleeping on a real mattress!

Serta air mattress specifications

Enough about the Serta mattress company. Let’s talk about the air mattress. Here are its specifications:

  • It’s made from vinyl
  • 2 pumps are included (1 for inflating/deflating and 1 for keeping the mattress at the right firmness throughout the night).
  • It contains 21 circular coils that create a supportive sleep surface
  • Available in 2 sizes: Queen & Twin
serta air mattress review
The Serta air mattress comes with two pumps: 1 to inflate the bed and 1 to make sure the bed stay firm throughout the night!

2 Types of people who’ll love the Serta air mattress

As said in the introduction. There are many uses for having a high-quality air mattress. So here are two 2 types of people who will benefit the most from having a Serta air mattress:

  • People who travel a lot –  if you’re traveling a lot, but not always have a comfortable mattress to sleep on, then the Serta air mattress can be the one thing that you need. No more sleeping on bunk beds or couches. Instead, you’ll sleep as if you’re sleeping on a real luxury mattress.
  • People who once in a while have guests over and don’t want them to sleep on the couch –  if you regularly have guests over who stay the night, then you want them to sleep well. But if you don’t have enough space (or money) to buy a real bed for them, having a high-quality air mattress can help you out.

5 benefits of sleeping on a Serta air mattress

#1 Doesn’t go flat

One of the biggest problems with cheap air mattresses is that they go flat during the night. But not with the Serta air mattress. The second pump that is included will make sure that your mattress will stay hard throughout the night. No more tossing and turning and waking up on the floor with this air mattress.

#2 Adjust automatically to your desired firmness

Another benefit of the second pump is that it will automatically adjust the firmness to your desired level. What does this mean? Well, first you decide what your preferred firmness is. You set the first pump to inflate the mattress to that level.

And then the second pump will make sure that the mattress will stay exactly as you want it throughout the night!

serta air mattresses
The Serta air mattress stays firm throughout the night!

#3 Sure grip bottom prevents the bed from moving

You might have experienced this before on cheaper air mattresses: the bed starts moving. Not only can this be detrimental to your sleep quality, but it also means that the bed might accidentally go somewhere where you don’t want it to.

The Serta air mattress is equipped with a sure grip bottom that ensures that the mattress will stay exactly at its place.

#4 Completely inflates itself in just 4 minutes

The powerful pump ensures that the mattress inflates (and deflates) itself in just 4 minutes. And the great thing is that you don’t have to monitor this. After it’s fully inflated, the motor will shut off automatically.

Note: the inflation pump can make a bit of noise. It’s important to know that this is only when inflating or deflating the mattress. The second pump that’s responsible for keeping the mattress firm is almost without any sound whatsoever.

#5 Convenient to store and transport

The mattress is only 18 pounds and comes in an easy to store bag. This means that you can easily take the mattress anywhere you go. So on top of the great sleeping experience, you will have no trouble whatsoever taking the mattress over to friends or family.

serta air mattress company
The mattress weighs only 18 pounds and is convenient to take everywhere you go!

Serta air mattress reviews

“I often go to my brother who lives 3 hours driving from me. For years I used to sleep on his couch untill I was tired of that. I gave him the Serta air mattress as a present for his birthday so I could occasionally use it myself! Needless to say, my brother wasn’t the only who was happy with his birthday present!”

– Nick


“I often have friends over, but unfortunately my apartment is too small to dedicate an entire room to a guest room. There simply isn’t enough space to always have a bed set up. Fortunately with this air mattress I can easily offer them a good place to sleep just in my living room!”

– Jessica

Where to get the Serta air mattress?

Now that you know everything there is about the Serta air mattress it’s time for you to find out where you can get this amazing air mattress. So if you too want to experience great sleep, even if you’re travelling or staying over with friends…

… then get the Serta air mattress here & experience amazing sleep even if you’re not home!

buy serta air mattress


P.S. did you know that you get a 2-year warranty  on the mattress? Don’t miss this amazing deal and buy the Serta air mattress now!

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