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Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress: Top-Rated Air Mattress

soundasleep dream series air mattressEver slept on a regular air mattress? Chances are high that you ended up sleeping on the floor. And maybe your entire body hurted after that one uncomfortable night. If you’re not a flexible kid anymore sleeping on an air mattress can be a rough experience. Especially since most air mattresses are not made to be very comfortable. And the ones that are usually cost in the hundreds of dollars for a simple air mattress. However, the Soundasleep dream series air mattress is something completely different. It’s an air mattress that’s not only very comfortable to sleep on, but also affordable to anyone!

In this Soundasleep air mattress review we’ll be discussing the latest Soundasleep air mattress. All your questions will be answered and I’ll show you the best place to buy the mattress for a good price.

But first, let’s quickly discuss the company behind the mattress: Soundasleep. So you’ll know exactly where the company comes from and what their philosophy is on how to make you sleep more comfortable.

About SoundAsleep

SoundAsleep was founded in order to provide people with the best possible air mattresses. The company believes that air mattresses CAN be comfortable. And that people who sleep on it don’t have to suffer throughout the night.

What this means is that they are constantly developing new techniques and discoveries that can make sleeping on air mattresses better and more convenient.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air mattress specifications

Here are the specifications for this air mattress:

  • Coils – this is one fo the few air mattress that has coils. This is done for optimal sleeping experience.
  • Available sizes –  the mattress is available in Queen size. The dimensions are 78″ x 58″ x 19″.
  • Bottom grip – the mattress has extra grip on the bottom to avoid sliding while sleeping.

Note: for a compete overview off all the specifications of the Soundasleep dream series air mattress, please refer to this page.

soundasleep air mattress
A close up of the mattress

Two types of people who love to sleep on a Soundasleep air mattress

  • People who often travel and want a simple affordable air mattress that they can comfortably sleep on – if you’re frequently on the road, then taking this air mattress with me can be a true life-saver!
  • People who frequently have guests over but no spare guest room –  offering guests a nice bed in one of the few things that you just want to be able to do as the owner of the house. But if you don’t have a spare guest room, then having the Soundasleep air mattress ready for your guests can save the day!

5 benefits of sleeping on a Soundasleep air mattress

#1 Comfortcoil technology makes the mattress as comfortable as a regular mattress

Usual air mattresses are only filled with air. But not the Soundasleep air mattress. It has a patented Comfortcoil technology, that makes sure that you will sleep as comfortable on this air mattress as you would on any regular mattress.

In total there are 40 coils in the design and they all take care that your body is fully supported while you sleep. On top of that, the mattress doesn’t go flat and will remain good throughout the night!

#2 Easy to set up and inflate

Remember in the old days when you had to inflate your air mattress by breathing into it? Well, that is long gone, because modern air mattresses now come included with a pump.

Within 4 minutes the electrical pump will completely inflate the mattress.  And in case you were wondering, you can also just switch the stand and it will deflate. Also, the motor makes very few noise, so you won’t have to worry about waking anybody up!

soundasleep air mattress review
Inflating the mattress is a piece of cake with the included electrical pump!

#3 Stays firm throughout the night

One of the worst air mattress experiences that you can have is waking up in the middle of the night on a completely flat mattress.

Many inexpensive low quality mattress will do this. But the Soundasleep dream series air mattress is designed in such a way that all the air will safely remain in the mattress. You no longer have to worry whether your mattress is going to stay firm and can enjoy your night so much better!

#4 Easy to take with you and travel with

The mattress only weighs 19,4 pounds and is therefore ideal to take with you if you’re going on a trip. You also get a practical Soundasleep bag that you can use to transport the mattress in.

soundasleep bag
The bag is easy to carry and makes transporting the mattress a breeze!

#5 One of the best affordable all-in-one air mattresses

When we add up all these benefits we come to the obvious conclusion that the Soundasleep dream series air mattress is one of the best affordable air mattresses available.

Not only is it as comfortable as many regular air mattresses. But it’s also made for in home use and you will surprise your guests with such a comfortable mattress if they’re staying over!

The mattress comes included with:

  • the electrical motor so you won’t have to inflate it yourself manually.
  • a good Soundasleep carry bag –  so you can easily store and transport your mattress.

Soundasleep Dream series air mattress review

“I have slept on bad air mattresses for as long as I can remember. Every time we used to go camping with my family it was a complete horror sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night straight on the floor. I persuaded my parents to buy  this mattress after I slept on it at party of a friend. Now I’m actually looking forward to going camping!”

– John


“It’s been a long time since I went for a sleepover party, but my girlfriends invited me for a birthday just like the old days. I decided I wanted to get a good nights sleep as well, so I bought the Soundasleep mattress as it’s not expensive. No regrets at all! Everyone was so jealous of my sweet comfortable mattress!”

– Natasha

Where to buy the Soundasleep air mattress for a good price?

Soundasleep partners with Amazon, so their mattresses are currently only for sale there. This is a good thing, since you probably already have an account there.

Want to sleep better while traveling? Then what are you waiting for! If you want to experience the best comfort that’s available for air mattress…

… then click here for the Soundasleep Dream Series Air mattress on Amazon!

buy soundasleep mattress


P.S. did you know that the Soundalseep air mattress is one of the top-selling air mattresses on Amazon? Click here to find out for yourself why everyone loves it

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Air Dream Mattress Review: Most Comfortable Air Mattress Available in 2017!

air dream mattressMost of the air mattresses out there make you feel like you’re sleeping on the hard floor. Not only are they less than a couple of inches thick, but most of them also become softer as the night continues. And the end results is a painful back and a bad night of sleep. Sounds familiar? For many it does. However, all these problems are easy to solve with the Air Dream mattress

That is because the Air Dream mattress was designed specifically to give you optimal comfort. There are many reasons why this is one of the best-selling air mattresses on Amazon. And in this Air Dream mattress you’ll find all the information you need to make a well-informed decision whether to buy this mattress.

But first, let’s quickly discuss the company behind the Air Dream mattress: the Fashion Bed Group.

So you’ll know exactly what the company behind the mattress is like and if they fit with you.

About the Fashion Bed Group

The Fashion bed Group is a company that makes all types of products related to bedding. As the name says, their main focus in on fashionable bedding, but that doesn’t mean that their mattresses aren’t very comfortable to sleep on.

They are fanatical about new technologies on the front of better sleeping and incorporate these into all their products. All this is done so you can enjoy a good nights rest and wake up feeling completely refreshed.

air dream mattress review
This is how the Air Dream mattress looks like

Air dream mattress specifications

The most popular Air Dream mattress is the AirDream Hypoallergenic Inflatable mattress for Sleeper Sofas.  That’s why we’ll be discussing all the specifics you need to know about the mattress. Here they are:

  • Available sizes –  the mattress is available in Full or Queen size
  • Coils – it’s one of the few rare air mattresses that uses coils. So expect a vastly improved sleeping experience compared to regular air mattresses.
  • Pump –  the mattress includes an easy-to-use handheld electric pump
  • Size –  the Queen mattress is 11” x 60” x 72” in its inflated form.
  • 3-year warranty –  it comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Thickness –  the mattress is 11 inches thick with a .5 innerspring thickness for extra support.
  • All inclusive – everything you need for a successful setup and use of the mattress is included.

Note: these are the specifics for the Queen mattress. For more information and the dimensions of the Full mattress, please go to this page.

Two types of people who love to sleep on an Air Dream mattress

  • People who frequently have guests over but no place for a special guest room –  the Air Dream mattress was made specifically for those who often have guests over but no place in their house or apartment for a guest room. The mattress is easy to set up and offers the same comfort as a real mattress. So you won’t have to let your guests down!
  • People who often travel and/or have to sleep in places without a good bed –  if you travel frequently and often have to sleep in uncomfortable beds or mattresses. Then bringing an Air Dream mattress with you can be a lifesaver. It weighs only 50 pounds so it’s easy to put in your car whenever you have a trip coming.
air dream mattresses
It’s easy to inflate the Air Dream mattress.

5 benefits of the Air Dream mattress

#1 A sofa sleeper with the comfort of a real mattress

As discussed before in the specifications. The Air Dream mattress has a special air-over-coil technique that allows the mattress to b as comfortable as any regular mattress.

A major issue with other air mattresses is that they’re made only out of air. This means that is very easy for the mattress to lose its firmness. And the end result is that you end up sleeping on the floor. And that’s of course the last thing you want!

#2 Easy to inflate and deflate

The included electric pump will make sure that inflating and deflating the mattress will go very smooth. Both are done within 1 minute, so you won’t have to wait long.

It’s the perfect option if you have some last-minute guests who need to stay over at your house. Just take the mattress out of its storage, plug the electric pump in and within a minute your guests will be able to lie down on this comfortable air mattress.

fashion bed group
You only need 1 minute to fully inflate the mattress!

#3 The 11 inch mattress offers optimal support

Most air mattresses are less than 5 inches thick. This of course doesn’t make for a very comfortable sleeping experience. However, the Air Dream mattress is 11.5 inches thick which makes it 10 times more comfortable and supportive than your regular air mattress.

If you’ve ever struggled with sleeping on an air mattress, you can say goodbye to these problems with the Air Dream mattress.

#4 Easy to clean

After your guests have left the next morning it’s also very easy to clean up. ALl you have to do is put the electrical pump on deflate and within 1 minute the mattress will be ready to store.

You might want to clean it up a bit so it will be fresh again for the next use. But that’s all!

#5 Easy to use when you have guests or family staying the night

When we count up all these benefits it quickly becomes clear that the Air Dream mattress is the obvious choice if you’re looking for an air mattress.

Not only does it offer you unparalleled comfort compared to other air mattresses, but it’s also extremely easy to use and clean!

Air Dream mattress review

“I often have guests over but unfortunately no extra bedroom for them. That’s why I bought the air dream mattress so that my guests could also sleep comfortable. So far I have only heard positive remarks from all my friends and family who have slept on it. They all said that the mattress was a lot more comfortable than other air mattresses that they have slept on earlier!”

– Frederico


“My brother comes by once every week on the weekends to have a good time. But I didn’t have an extra bedroom for him. Before he’d take his own air mattress but I wanted to surprise him for his birthday and bought the Air Dream mattress after I read some positive words on it on a couple of sites. Especially for the price it’s a complete steal!”

– Dan

air dream mattress fashion bed group
The Air Dream mattress offers you the same comfortability as any normal regular mattress – and sometimes even more!

Where to get the Air Dream mattress

… click here to buy the Air Dream mattress on Amazon!

buy air dream mattress


P.S. It’s a very popular mattress… so click here to see if the mattress is still available for you!

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Serta Mattress Company: Producing Mattresses That You Can Rely on

serta mattress companyChances are, if you’re looking for a good mattress, that you’ve heard about the Serta mattress company. Why? Because the company is a very successful company in the mattress field. They started producing their first mattresses in 1931. And now, more than 80 years later, they’ve become one of the most successful mattress companies in the U.S.

So, if you want to find out more about the Serta mattress company and why their mattresses are so comfortable, then continue reading this article. In it I will also give you a couple of examples of mattresses that I consider to be some of the absolute best they’ve ever produced.

Serta is one of the few companies that have been around for a long time and there are thousands of people all over the world who know exactly why that is. They produce mattresses of the highest quality for good prices.

Serta mattress company

So, let’s start with a quick history lesson. The company was founded in 1931 in Illinois. Now, in 2017 they produce their mattresses in more than 100 countries all over the world.

The first mattress that they produced was called the Perfect Sleeper mattress. It was their first commercial success and they followed it up with the Sertapedic mattress in 1950. The tagline of the mattress was “You sleep ON it, not in it!”.

Over the course of the last decade they have invented many recognized sleeping technologies, such as:

  • The continues coil innerspring in 1980, offering amazing support for your body
  • The iComfort sleeping system that offers a all-in-one solution for those who want to experience amazingly restorative sleep.
  • Gel memory foam technologies, that comfort to your body and offer support for your spine and joints.

So as you can see, the Serta mattress company has been a pioneer on many fronts. And that is exactly the reason why they are so popular this day and age.

Types of Serta mattresses

Since Serta has always wanted to offer everyone a mattress that suits their personal needs, they have produced many different types of mattress. They range from mattresses that are designed for overweight people, to mattresses that are amazing for those with back problems.

serta mattress reviews
Back problems can ruin the quality of your life. Luckily, sleeping on the right mattress can do wonders for your back health!

Whatever your specific sleeping situation is, Serta has the right mattress for you. Or if you have specific needs because you sleep in a certain position or experience aches in your spine or joints – Serta has a mattress that will give you the best nights of sleep you’ve ever had.

On the contrary, it’s just that these mattresses are made for a different target audience. They are still made with excellent high-quality materials. The only thing is that might have less extras such as an extra firmness pad around the edges of the mattress. But for the rest, each Serta mattress guarantees you a refreshing night.

As you might know, I’ve written many mattress reviews on Sleep Investor. And I also wrote some reviews about Serta mattresses that I consider the absolute best the company has ever produced.

To make thing simple for you, I’ve chosen the top 2 models in two categories:

  • Regular mattresses
  • Air mattresses

So, feel free to read up on the one that interest you. For most, this will be the regular mattresses, but if you ever find yourself going to a friend’s house and need a good mattress to sleep over there – then a good quality air mattress is exactly the right thing that you need!

Regular mattresses

As far as regular mattresses go, the Serta iComfort is the absolute king. not only does it offer you unparalleled comfort in terms of how cozy you’ll sleep on it, but it also offers you amazing support for your entire body.

What this means is that it’s a great mattress both for those who suffer from back problems and also for those who want to experience amazingly refreshing nights of sleep.

The reason why this mattress is so effective for both types of people is because it contains 4 unique layers that together create the optimal sleeping circumstances.

If you want to find out more how this exactly works, then you can read my entire review about the Serta iComfort mattress here.

serta mattress company reviews
The Serta iComfort from the Serta mattress company is one of their most popular mattresses!

Air mattresses

Another category of mattresses are the so-called air mattresses. These are mattresses that can be inflated with air. They are easy to transport and do not take up a lot of space. They are also very light and are great for the following situations:

  • You’re going to stay the night at a friends’ or families’ place but they don’t have an extra bed where you can sleep in. No problem, just bring your air mattress!
  • And of course from the other side: if guests are often coming over and you don’t have an extra guest room to accommodate them. Then having a good quality air mattress close is a life saver!

Unfortunately, most air mattresses are of low quality. this causes them to get flat during the night or be generally uncomfortable to sleep in.

But not the Serta air mattress! This mattress was made with the same care as all the regular mattress from the Serta mattress company. This means that the mattress offers great comfort and support for your body – even if you’re not sleeping in the comfort of your own home!

For more information about the Serta air mattress, please read my comprehensive review here.

serta air mattress
The Serta air mattress is great if you don’t want to end up on a friend’s couch!

Where to get a Serta mattress?

After you’ve read all this valuable information, you’re probably curious where you can get a Serta mattress for a good price.

Well, the good news is that you can order every Serta mattress online! So you don’t have to go through great effort to transport the mattress to your own home.

So if you too want to experience the amazing comfort of the Serta mattresses, then click here to buy one for yourself!

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Serta Air Mattress: Sleep With Amazing Comfort Even if You’re Not Home

serta air mattressHave you ever gone over to guests only to find out that they didn’t have an extra mattress for you to sleep on? Or when an unexpected guest comes over to your place –  only to find out that you have nowhere for them to sleep? This problems happens more often than you know it. And one of the best solutions is to buy an air mattress. And that’s why we’ll be discussing the Serta air mattress in this article.

Not only is this air mattress very convenient (you can take it everywhere you want as it’s only 18 pounds). But it’s also very comfortable to sleep on. You might not even guess that you’re sleeping on an air mattress!

So before we get into all the specifics of the Serta air mattress, let’s first quickly talk about the Serta mattress company. So you know exactly who made the mattress and what you can expect from it.

About the Serta Mattress Company

Serta is a U.S. based company that specializes in making the most comfortable mattresses available. They started in 1930 with their first model the “Perfect Sleeper” mattress. And in the 80+ years that have passed they have gone on to become one of the largest mattress companies in the U.S.

Serta creates all types of different mattresses for different purposes (for instance the Serta iComfort mattress). And that’s why you can also find an air mattress in their selection. The Serta air mattress is made with the same precision as all their other regular mattresses – only as an air mattress!

So you can expect the same comfort and optimal sleeping experience as if you were sleeping on a real mattress!

Serta air mattress specifications

Enough about the Serta mattress company. Let’s talk about the air mattress. Here are its specifications:

  • It’s made from vinyl
  • 2 pumps are included (1 for inflating/deflating and 1 for keeping the mattress at the right firmness throughout the night).
  • It contains 21 circular coils that create a supportive sleep surface
  • Available in 2 sizes: Queen & Twin
serta air mattress review
The Serta air mattress comes with two pumps: 1 to inflate the bed and 1 to make sure the bed stay firm throughout the night!

2 Types of people who’ll love the Serta air mattress

As said in the introduction. There are many uses for having a high-quality air mattress. So here are two 2 types of people who will benefit the most from having a Serta air mattress:

  • People who travel a lot –  if you’re traveling a lot, but not always have a comfortable mattress to sleep on, then the Serta air mattress can be the one thing that you need. No more sleeping on bunk beds or couches. Instead, you’ll sleep as if you’re sleeping on a real luxury mattress.
  • People who once in a while have guests over and don’t want them to sleep on the couch –  if you regularly have guests over who stay the night, then you want them to sleep well. But if you don’t have enough space (or money) to buy a real bed for them, having a high-quality air mattress can help you out.

5 benefits of sleeping on a Serta air mattress

#1 Doesn’t go flat

One of the biggest problems with cheap air mattresses is that they go flat during the night. But not with the Serta air mattress. The second pump that is included will make sure that your mattress will stay hard throughout the night. No more tossing and turning and waking up on the floor with this air mattress.

#2 Adjust automatically to your desired firmness

Another benefit of the second pump is that it will automatically adjust the firmness to your desired level. What does this mean? Well, first you decide what your preferred firmness is. You set the first pump to inflate the mattress to that level.

And then the second pump will make sure that the mattress will stay exactly as you want it throughout the night!

serta air mattresses
The Serta air mattress stays firm throughout the night!

#3 Sure grip bottom prevents the bed from moving

You might have experienced this before on cheaper air mattresses: the bed starts moving. Not only can this be detrimental to your sleep quality, but it also means that the bed might accidentally go somewhere where you don’t want it to.

The Serta air mattress is equipped with a sure grip bottom that ensures that the mattress will stay exactly at its place.

#4 Completely inflates itself in just 4 minutes

The powerful pump ensures that the mattress inflates (and deflates) itself in just 4 minutes. And the great thing is that you don’t have to monitor this. After it’s fully inflated, the motor will shut off automatically.

Note: the inflation pump can make a bit of noise. It’s important to know that this is only when inflating or deflating the mattress. The second pump that’s responsible for keeping the mattress firm is almost without any sound whatsoever.

#5 Convenient to store and transport

The mattress is only 18 pounds and comes in an easy to store bag. This means that you can easily take the mattress anywhere you go. So on top of the great sleeping experience, you will have no trouble whatsoever taking the mattress over to friends or family.

serta air mattress company
The mattress weighs only 18 pounds and is convenient to take everywhere you go!

Serta air mattress reviews

“I often go to my brother who lives 3 hours driving from me. For years I used to sleep on his couch untill I was tired of that. I gave him the Serta air mattress as a present for his birthday so I could occasionally use it myself! Needless to say, my brother wasn’t the only who was happy with his birthday present!”

– Nick


“I often have friends over, but unfortunately my apartment is too small to dedicate an entire room to a guest room. There simply isn’t enough space to always have a bed set up. Fortunately with this air mattress I can easily offer them a good place to sleep just in my living room!”

– Jessica

Where to get the Serta air mattress?

Now that you know everything there is about the Serta air mattress it’s time for you to find out where you can get this amazing air mattress. So if you too want to experience great sleep, even if you’re travelling or staying over with friends…

… then get the Serta air mattress here & experience amazing sleep even if you’re not home!

buy serta air mattress


P.S. did you know that you get a 2-year warranty  on the mattress? Don’t miss this amazing deal and buy the Serta air mattress now!