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Amerisleep vs Purple: Traditional Memory Foam or New Purple Polymer?

amerisleep vs purpleAmerisleep vs Purple isn’t only a matter of price difference. Amerisleep has several different types of mattresses available – whereas Purple only has one. When you’ve narrowed down your mattress choices to one of these two: there are quite some factors you need to take into account before choosing.

In this Amerisleep vs Purple mattress we’ll discuss all the important things you need to know. We’ll start with:

  1. A general overview of the Amerisleep vs Purple mattress
  2. Then we’ll discuss the key similarities
  3. The key differences
  4. Construction of the Amerisleep mattresses
  5. Construction of the Purple mattress
  6. Guidelines for choosing
  7. Conclusion

Amerisleep vs Purple mattress

Amerisleep is known for their high-end mattresses made from a blend of bio foams that are better for the environment than traditional foam mattresses.

Purple, on the other hand, only has one mattress – although recently they created the Purple 2 mattress – that uses a specific lightweight polymer (color purple, hence the name). It’s only been around for 5 years (2013). They’re becoming more and more popular every day and today we’ll check why that is.

Before we start comparing, let’s make this clear:

Both the Amerisleep and the Purple mattresses are high-end comfortable mattresses. So the question isn’t if the mattress is a good choice – but rather if it’s the right choice for you.

So keep that in mind while reading. Ask yourself what the things are that you really enjoy in a mattress, and make sure that the mattress you choose has those things.


Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the Amerisleep vs Purple comparison:

The key similarities:

  • Both mattresses are mattresses-in-a-box (similar business model)
  • The base layers are made from poly foam
  • They both score high on the motion isolation score
  • Both will keep you cool at night
  • The mattresses have a higher than average durability score

The key differences:

  • Each mattress has a different material in the upper comfort layer:
  • The result of this is that you sink instantly in the top layer with Purple. And the Amerisleep needs several seconds to form the memory foam.
  • Purple has 2 mattresses – Amerisleep 5.

Here’s a bit of elaboration on the last part. Purple always had just 1 mattress, but recently they *upgraded* it. After several years of feedback on the the first Purple, they changed their formula to make it even better. We’ll discuss these differences more in depth in the following paragraphs.

Amerisleep has 5 different mattresses. The Amerisleep AS1, Amerisleep AS2 – which continues till the Amerisleep AS5. With every number up, the softness of the mattress decreases. So you’ve got a good range of firmness options to choose from with Amerisleep.


Amerisleep construction

One of the best ways to figure out which mattress works better for you, is taking the construction of each mattress and breaking it down. What type of layer is it? And what does it do?

We won’t go into detail how every mattress is constructed, that would be too long for this page But here are the characteristics of each mattress.

  1. They all use a standard polyfoam layer for base support.
  2. On top of that will be a transition polyfoam layer (except for one mattress). This is for the transition between the firm base layer and the soft comfort layer on top.
  3. The comfort layer on top is made from bio-foam and is very soft and offers good pressure relief.
  4. The cover is a celliant cover, which has certain health benefits and sleeps cool.

For more specific information about each model of the Amerisleep mattresses, check the links below:

Purple mattress construction

Since Purple only has 2 mattresses, it’s easier to explain exactly how the mattress is built. Here’s how the first Purple mattress is constructed:

  1. The base foundation layer is 4 inches of 2 pounds density poly foam. This layer gives the base support.
  2. The middle layer is 3.5 inches of 1.8 pound density transition foam. Just like for the Amerisleep mattresses, this layer is there for the transition between the firm lower and soft upper layers.
  3. The top 2 inches is where you’ll see the trademark purple polymer. It supports ou until it reaches certain threshold and then it collapses. So you get both the support and pressure relief you need. It’s temperature neutral.

The main differences between the first Purple mattress and the new one are that with the Purple 2 mattress, you can chose the thickness of the upper purple polyfoam layer. You can pick 2, 3 or 4 inches, depending on your sleep position:

  • Purple 2 inches for back sleepers and normal-sized individuals
  • Purple 3 inches for sleepers who don’t have one preferred sleeping position (or couple who sleep differently)
  • Purple 4 inches is the softest and great for side sleepers, very heavy – or very light individuals.

Several other differences are that the Purple 2 has more responsive support (uses coils for the base layer instead of foam). It has more edge support and is better adapted for all body types.

So the Purple 2 is more suited for most people. The only reason to stick with the first mattress is if you prefer slightly firmer mattresses. (Or your budget ;))

Check out the 2 mattresses from Purple here:

So which should you pick?

We’ve gone into details about both mattresses. Here are some guidelines for choosing:

  • Do you like to sleep on memory foam mattresses? Then pick Amerisleep.
  • Or do you want to try something new? Choose Purple.
  • Do you like to slowly sink into your mattress? Pick Amerisleep.
  • Or do you want a more instant response? Go with Purple.
  • Do you have a specific firmness level in mind? Amerisleep has more choice in this.

I hope these questions made it more clear to you which mattress is the right choice for you. If not, feel free to leave a comment describing your situation. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Amerisleep vs Purple conclusion

By now you’ve got a better image of both the 5 Amerisleep mattresses, 2 Purple mattresses and how they all stack up to each other.

Both mattresses are high quality mattresses, and you won’t got wrong with any of them. They’re both mattresses-in-a-box, which means that they’ll be delivered to your doorstep. And that you get a trial to check how the mattress sleeps. So if you do not enjoy sleeping on the mattress, you can return it.

Amerisleep mattresses are more expensive, but you get that classic memory foam feeling return. Plus you have more choice.

Purple on the other hand uses a new purple polymer foam that has  unique feeling to it. If you do not enjoy memory foam, then Purple might be a solid mattress for you.


Order the Amerisleep mattress here!


Order the Purple mattress here!


P.S. If you’re on the edge, I recommend you buy the Purple mattress. The company is more innovating and the price is lower.