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Ghostbed vs Tuft and Needle Mattress: Affordability or Comfort?

ghostbed vs tuft and needle mattressPicking your new mattress can be a hell of a job – especially if you’re deciding between 2 different mattress that on the surface might look very familiar. You want to make the right decision, after all you’re planning on sleeping on the mattress for the next 10+ years. So today we’re going to discuss another frequent question between 2 mattresses: Ghostbed vs Tuft and Needle mattress.

Note: before we get started with the comparison, I want you to take a couple of minutes to ask yourself what you value most in a mattress. Maybe even talk with your partner about this. Knowing what you value most will help guide your decision. It may sound obvious, but when you’re making a significant purchase such as mattress – you want to be sure that it’s right for you!

Ghostbed vs Tuft and Needle mattress

It’s one thing to know the difference between the 2 mattresses – but it’s also important to know in which they are similar. So you can check off that information and only focus on the differences. Here’s a short list of the things that both Ghostbed and Tuft & Needle shar in common:

The 2 mattresses:

  • Are both memory foam mattresses
  • Offer a 100-night sleeping trial
  • Are around 10 inches thick (Ghostbed 11)
  • Offer a warranty of 10 or more years
  • Keep you cool at night
  • Are medium firm mattresses
  • Can be ordered online and will be delivered straight to your door

Of all these things I want to draw your attention mainly to the fact that they’re both memory foam mattresses and that they offer a 100-night sleeping trial. First, if you’re looking for a good memory foam mattress, both the Ghostbed and the Tuft & Needle will suit your needs. As you might know, memory foam is a newer way of making mattresses (as opposed to coils or inner springs). The benefit of the foam is that it supports your body better. And as the name implies, it keeps a ‘memory’ of how your body lies. So that the parts of your body where you need more support (hip or shoulders for example) get extra support. You can read more about memory foam mattresses here

Now, the 100-night trial is something that I’m very happy to see is being introduced more and more in the mattress world. You see, there’s nothing worse than buying a mattress for a significant price – only to find out you don’t sleep well on it. But thing become even worse when your purchase was final. With this trial you actually can check out the mattress for a couple of months in the comfort of your own home. See how you sleep on it and in the case you’re not happy with it – you can simply return it. This really takes the edge of buying a new mattress, since you’re not risking anything financially.

But enough about the similarities, let’s check what makes each mattress different.

What I like about the Ghostbed: Very comfortable (but does take a couple of weeks to conform to your body)

The first thing that you might notice when you start sleeping on the Ghostbed is that it’s a bit on the firmer side (maybe firmer than you expected). This is normal – the mattress needs a couple of weeks to lose that firmness. Many other people experience this as well.

So first it may be a bit too firm for you – but after that it will get a lot better. I’d argue and say that there are few mattresses more comfortable than the Ghostbed. It might be because of the thick profile, luxury high density memory foam or the extra durable cover. But prepare yourself for really good sleep on the Ghostbed.

Another benefit that this mattress has is edge support. So if you need a bit of extra stability when getting up in the morning, then you sure need good edge support. This is something that the Tuft & Needle mattress lacks a bit (which we’ll discuss more about in the next part).

What I like about the Tuft and Needle mattress: Premium mattress for an affordable price

The main advantage that Tuft & Needle has over other mattresses is its simplicity and affordability. The company is very transparent on how they create their mattresses. And their focus lies on creating a simple mattress without any unnecessary frills (of course dependent on your needs). And the result is a mattress that can keep up with virtually every other premium mattress when it comes to comfort and support.

So when you get this mattress you can expect a comfortable mattress (firmness is around 6.5 out of 10 – just like the Ghost mattress after a couple of weeks). But the price tag is lower. So if you’re looking for a high-quality mattress on a budget – Tuft and Needle is the way to go.

However, there is a disadvantage to this. And as you saw before, if you do need some extra’s – such as edge support or maybe some more *bounce* in the mattress, then you’re not going to find that in this mattress.

Here’s what to base your decision on

So in the end what it comes down to is quality vs affordability. I’ve made a short list of questions that you can ask yourself to become more clear which mattress will be the right one for you (Ghostbed vs Tuft and Needle mattress);

  • Do you want the highest comfortability and support (and are you willing to pay some more for that)? Ghostbed is your choice.
  • Do you prefer a mattress without any frills or other features that you wouldn’t use? Tuft & needle will be better for you.
  • Do you need edge support? Choose the Ghostbed

Final verdict Ghostbed vs Tuft and Needle mattress

The overall comfort and support of the Ghostbed is better. However, this comes with a price – and the Tuft and Needle does a very good job at making a premium mattress for an affordable price.

I hope this helps you with making your decision. And if you’re curious for more information (features, prices), I recommend you check out the respective mattress pages on Amazon below. There you’ll find a ton of useful information + some incredibly helpful customer reviews.


Click here to learn more about the Ghostbed!


Or here to check out the Tuft & Needle mattress!



P.S. a quick recap for the Ghostbed vs Tuft and Needle mattress comparison. If you’re looking for optimal comfort -> Ghostbed. However, if you’re on a budget, you’d do well with the Tuft and Needle mattress, as it’s more affordable.

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