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Leesa Blanket Review: 5 Purposes of This Multi-Functional Blanket

leesa blanket reviewHave you ever slept under a blanket that wasn’t completely right for you? Maybe it was too heavy and it didn’t allow enough space for moving or breathing. Or maybe it was too light and you felt as if it didn’t ‘keep you down’ enough while sleeping. Or maybe you’re just looking for a blanket that you can use as well in summer as in winter? Most blankets have something wrong with them that makes them not suitable for year-round use… and that’s exactly why today we’re going to discuss the Leesa Blanket review – it’s a blanket from the mattress producer Leesa.

You’ll find out everything you need to know about this blanket and why it’s a top choice if you’re looking for an all-round blanket that you can use in every time of the year. We’ll also go over a couple of things that you’ll experience lying under this blanket, some reviews and finally where you can go if you want to purchase the blanket for a good price.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into this Leesa blanket review!

Leesa Blanket review

Now, most mattress manufacturers do not make specific blankets. And the reason why there is a special Leesa blanket is simple. The company heard a great deal of happy customers who said that they liked the feel of the Leesa mattress cover so much – that they would love to have a portable version of that.

Either to take it with them on a short trip to have the same quality sleep as at home. Or maybe to snuggle up on the couch at night watching your favorite series. Literally, the uses of a good quality comfortable blanket are endless. I even have to admit I sometimes even prefer a light blanket for sleeping at night over a regular sleeping blanket!

Talking about the Leesa mattress and company. If you’re curious to learn more about the Leesa mattress itself and how it can help you get better sleep – be sure to check out my Leesa mattress review for more information!

What is the Leesa Blanket for blanket?

The Leesa blanket is a high-quality blanket. It was designed for all temperatures and comfort levels. Here is an overview of what materials the blanket is made of:

  • 17% viscose
  • 13% nylon
  • 70% polyester

So the blanket was made from high quality materials in a good combination of them. You won’t feel too warm or too cold lying underneath it.

The blanket is 60 inches by 78 inches – so it’s large enough for almost all but the tallest people.

Also, the blanket was made in such a way that both sides are virtually identical. So you can sleep with either side up. That’s great if one side got a little dirty or you want to quickly change it for some more freshness.

leesa mattress review
Here’s a picture of the Leesa mattress – as you can see the fabric looks very soft and comfortable. And that’s exactly the same as the Leesa blanket!

5 Benefits of the Leesa blanket

#1 Warm in winter

One of the first benefits of the blanket that we’ll discuss in this Leesa blanket review is that the blanket will keep you warm during winter. I’d even argue and say this is the highest priority of any blanket that you’re sleeping under in the winter. Now, I wouldn’t say that it’d help you if you were lying outside on a winter night – but for all practical purposes, in your house you’re going to have all the comfort and warmth that you need.

The great thing is that it won’t allow cold air to your body. So if you’re anything like me – and love to lay down with the windows open even during winter, the Leesa blanket is a good blanket for you. Getting fresh air is very important – and even more so when you’re asleep or lying down to relax. So if you’re keeping the windows closed during winter because it’s too cold otherwise, I recommend you try sleeping with open windows for a couple of days to see if that makes you sleep better. (they don’t even have to be fully opened – just a slight breeze will already do wonders).

#2 Cool in summer

The next thing is that – although it may sound surprising – that the blanket will also keep you cool during summer. The reason why the blanket can do both this is because of the unique combination of materials that it’s made of. Which means that its breathable fabric will allow you to use the blanket even on hot days.

You probably like the feeling of having something covering you when you’re lying on the couch – or trying to get a good powernap somewhere. It makes it more comfortable and easier to relax. However, on hot days this can make it too warm and sweaty. So you might prefer to lie down with nothing covering your body. This isn’t ideal – and the Leesa blanket’s cool breathing fabric can offer you exactly the blanket that you’re looking for.

#3 Minimal shrinkage

A main concern for many people is that fabrics made from polyester have a high shrinking percentage. I’m happy to inform you that this is not the case with the Leesa blanket – even though it’s made from 70% polyester.

Still, it’s recommended you only wash it with cold water. So that means either by hand or on the cool cycle from your washing machine. For drying it’s better to hang it in a dry place then to use a dryer. You can however, use a warm iron to soften out the wrinkles if needed.

#4 The same feel as the Leesa mattress

leesa mattress blanket review

One of the reasons why I’m writing this Leesa blanket review – it has virtually the same feeling to it as the mattress cover from the Leesa mattress. You can read the raving reviews here about that mattress and you’ll soon learn why many people were insisting that Leesa make a blanket with the same feeling as their mattress. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out what others are saying about the Leesa mattress and its unique feel by clicking on the link in this paragraph!

Talking about the Leesa mattress – if you’re curious how it adds up against some other mattress… be sure to check out this Loom and Leaf vs Leesa comparison guide!

#5 Overall very comfortable (+5 activities the blanket is ideal for!)

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this Leesa blanket review, it’s that it is a very comfortable blanket. You can use it for many different purposes. Including but not limited to:

  • Taking it with you on a short (business, camping, sleep-over) trip where you need a good blanket to sleep on at night.
  • Short siestas or powernaps on your couch at home.
  • If you like to have some soft blanket covering your body while you’re chilling at home and watching a movie or series.
  • Taking it outside on spring/autumn/ colder summer nights when you’re in a company and the temperature is starting to come down but you still want to enjoy sitting outside with friends or family.
  • A blanket to keep in the car to put over your kids when they fall asleep on longer road trips so that they won’t catch a cold.

All in all, there are many uses that this comfortable Leesa blanket can fulfill. And I hope that you at least one of the previous situations applies to your life!

30-day trial!

Another thing that I quickly want to touch upon in this Leesa blanket review is the fact that you get a 30-day trial when you buy the blanket through the official site. What this means is that if you order the blanket – you have 30 days to see how you like the blanket.

It’s only natural if you’re buying a blanket that you want to see and feel the fabric. Maybe it’s a lot softer and gentler than you imagined! Or maybe there’s something about the fabric that puts you off – and maybe a different blanket would be a better choice for you.

Plus the fact that money-back guarantees are also a sign of the company showing you that they’re confident in their product. After all, if they wouldn’t be, then they wouldn’t be giving you an offer like that.

If you might not be satisfied with the blanket – you can simply contact Leesa (within 30 days after purchase). They’ll send you a prepaid UPS label that you can use to send back the blanket free of charge.

But I’m sure you won’t need this option ?

Conclusion Leesa Blanket review

Alright, we’ve reached the end of this Leesa blanket review. All in all, if you’re looking for a soft and comfortable blanket that has the same feel as the best-selling Leesa mattress to it – you’re in for a happy surprise when you buy the Leesa blanket!

I hope this review helped you in any way. And if you have something to tell about the mattress, a question about it – or even your own review – be sure to leave a comment describing you experience!




P.S.  The Leesa blanket is a high quality comfortable blanket that you can use for many different uses. If you’re curious for more information – then please go to the official Leesa site here!

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