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What Is a Medium Firm Mattress: 5 Reasons For Medium Firm Mattresses

what is a medium firm mattressIf you’re looking for the right mattress that suits your body, then it can be a bit overwhelming to hear all the different terms that are being used to describe mattresses. One of the questions that I see a lot is: “What is a medium firm mattress?” And that’s why I wrote this post about.

So if you’re curious what exactly you can expect when you get a medium mattress, please continue reading. Oh, and before I forget, I’m also giving you 5 special reasons why a medium firm mattress could be the exact mattress that you need!

What is a medium firm mattress?

As you know, not every mattress is created equally. Simply put, some are more tough than others. And some are more soft than others. The end result is that each of these types of mattresses is suited for another type of person.

In general, the firmness of a matress can be dictated by the amount of support that it gives you. Now, the same mattress that is very supportive for a lighter person, can be not supportive at all if you’re on the heavier side.

So it’s important to take your weight and height into account. However, don’t worry about that now. later on in this post I’ll give you a quick ”cheat sheet” that you can look at to see what weight a medium firm mattress supports

There are 9 different firmness levels for mattresses. Here they are, from most soft to most firm:

  1. Ultra soft mattresses
  2. Soft mattresses
  3. Soft medium mattresses
  4. Medium-soft mattresses
  5. Medium mattresses
  6. Medium firm mattresses
  7. Firm medium mattresses
  8. Firm mattresses
  9. Firm-ultrafirm mattresses
what is a medium mattress
What is a medium firm mattress? It’s a mattress that is both comfortable and gives your back and spine enough support.

Now, for the majority of people the first and the 9th category won’t apply. But for most the middle categories are the most interesting. In order to find out if a medium firm mattress would be the right mattress for you, please continue reading…

5 reasons to buy a medium firm mattress

#1 It’s the perfect balance between comfort and back support

You’ve probably heard about how firm mattresses are great for your back, and that soft mattresses are more comfortable in general. While his is true, you need to bear in mind that there is a happy medium.

After all, sleeping on a very firm mattress might be great for your back – but if you feel like you’re sleeping on the floor, you’re not going to get very comfortable sleep.

And this is true on the other side too. If your mattress is amazingly soft and comfortable, but offers few to no support for your back, you might end up with back problems.

So, what you need is the golden mean. Medium firm mattress offer the right balance between comfort and back support. 

#2 Medium firm mattresses are great for side sleepers

So now that you know that medium firm mattresses offer both comfort and back support, let’s move on to the net category of people who will sleep great on a medium firm mattress. Side sleepers.

Why Side sleepers? Because when you sleep on your side, you need extra shoulder and hip support. But the mattress also shouldn’t be too soft. Otherwise you would end up with an imbalance in the support that the mattress gives for your body.

Research has shown that side sleepers are better off picking a medium firm mattress. And I have found this to be true in personal experience as well.

#3 Or if you’re switching between positions throughout the night

The best mattresses for back sleepers tend to be on the firmer side. And for stomach sleepers it’s better to go for a softer mattress.

medium firm mattress
If you switch sleeping positions throughout the night – go for a medium firm mattress

but what if you like all types of positions and switch between each position throughout the night?

Then it is also the better choice to go for a medium firm mattress. This will offer you the most support and comfort throughout the night.  Regardless of the position you might be sleeping in.

#4 Great for the majority of people (according to objective weight standards)

Independent research has shown that the amount of support a mattress gives depends on your weight. And the optimal support a medium firm mattress gives is for people who weight between 64 and 101 kg (10-16 stone).

The reason for this is because if you’re heavier, you will put more pressure on your mattress, and it will feel soft to you. And if you weigh less, it might be better to take a sifter mattress, since your body doesn’t exert a  lot of pressure onto the mattress.

#5 Sleep better and wake up with more energy

When we combine all these reasons to go for a medium firm mattress, we quickly come tot he conclusion that medium firm mattresses offer the best sleep quality for a vast majority of persons.

So, if after reading this article, you too feel like you could benefit from one of these mattresses, feel free to rad up on this site for all types of mattress reviews.

Here are some of the all-time favourites:

  • The Lull Mattress –  a mattress that is built on simplicity. You’ll find no extra unnecessary things here. Just the basics. It has a 4 layer mattress that will offer you amazing sleep quality, while also giving your body and spine all the support that they need during the night
  • The Tuft & Needle mattress –  the main benefit of this mattress is that you get a 100 night risk-free sleeping trial. What this means is that you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home. In addition, it’s also positively reviewed by hundreds of satisfied customers, so chances are that you’ll enjoy sleeping on this mattress too!
lull mattress medium firm
What is a medium firm mattress: the Lull mattress is a perfect example

If you’re looking for mattresses against back pain, you can find all the articles for back pain there. And if you want a memory foam mattress, find them all on this page.


P.S.  I hope this article answered your question “what is a medium firm mattress?” If not, feel free to read this article for more information how medium firm mattresses are great for combating back pain.

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