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Tempurpedic Alternatives: 5 Mattress With The Same Quality, but Cheaper

tempurpedic alternativesTempurpedic is a good mattress to sleep on. However, the price is quite high. That’s why it’s only logical that you’re looking for Tempurpedic alternatives. In this article we’ll discuss 5 of the most popular alternatives to the Tempurpedic mattress. So if you want a mattress that has the quality of the Tempurpedic, but a better price tag, continue reading…

Tempurpedic alternatives

The main thing with Tempurpedic is that they have high quality mattresses. However, the price for the mattresses is in the thousands of dollars but for many people, this is too much to pay for a mattress. Especially if they’re not 100% sure that they will enjoy sleeping on the mattress.

The following five mattresses have a much lower price tag. That means that the risk of buying one of these mattresses is a lot lower than with the Tempurpedic.

So here are the 5 best alternatives but in each little review we’ll talk about in which aspect is a better choice than the original tempur pedic memory foam mattress.

I’ve especially not added too much information about each mattress, since I wrote individual reviews about each. So for each mattress there’s a link that will lead you to the individual page for the mattress.

Also, if you want to order the mattress right away, you can do so through the links below.

Alternative #1: Casper mattress

Both the Casper mattress and the tempo. Mattress are good mattresses. They’re great to deal with heat retention, and they have different level that is good for most people. They are medium firm memory foam mattresses, so is good for back and stomach sleepers.

Another good thing about the Casper mattress is that all the materials from which it is made or very transparent. You can easily go to the Casper website and see exactly what material and which thickness is where you have. This is something you not get with tempur-pedic. And this can be quite bad if you’re trying to compare both mattresses. For more information:

You can read more about the Casper mattress here.

Click here if you want to buy the Casper mattress.

Alternative #2: Nectar mattress

The second Tempurpedic alternative is the Nectar mattress. It’s a newer memory foam mattress and the best thing about is that you get a 365 nights sleeping trial. Most other memory foam mattresses also give a sleeping trial – but with Nectar you get the longest one from the entire mattress industry.

Also, many people are very happy with the Nectar mattress and it’s very difficult to find complaints online about how the mattress sleeps. Although they had some shipping problems when the company first started – but those are solved now. And there’s no need to worry about that.

On top of that, there’s a promotion going on. Which means that you can get the mattress now with $125 off + 2 free pillows. So it’s a great Tempurpedic alternative.

Click here to get $125 off the Nectar mattress – limited time only!

Alternative #3: Purple mattress

The Purple mattress is famous for its specific colour: purple. But don’t be blinded by this. It’s a good mattress made from high quality materials. And you also get a sleep trial. So you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home. If you’re not satisfied, you can simply return it.

Here’s more information about the Purple mattress.

Click here to order the Purple mattress!

Alternative #4: Lull mattress

The Lull mattress is another great option if you’re looking for Tempurpedic alternatives. just as the other mattresses it comes with a sleep trial. It’s a little more expensive than the Nectar mattress for example, but a great thing about the Lull mattress is that it’s made for the right balance between firmness and softness. So if you like a mattress that has the exact sweet spot in between, then this is a good choice.

find out more information about the Lull mattress here in my Lull mattress review.

Or click here to order the Lull mattress!

Alternative #5: Tuft & Needle mattress

Tuft & Needle is the cheapest alternative. The mattress was made to cut out as much unnecessary costs as possible to create a good mattress. The result is a high quality mattress. However, it does not have too much bells and whistles. For example, it doesn’t have good edge support. However, if you’re looking for a quality mattress (for the majority of people) that is available for a good price, then the Tuft & Needle is a great option.

Plus there’s also a trial, so you’re not choosing blind.

Here’ more information about the Tuft & Needle mattress.

Click here to order the Tuft & Needle mattress on Amazon!


Tempurpedic makes a wide variety of high quality mattresses. The only downside is that most of them are expensive. In the thousands of dollars. So not everyone can (or wants to) afford a Tempurpedic.

The 5 mattresses listed in this article are great options if you want a mattress with the same good quality – but for a much lower price.

I’ve written individual reviews about these mattresses. you can read them by clicking the links in each paragraph. You can also check out the buying links in the paragraphs to check all the details of each mattress.

Or maybe you’ve decided that you still want a Tempurpedic. here are some of the reasons why Tempurpedic might still be a good option for you:

  • You want a wide variety in mattress firmness
  • You have the money and are willing to spend several thousands on a great mattress
  • You want the mattress delivered home with great service

In those cases, it makes sense to still get a Tempurpedic mattress. Check out the most popular of their mattresses here: the Flex Hybrid.

P.S. do you have any experiences with these mattresses? Then please leave a comment describing that. It would be especially valuable if you’ve slept both on a Tempurpedic mattress and on one of the mattress described in this article! You could help all of us a lot.

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Best Rated Mattresses: These Mattresses All Have 4 Qualities in Common

best rated mattressesIf you’re looking for best rated mattresses there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Of course the quality of the mattress is very important. Just as the support that the mattress gives you. especially if you suffer from back problems or other aches in your body. So consider this a condensed mattress buying guide for finding the best rated mattresses.

Note: I will first go over a couple of criteria that you need to look for when finding a good mattress. After that I will give you some recommendations of mattresses that have passed the test of time. These mattresses fulfill each of the 4 criteria that a good mattress should have and you can read the full review of these mattresses on this site. 

Best rated mattresses

A good mattress is one that is both great in comfort and support. Now another main thing is that the mattress should have good reviews. For this you can go to most online retailer sites. As they often have a review function for each of their products.

What to look for in best rated mattresses

#1 Comfort

The first thing that a good mattress should be is comfortable. If you don’t enjoy sleeping on it, then it doesn’t matter how great it is for your back – you’re not going to wake up feeling refreshed.

That’s why the first main quality any best rated mattress should have is comfortability. Of course the main way to find out if a mattress is comfortable enough for you is to test it out! You could try out lying on the mattress for a couple of minutes in a mattress store. But if you’re ordering online, it’s better to look for a mattress with an X-nights risk-free sleeping trial. (more on that later)

#2 Support

The second valuable characteristic for best rated mattresses is that they should offer ample support for your back and spine. The reason for this is that you sleep for about one-third of your life. So if your mattress is not giving your back the support that it needs – it can lead to all kinds of back problems.

Now, for the majority of people it’s really easy to find a mattress that offers ample back support. I recommend you pick a medium to firm mattress. Only if you’re severely overweight you might do better with a firm mattress.

#3 Warranty duration

The next influential factor is how long the warranty is that you’ll get when buying the mattress. Now, if the warranty is less than 10 years, you’d be better of skipping the mattress. Why?

Because ten years is really the minimum. If a company offers you only 1 or 5 years warranty, it always seems to me that they don’t really believe in the quality of their product.

Buying a mattress is a long-term investment and the warranty you get on the mattress should reflect that.

#4 Sleeping trial

The final thing to look for in a mattress is the sleeping trial. I have seen all range from around 30-120 days. What it basically means is that you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home for a specific period of time without any risk whatsoever.

This is of course the best way to find out if you like a mattress or not. It’s really simple:

If you like sleeping on the mattress – great! You now have a good mattress that is comfortable and fits your body.

And if you don’t – no problem. You can simply return the mattress, get your money back and continue your search for the perfect mattress!

That is why I recommend that you buy a mattress it includes a sleeping trial. Especially when you’re buying it on the internet!

Recommended best rated mattresses

Lull mattress

The Lull mattress is a mattress that combines each of the four factors that you need when looking for best rated mattresses. It’s a medium memory foam mattress that offers ample support for your back. On top of that, you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home with their 100 nights RISK-FREE trial.


Note: if you want to read more about the Lull mattress, please find my comprehensive Lull mattress here.

Tuft & Needle mattress

The Tuft & Needle mattress is one of the best rated mattresses. It’s also a memory foam mattress, but its focus is on simplicity. Tuft & Needle only used the necessary materials to produce a high quality comfortable mattress. So you won’t find any fancy extra unnecessary options here. Just a good mattress that will offer you great sleep.


Note: if you want more in-depth information about the Tuft & Needle mattress, you can read my complete review here.

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What Is a Medium Firm Mattress: 5 Reasons For Medium Firm Mattresses

what is a medium firm mattressIf you’re looking for the right mattress that suits your body, then it can be a bit overwhelming to hear all the different terms that are being used to describe mattresses. One of the questions that I see a lot is: “What is a medium firm mattress?” And that’s why I wrote this post about.

So if you’re curious what exactly you can expect when you get a medium mattress, please continue reading. Oh, and before I forget, I’m also giving you 5 special reasons why a medium firm mattress could be the exact mattress that you need!

What is a medium firm mattress?

As you know, not every mattress is created equally. Simply put, some are more tough than others. And some are more soft than others. The end result is that each of these types of mattresses is suited for another type of person.

In general, the firmness of a matress can be dictated by the amount of support that it gives you. Now, the same mattress that is very supportive for a lighter person, can be not supportive at all if you’re on the heavier side.

So it’s important to take your weight and height into account. However, don’t worry about that now. later on in this post I’ll give you a quick ”cheat sheet” that you can look at to see what weight a medium firm mattress supports

There are 9 different firmness levels for mattresses. Here they are, from most soft to most firm:

  1. Ultra soft mattresses
  2. Soft mattresses
  3. Soft medium mattresses
  4. Medium-soft mattresses
  5. Medium mattresses
  6. Medium firm mattresses
  7. Firm medium mattresses
  8. Firm mattresses
  9. Firm-ultrafirm mattresses
what is a medium mattress
What is a medium firm mattress? It’s a mattress that is both comfortable and gives your back and spine enough support.

Now, for the majority of people the first and the 9th category won’t apply. But for most the middle categories are the most interesting. In order to find out if a medium firm mattress would be the right mattress for you, please continue reading…

5 reasons to buy a medium firm mattress

#1 It’s the perfect balance between comfort and back support

You’ve probably heard about how firm mattresses are great for your back, and that soft mattresses are more comfortable in general. While his is true, you need to bear in mind that there is a happy medium.

After all, sleeping on a very firm mattress might be great for your back – but if you feel like you’re sleeping on the floor, you’re not going to get very comfortable sleep.

And this is true on the other side too. If your mattress is amazingly soft and comfortable, but offers few to no support for your back, you might end up with back problems.

So, what you need is the golden mean. Medium firm mattress offer the right balance between comfort and back support. 

#2 Medium firm mattresses are great for side sleepers

So now that you know that medium firm mattresses offer both comfort and back support, let’s move on to the net category of people who will sleep great on a medium firm mattress. Side sleepers.

Why Side sleepers? Because when you sleep on your side, you need extra shoulder and hip support. But the mattress also shouldn’t be too soft. Otherwise you would end up with an imbalance in the support that the mattress gives for your body.

Research has shown that side sleepers are better off picking a medium firm mattress. And I have found this to be true in personal experience as well.

#3 Or if you’re switching between positions throughout the night

The best mattresses for back sleepers tend to be on the firmer side. And for stomach sleepers it’s better to go for a softer mattress.

medium firm mattress
If you switch sleeping positions throughout the night – go for a medium firm mattress

but what if you like all types of positions and switch between each position throughout the night?

Then it is also the better choice to go for a medium firm mattress. This will offer you the most support and comfort throughout the night.  Regardless of the position you might be sleeping in.

#4 Great for the majority of people (according to objective weight standards)

Independent research has shown that the amount of support a mattress gives depends on your weight. And the optimal support a medium firm mattress gives is for people who weight between 64 and 101 kg (10-16 stone).

The reason for this is because if you’re heavier, you will put more pressure on your mattress, and it will feel soft to you. And if you weigh less, it might be better to take a sifter mattress, since your body doesn’t exert a  lot of pressure onto the mattress.

#5 Sleep better and wake up with more energy

When we combine all these reasons to go for a medium firm mattress, we quickly come tot he conclusion that medium firm mattresses offer the best sleep quality for a vast majority of persons.

So, if after reading this article, you too feel like you could benefit from one of these mattresses, feel free to rad up on this site for all types of mattress reviews.

Here are some of the all-time favourites:

  • The Lull Mattress –  a mattress that is built on simplicity. You’ll find no extra unnecessary things here. Just the basics. It has a 4 layer mattress that will offer you amazing sleep quality, while also giving your body and spine all the support that they need during the night
  • The Tuft & Needle mattress –  the main benefit of this mattress is that you get a 100 night risk-free sleeping trial. What this means is that you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home. In addition, it’s also positively reviewed by hundreds of satisfied customers, so chances are that you’ll enjoy sleeping on this mattress too!
lull mattress medium firm
What is a medium firm mattress: the Lull mattress is a perfect example

If you’re looking for mattresses against back pain, you can find all the articles for back pain there. And if you want a memory foam mattress, find them all on this page.


P.S.  I hope this article answered your question “what is a medium firm mattress?” If not, feel free to read this article for more information how medium firm mattresses are great for combating back pain.

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Best Price on Mattress: Where Can You Find the Best Mattress Deals?

best price on mattressAre you looking for a place where you can get high quality mattresses for a good price? If you’re like most people, then you love to sleep on a good mattress. Not only will it make your nights in bed more comfortable – but it will also prevent back problems and make you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, good mattress can get expensive. So it might be tricky to find the best price on mattress for the specific mattress that you have in mind…

Luckily, there are many places on the internet that can help you find the best price on all kinds of mattresses, whether you prefer to sleep in a firm mattress with memory support, or if you like simple mattresses that offer only the basics (comfort + ample back support).

So, in this article I will show you where to get the best price on mattress. I will also give you a couple of tips & tricks that will help you pick the right mattress for your taste (and body needs). And in the end I’ll link to some great mattress reviews that you can find on other places on the site.

So, without further ado, let’s find out where you can get the best price on mattress!

Best price on mattress

In general there are two places where you can buy mattress. Bear in mind, I’m only discussing places where you can buy a quality mattress, so I won’t discuss your local second-hand store that might have some mattresses on sale.

The first one is in special mattress stores. These can be specific mattress & bed stores, or they can be Ikea or any other company that offers everything for housing.

The second one are places on the internet. They can either be webshops or Amazon (or any other big online retailer).

There are both positive and negative sides to each of these. But If you’re serious about getting a high quality mattress for a good price, then I recommend you go for online retailers.

Why? Well, to start, prices are cheaper with them. They don’t have the massive overhead costs that many of the traditional retailers have (who usually calculate these costs through to you as the customer).

So this means that they can offer you a better price. On top of that, you can generally get a great impression for the bed based on the customer reviews (that you will be able to find on many sites).

After all, the more and the better reviews a specific mattress has, the higher the chances are that you will like it too!

What to look for in a mattress?

Now that you know what the best place is on the net to buy a good mattress, it’s important that you know what to look for in a mattress. Here’s a short list of all the important things:

  • Comfort –  the main thing a mattress should be is comfortable. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t sleep well and you’ll wake up tired and unrested. The main indicator for comfort is to look at what other people say about the mattress in the customer reviews. If many people are happy with it, chances are, that you would be too!
  • Back support – a good mattress should give ample support for your spine. This means that it can help you reduce back aches. But it can also prevent back issues. The main thing to look for if you want a mattress with ample back support is that it is a medium to firm mattress. Read this article to find out everything you need to know about mattress firmness for back pain.
  • Free trial –  if you’re ordering a mattress online, most mattress companies offer you a free trial. This means that you’ll get anywhere from 50 to a 100 nights in which you can try out the mattress without any risk whatsoever. This allows you to feel the mattress in the comfort of your own home. You’ll soon experience what it is like to sleep on it. And it gives you a clear understanding if this is the right mattress for you and your body.

Our recommendations:

An article about the best prices on mattress wouldn’t be complete without giving you our own recommendations! So, here’s a short list about mattress that are reviewed on this site. Feel free to click the links to the reviews to find out if one of these mattresses is the right one for you:

  • Lull mattress – this mattress is great for people who value simplicity. It’s a mattress without any extra unnecessary things. With only 3 layers, you’ll get great comfort and ample back support on this mattress. Not to mention the 100 night risk-free trial!
  • Tuft & Needle mattress –  the Tuft & Needle mattress are a great choice if you want to experience amazing comfort and support in a mattress. You can also try this mattress out without any risk whatsoever for 100 nights.


P.S. if you prefer to see a larger section of available mattresses. Then please click here to go to Amazon and find more amazing mattress for a great price!